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deadline.com — EXCLUSIVE: Comedy Central has ordered a pair of new sketch-based series for its 2012 lineup: The Nick Show Kroll, featuring the stand-up comic, and an untitled series starring MadTV alum Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. "I haven't seen either pil

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It's a busy time for "MADtv" cast members of the recent seasons. Crista Flanagan is on "Hank", Keegan-Michael Key is on "Gary Unmarried", and Jordan Peele is going to be on a television show called "The Station" premiering next year. With all these former cast members getting big roles on television shows who is left out of the party? Well one less member is now left out as Bobby Lee's hand has been stamped and he is ready to enter the party, as he will be playing a key role in the new NBC comedy "State of Romance".

"State of Romance", according to The Futon Critic is about two people, Emily (Lindsey Broad) and Mike (Steve Howey) wine distributors who meet on a plane from Green Bay to Chicago. She hates him because she hears him rating her over his phone as a 6 or 7 out of 10, his choice in books "The Omnivore's Dilemma", and his "look-at-me-aren't-I-smart" attitude. He hates her because she just stole his latest client. Though they should never meet again, fate says otherwise, as while there friends Ed (Stephen Rannazzisi) and Regina (Grace Rex) end up meeting at the Chicago Airport, and after Ed defends Regina when a Korean War vet takes Regina's parking spot, they become very close. Now Emily and Mike will be forced together as there mutual friends get closer and closer.

Bobby will be playing Andrew, a slacker friend of Regina who just spends his days making web videos, and posting them on his website WildAsianBush.com, which is just what you think it is. Him playing president George W. Bush running a bubble tea stand in the mall. Kids apparently love it.

The show is going to be a single camera comedy, that will be filmed in Chicago. By the article, this show may be DOA, but time will have to tell on that, but the point of this is that Bobby has entered the party, it's just a question of how long he will be allowed to stay, before the bouncer throws him out. It is on NBC however, so with that added handicap, it might stand a better chance.
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According on a news report from the website Times of the Internet Keegan-Michael Key will be joining the cast of Gary Unmarried next season, along with actress Brooke D'Orsay.
Keegan-Michael Key and Brooke D'Orsay have joined the cast of the U.S. sit-com "Gary Unmarried," CBS announced.
So, it looks like after 6 seasons on MAD, Keegan is going to make sure that he does not fall on deaf ears in Hollywood. I, like most likely many of you congradulate Keegan, and hope great things for him in his new role. The show, which will be starting it's second season starts up again on September 23rd.

Here's the full article. Key, D'Orsay cast in "Gary Unmarried"

EDIT: According to this article, Keegan will be playing Curtis, and old friend of Gary's who works at a radio station
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Well as we enter the what seems like endless summer months of such great programs like I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here, and Wipeout (sigh) we all must be thinking the same thing "yeah, those shows are great*, but what about the MAD content!" Well, just because MADtv cast members are far too famous to be appearing on such degrading shows like Celebrity, does not mean that they won't be heatin up the screens of your television and lappady toppity boxes, as 3 MADtv cast members are stepping out of the fire of actually competing in the shows, and getting into the comfy pan of hosting the television shows. So get ready to cosy up and watch some of your favourite cast member’s heat up the dial, in a way that will make getting through the dark summer of MADless action much more bearable.

The first cast member who has already been popping up on the Game Show Network is our very own Whitney Houston and Oprah Winfrey impersonator Debra Wilson, who has been appearing on the networks live game show GSN Live and is even pictured on the shows main website. Though the show does not have a secure host, it does rotate between 3 other people, besides Debra. The shows plot is just as it sounds. It is a live game show on the Game Show Network in which if people want to play, all they have to do is "Enter your phone number in the boxes shown. Each hour, from noon to 6pm ET on weekdays, the hosts will select a random entry and call an on-air contestant - it could be you! Answer the hosts' questions correctly and you could WIN!" They also have an online version, in which contestants can play any of GSN.com's web games, and have a chance on winning $10,000, or Oodles, a currency of GSN that can be returned for Game Show Network merchandise. By the looks of this, Debra can add game show host to her already impressive resume, and if permitting, full time game show host.

Debra, however will not be alone on the Game Show Network, as another cast member has come to the network to pimp out Oodles and such, as Keegan-Michael Key, who continues to solidify himself as Mr. Saturday Night, has also come to the network to be the host of their new game show Big Saturday Night. The premise of this show is very similar to GSN Live. People wishing to play send in their phone number, which is randomly drawn every Saturday Night, live (Starting on June 13th). If a person is picked, they must answer a question about one of GSN's various programs like Q20, and The Money List. If they answer correctly, they have a chance at winning prizes, and Oodles. If these rules are at all confusing, then maybe they might be easier to understand coming from the President of the United States (follow the link and look to the right hand side for the video). As Keegan embarks on his new endeavour of game show hosting, let's hope he doesn't leave out some of his hilarious impressions and characters he was so good at on MADtv, because wouldn't we all love to hear someone like Snoop Dogg, or Jovan Muskatelle tell us that we just won Oodles?

Now, don't get this article wrong. MADtv cast members aren't all trying to push fictional, semi-useless money on bit cable networks, because at least one former MADtv cast member has a hosting duty on a major network, and on a show that will bring the heat of flaming car wrecks through your television screen. That cast member is none other than former MADtv original Orlando Jones who will be taking the hosting duties on ABC's new show Crash Course. The show involves 5 couples of 2 competing to pull off stunts like driving on 2 wheels, and navigating through obstacle courses. The show will begin in August, and air after ABC's other obstacle course show Wipeout.

With these familiar MAD faces, they should make getting through these hard, horrible (if your an albino like me, the previous 2 are a factor), and hot summers much more easier.
Now as we all know it is the holidays and it has been a tough holiday. With the cancellation of the show and the episodes counting down there is very little cheery things to talk about, well if you’re looking for cheery, stuff these cast appearances under your tree!

Let's start off with a small piece cast member. This cast member is Anjelah Johnson? Who is coming back to television, well at least the cable part of that television. According to this Anjelah has been hired to a new untitled show starring fat to fabulous Jenny Craig star Valerie Bertinelli coming to TBS. I do not know when, but it should be soon. The plot of the show is Valerie plays Claire, a recent divorcee who works at a lumber business. Anjelah may be playing the daughter Claire. I don't know how old this daughter is suppose to be but for the Anjelah fans, what does it matter, she is back on TV. Let's hope this role lasts longer than 4 episodes.

Looking for some more sweets under the tree, may I suggest a candy key hanging off the Christmas tree. A Keegan-Michael Key. There is some information about him, and a movie role. Looking for a movie to see this weekend, well why not get your MAD on with the new movie Role Models, not only does this movie have former ghetto nails castmember Nicole Randall Johnson is also has a small appearance from Mr. Key as well. The appearance by what I have heard is only about 20 seconds long with barely any lines, but as Horton of Horton Hears a Who would say if he was a big, well mediocre movie producer, a role is a role no matter how small. It may be a 20 second scene now, but who knows, that could balloon, to 40, 80, and then maybe a movie for Mr. Key. Let's hope that this role is the beginning of many, as this appearance may bring Keegan's career to a Ho Nava Laval.

What's that, you all want MOre. Well I do have some Mo for you. Mo Collins that is. After taking a bit of a break from television Mo is hitting the television screen hard. Along with a web series called Road to the MLS Cup in which she takes Major League Soccar players and the trophy across country to the finals in Los Angeles, she has also appeared on an episode of the show. Pushing Daisies playing a nun who tragically dies after falling out a window, and now has a recurring role on the long too long running of the show According to Jim playing Emily, a 2-time wife with 2 kids who is going to be marrying main character Jim's best friend Andy. With all these roles it's only a matter of time before we find Mo Collins on her own show under the television Christmas tree.

Now, here's a possible gift from a Christmas past in the form of Barack Obama. It looks as if former cast member and Funkenstine walker Jordan Peele is trying to stay on the sketch comedy train. He is one of 4 people who are competing to be the new Obama on MADtv rival Saturday Night Live Does he have the stuff that Keegan has to make it, or will this be just a fun experiment of his. Only time will tell, but you can see for yourself here.

Now here's a present you already know but you love to hear about. This present is filled with a light and sweet inner core. That inner core is MADtv alum Nicole Sullivan. The outside, a wonderful show called Rita Rocks. After years of supporting roles and failed shows, Nicole may have finally latched onto a winner. The show premiered back in August on the Lifetime Network and is doing great in the ratings. After its 8 episode trial, Lifetime has picked it up for a full season order to bring the shows first season up to 20 episodes. 7 years after leaving MADtv, it finally seems like Nicole may have found her most desired Christmas gift of all. A starring role in a successful show.

Ever have a Christmas present that you loved but did not last as long as you wanted it to? Well that is a good segway into another active former MADtv star Nicole Randall Johnson. After being let go for reasons this day we still don't understand, Nicole seems to have found her groove outside of the show. She had a small role in the previously mentioned Role Models, a guest appearance on the new NBC show Kath and Kim, and an appearance on the hit cult kids show Hannah Montana. It may be soon time that she herself gets her own show.

Now, here's a present that has its problems, but you still love it. This gift is Artie Lange who, after another stint in rehab in September is back on the scene and with a new book Too Fat to Fish. You wouldn't think Artie would be that much of a writer but his book has gone to #1 on the New York Times best sellers list in only its first few weeks. Artie gives hope to the many of us, and proves that even a fat, drug-addicted, drunk can make a bestselling book. If he can do this, maybe there is hope for the world after all.

Now the best of all on Christmas is the gift that keeps on giving, that gift that keeps on giving are 2 shows in which hiring former castmembers for guest appearances seems to be as custom for the show as turkey in the Christmas meal. One show is Chocolate News, a satirical news show from a black perspective that has already had Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, and Mo Collins. Another show hiring MAD members is a show by a former MAD member. That former member is Frank Caliendo and his show FrankTV. The roles Frank's show is giving the former castmembers are all roles that they perfected on MADtv. These include Aries Spears as Shaquille O'Neal, Mo Collins as Mary Tyler Moore, and even Pat Kilbane (who wasn't even on the show when Frank was there) as Howard Stern. The cancellation of MADtv is sad, but with shows like CN and Frank, MADtv may live silently in Hollywood for the next few years with its wonderful actors helping to keep the shows memory alive.

Now, for appearances in Hollywood, the presents have been a plenty. So many that it would take till next Christmas to tell them all, so let’s just summarize the other appearances in short points which I will call stocking stuffers.

Ike Barinholtz: Guest starring role on Rita Rocks last month.

Lisa Donovan: Worked backstage at Youtube Live last month.

Kathryn Fiore: Did Pizza Hut commercials in the summer.

Michael McDonald: Guest starred on Hannah Montana this month.

Eric Price: Will be in a new internet web show called Action Auto. Starting this January.

Will Sasso: On an episode of How I Met your Mother this month.

Mary Scheer: Is appearing on the show iCarly as one of the child’s mothers.

Taran Killam is going to be a new member of Scrubs starting in January.

Well, that is all I know as of now. If these were all presents and stocking stuffers, it would be a very generous Christmas, let's hope the actual holidays for everyone else is this good. MADrry Chri- holidays to all and to all good... Late year holidays.
Okay, so that title is a little misleading... although, one of the two men these impressions are of will be hailed as the new President of the United States in a few months.

With the season 14 premiere a mere few weeks away, what better time to give you the first piece of information we have been made aware of regarding what you can expect to see? While most of us have grown used to Keegan Michael Key's Barack Obama and Nicole Parker's Hilary Clinton impressions over the last two years, with Hilary now out of the running, its time for the show to introduce an impression of Republican candidate John McCain to feature in the shows political satire.

In true MADtv tradition, the show is taking a big risk by casting someone none of us expected would ever be cast for the role. Perhaps it is a response to the controversial casting of Fred Armisen as Obama on SNL, perhaps he was just the best suited person for the job, perhaps it was neither of these things... but I can now reveal to you that none other than Bobby Lee will be debuting his John McCain impression in episode #1401. Also making their first mark in the presidential stakes will be Arden Myrin's Nancy McCain and Erica Ash's Michelle Obama impression.

Here's what FOX's official release has to say about the premiere:
MADtv returns for a 14th season of off-the-wall humor and side-splitting laughs. Keegan-Michael Key and Erica Ash are "Barack and Michelle Obama" and they join Bobby Lee and Arden Myrin as "John and Cindy McCain" on a spoof of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: PRESIDENTIAL EDITION. The McCains try to impress the judges with their waltz as the Obamas try to win votes with their hip-hop number on the season premiere episode of MADtv airing Saturday, Sept. 13.
Just to remind you all, the new cast of regulars includes returning favorites Crista Flanagan, Keegan Michael Key, Bobby Lee, Arden Myrin, Nicole Parker and Johnny Sanchez. They will be joined by Matt Braunger and new featured players Erica Ash, Eric Price and Lauren Pritchard. The season premiere is on September 13th this year, and the show will, hopefully, be taking a step back towards the favored format by being shot, in part, in a brand new theatre. So those of you who were left disappointed by season 13, give this new season a chance before you pull the plug completely. You may be pleasantly surprised!
Just when you thought that "Rapid-Fire Appearances" was down for the count, it gets up off the mat and starts pinning down "MADtv" cast members left and right. The scandalous, soy milk-fueled orgy that ensues is this recurring Front Page News feature, for which virgins may require a brief explanation. Basically, "Rapid-Fire Appearances" cuts through most of the journalistic fluff in order to bring you several of the latest television and film appearances by "MADtv" cast members and alumni. In other words, if you like plain folks' talk without all that big-city, fancy-schmancy language to clutter things up, then read on, my couch-spud friend. Shoot fire, what are we waiting for, partner? Let's fire up this dadgum rodeo!

If you need a reason to watch Eddie Murphy's latest comedy film, Meet Dave (released on July 11th), then perhaps an appearance by "mustachioed grunt" Pat Kilbane will whet your appetite. As this movie review informs us, Pat's character, a crew member from the planet Nil -- oh, the easy jokes I'm suppressing! -- apparently "turns gay" after watching A Chorus Line. He and the film's other main characters, including Eddie's, are minute explorers from Nil. Their transgalactic mission is to steal Earth's natural resources so that they can save their tennis ball of a planet. At any rate, if the idea of stereotypical humor at Pat's expense seems endlessly appealing to you, then be sure to catch Meet Dave before theaters render it, well, nil. Special thanks go to MADfan2004 for bringing Pat's literally and figuratively miniature role to our attention.

While you are scanning the theaters for Pat's movie, go check out Bobby Lee in Pineapple Express. Yeah, yeah, I can hear your moans and groans already, you sad sacks. However, as this review makes clear, Bobby's performance may well be worth checking out. The film itself centers around a couple of stoners (Seth Rogen and James Franco) who unwittingly find themselves in the middle of a drug war. Bobby's character, who just so happens to be named Bobby himself (so much for originality), shows up toward the movie's climax as an assassin from an Asian gang. According to the review, his performance is -- dare I say it? -- hilarious. Obviously, you will have to see the movie in order to judge for yourself. Pineapple Express opened in theaters on August 6th, so you should still have time to catch it before it wastes away into the hallucinogenic land of DVD. If you want a glimpse of what I assume is a fully clothed Bobby, then take advantage of this rare opportunity while you still can. You'll be so wasted, dudes. Special thanks go to nick for bringing this one to our attention.

Are you looking for some Keegan-Michael Key TV comedy that has nothing to do with "MADtv" itself? Then get ready to feast on some "Chocolate News"! According to the information found here, the series will star David Alan Grier in a fake news program that will serve up the news from an African-American perspective. Keegan himself is scheduled to play Woodsy in at least one episode. If we assume that Keegan's character will be a hit and that "MADtv" will permit him a little moonlighting, then we may be fortunate enough to catch him on several other "Chocolate News" episodes. Still, if you know the adage regarding assumptions, then you know that a two-microsecond cameo is the more likely scenario. Whatever the case may prove to be, keep a brown eye open for Keegan when "Chocolate News" premieres October 15th on Comedy Central.

Credit Mike Judge for continuing to keep David Herman gainfully employed. The good word -- or should I say "goode word"? -- from Zap2it is that a new Mike Judge animated series, "The Goode Family," will contend for midseason placement on ABC. If the series makes the cut, then expect David to voice Ubuntu Goode, just one member of an environmentally, politically, and socially aware family. Naturally, the Goodes' efforts often meet with hilarious consequences; after all, who could possibly pass up an opportunity to make fun of damn, dirty hippies? Therefore, if you would like a cartoon glimpse into my college days -- don't be hating, you capitalistic fascists! -- then "The Goode Family" might just do you some, well, good.

Those who were wisely betting that the ubiquitous name Orlando Jones would pop up somewhere in this "RFA" edition may now collect. The Big O now makes his omnipotent presence known in Cirque du Freak. If you were also betting that I would provide you with a helpful link to an article discussing this fantasy film, then congratulations on your early retirements, you capitalistic fascists:
"CIRQUE DU FREAK is about a young boy named Darren Shan, who, after attending an illegal freak show with his best friend, decides to become a vampire's assistant in order to save his best friend's life. Forced to leave his home and family forever, Darren joins the freak show, where he meets a host of bizarre creatures and finds himself at the center of a war between the vampires and a rival clan."
Although I do not know exactly how Orlando's Alexander Ribs, fits into this craziness, I can confirm my inability to say his character's name out loud without experiencing fits of laughter. (I'm strange like that.) Expect Cirque du Freak to show its fangs in theaters some time in 2008.

Can Josh Meyers figure out How to Make Love to a Woman? With some help from silicone goddess Jenna Jameson, who plays her silicone self in this indie romantic comedy, Josh's character (Andy) will almost certainly find the answer. Once again, I find myself wondering if I should sue the scriptwriters for copyright infringement. After all, Andy's inability to satisfy his girlfriend (hence, the need for Jenna's advice) is certainly a swiped reference from my never-to-be-published autobiography -- that is, minus the never-to-be-realized opportunity to investigate Jenna's oversized fun bags up-close. Well, while I contemplate my potential lawsuit, read this article for more information on How to Make Love to a Woman, which is slated to bounce into theaters before year's end.

Are you an Andrew Bowen fan who has vowed to jump headfirst off a skyscraper if he appears in one more frigging TV commercial? Then perhaps Andrew's lead role in the indie thriller Conjurer will cause you to think twice about that free fall into cement. As luck would have it, there is even an official site for this movie, which has already won an award for best horror film at the Action on Film International Film Festival. (Stick that in your Oscar and smoke it.) Andrew's character, Shawn Burnett, moves into a haunted rural farmhouse with his wife, all the while dealing with a "ghostly presence" that "manifests itself in increasingly deadly ways" -- but enough about Andrew's Keanu Reeves impression. (Don't applaud, folks; just throw credit cards.) Seriously, though, Conjurer looks quite promising, as a glimpse at the trailer (available on the aforementioned site) will show. "Oh, it's just a lead role in an indie film," you say. Okay, hot shots, what have you ever starred in? Uh-huh, I'll tell you what, you cynical, capitalistic fascists: if you are lucky enough to catch this film when it hits theaters before year's end, then see if you can do any better. Or you can just ignore my pretend insult and see the film anyway.

Are you one of the myriad Nicole Randall Johnson fans who have been wondering what your favorite Darrell and Ka-Son portrayer is up to these days? You can find out on November 14th when the ironically titled comedy film Role Models is released to theaters. The film's plot, as detailed in this article, involves two salesmen (played by Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott) who trash a company truck while under the influence of energy drinks, of all things. (Ah, those were the days!) To avoid prison time, the two "role models" agree to join a mentorship program, which turns out to be almost as much of a headache as the lingering possibility of hard time. Somewhere in the middle of all this havoc, NRJ herself pops up in the role of Karen. Although I cannot find any information on her character, I am inclined to believe that she might be one of the "annoying do-gooders" from the mentoring program. It's just a hunch, though; so do not quote me on that. Anyway, if you find yourself needing a Nicole Randall Johnson fix, then consider Role Models your "dealer." You'll be so wasted, dudes. Oh, never mind -- I've already used up that brilliant joke.

Finally, if your lifelong dream is to see "MADtv" alumni Kathryn Fiore and Daniele Gaither in the same movie, then consider your low-expectation-riddled existence fulfilled after viewing the thriller Necessary Evil. Seriously, though, as this plot synopsis indicates, Kathryn's role of Deborah Fielding is what we in the news business would refer to as a "biggie":
"Locked inside Edgewater Psychiatric Institute is a deep, dark secret. Deborah Fielding, budding investigative journalist, holds the key.

Nothing can prepare her for the Pandora's box she's about to open.

Following a trail of eyewitnesses, missing persons, and anonymous tips, Deborah will stop at nothing to uncover the truth, even if it means confronting the demons from her past.

Deborah's journey plunges her into a supernatural spider web of intrigue and corruption leading to the highest echelons of power."
Daniele's character, Gail, appears to be far less significant than Karen's, although her fans may consider the opportunity to see her in anything post-"MADtv" reason enough to check out Necessary Evil. I cannot say that I share your enthusiasm, though. Sorry, but with all due respect to the lovely Ms. Dani, if I'm shelling out eight bucks to see one of these two ladies on the big screen, then Blondie gets my vote and fantasy lap dance every time. At any rate, if your upcoming New Year's Eve plans are as uneventful as mine, then you may want to hunt down this "evil" movie when it makes its scheduled Decemeber 31st debut in theaters.

At long last, we have reached the end of this long, bumpy road of "Rapid-Fire Appearances." Even though the wheels on our used jalopy are worse for the wear, we take comfort in knowing that several "MADtv" cast members and alumni will be entertaining us in the months to come. Until we enlighten and frighten you again, you capitalistic fascists -- thought I was done with that slur, huh? -- remember to stay tuned for more "Rapid-Fire Appearances"!

After months of blackmail both administered and received, we can at last reveal everything you could possibly want to know about Season 14 of "MADtv," at least before it debuts. All right, admittedly, we will not be reporting what Nicole Parker ate for breakfast this morning; nevertheless, with this update, rest assured that you will have all the Season 14 information with which any rational fan will be more than happy. Here, then, is your full scoop on the upcoming season, complete with brown chips which have not been conclusively identified as chocolate.

Let us begin by introducing you to our final addition to the Season 14 "MADtv" cast. According to this article, the fourth newbie for the upcoming season will be the lovely, versatile Erica Ash. Smile prettily for the camera, dear:

As is the case with Eric Price and Lauren Pritchard, Erica will be joining the "MADtv" cast as a featured player. According to her impressive resume, which can be found here, Erica's experience with televised sketch comedy does not actually begin with "MADtv." For two seasons, she has been a cast member on "The Big Gay Sketch Show," which, coincidentally, is directed by "MADtv" mainstay Amanda Bearse. Add to that stint her various appearances in theatrical productions and commercials, her numerous voiceovers for video games, and a list of special skills that makes most of us look downright boring by comparison; and Erica Ash may have just what it takes to survive on a show that has always prided itself on multifaceted cast members. Erica, here is hoping that you get to stick around for a while on FOX's late-night sketch comedy series.

In other news, what would a final Season 14 update be without one last surprise farewell? Fans of Jordan Peele's "MADtv" work will no doubt feel a sense of emptiness as the show's resident Morgan Freeman impersonator ends his five-year run as a cast member. Apparently, Jordan somehow managed to escape the rumored coercion by "MADtv" to squeeze a few more episodes out of its five-year players. Unfortunately, it is not known at this time whether he, Nicole Parker, and Keegan-Michael Key drew straws to determine who would get to leave after Season 13 or whether Quincy Jones simply went "eenie-meenie-miney-mo" to determine their fates. At any rate, Jordan, we at Planet MADtv hate to see you go; and we wish you the best of success in whatever showbiz endeavors you decide to pursue from this point on. Thanks for the many laughs!

Next, we can confirm that Season 14 of "MADtv" will be shot at the Sunset Bronson Studios, which are both the original location of the Warner Bros. Studios and the current home of CW affiliate KTLA, Channel 5, in Los Angeles, CA. Although we will obviously have to wait until the Season 14 debut, on September 13th, to see how these new facilities will work out for the cast, something tells me that most, if not all, of the series' diehard fans will no doubt wet themselves with glee over the sheer mention of the word studio. While Sunset Bronson Studios may not be the original "MADtv" home we all knew and loved for twelve years, I think it has to be considered a major step up from the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater. Unlike that almost roundly hated facility, Sunset Bronson will probably not inspire fans to wish all season long for a well-placed wrecking ball to find its way into the exterior walls. Enjoy your new and (we assume) vastly improved, home, you crazy Season 14 cast members, you!

Fittingly, we will conclude this "full scoop" update by reminding you of all the cast members who will be enjoying these new quarters during Season 14 of "MADtv," as well as providing you with a recap of those who will not. Established series regulars who will help provide the Season 14 fun are Crista Flanagan, Keegan-Michael Key, Bobby Lee, Arden Myrin, Nicole Parker, and Johnny Sanchez. Joining them will be new series regular Matt Braunger and three new featured players, Erica Ash, Eric Price, and Lauren Pritchard. Sadly, we have been forced at gunpoint to accept the departures of Season 13 featured players Daheli Hall, Anjelah Johnson, and Dan Oster; five-year veteran Jordan Peele; and the show's longest-running cast member ever, ten-year stalwart Michael McDonald. All in all, it will be very interesting to see how everything unfolds come September 13th. Can you handle the anticipation? I know I can. Season 14 of "MADtv," the world awaits.