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Posted by Miss Information on Sunday, September 4th, 2011 @ 8:12pm PDT
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hollywoodreporter.com — Ike Barinholtz will play a Russian pitching ace that Kenny takes under his wing on the HBO comedy. Mad TV veteran Ike Barinholtz may have a few curveballs in store on the upcoming third season of HBO's Eastbound & Down. The writer and frequent actor

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deadline.com — The half-hour single camera comedy comes from Ike Barinholtz, David Stassen and Steven Cragg (Mad TV) and will be produced by Principato-Young Entertainment [...]
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Thanks to nick for the information.

When you think of Ike Barinholtz you think of MADtv star, master impressionist, and one of the best White sidekicks to a Black/Asian man that ever lived, but now you can also add successful script writer to the list, as Ike has finished a script that has not only been picked up by Universal Studios, but has also nailed down one of today's biggest comedic talents to play the lead role.

For the last few months Ike, along with friend Dave Stassen has been writing a script called Central Intelligence, about an accountant, who after getting in touch with an old friend through the social networking site Facebook is forced into a world of international espionage.

The script and the idea must be very good, as not only was it picked up by Universal Studios but Universal also was able to grab comedy mega star Ed Helms to play the lead role. That's right, former Daily Show correspondent, current Office cast member, and the man who recently played a starring role in The Hangover, the biggest comedy of the year so far, has been nailed down to play the lead, in a movie our very own Ike Barinholtz wrote.

I, like most of you out there, congratulate Ike on this stellar achievement. Let's hope this is the beginning of what could be a great writing career for the former MADtv star. Who knows, maybe if Central Intelligence becomes a box office smash, Ike could pen the script to another future box office smash, MADtv the Movie (A man can dream can't he?).
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We all know Will Sasso from his days on our beloved show. We know him as the drunken Kenny Rogers, and the former, former president Clinton, but what many people may not know is that Mr. Sasso is not only an actor, but an aspiring producer, and to that notion, I write this article to tell you all of Will Sasso's first production achievement. A work that has been in production for years, and is set to release sometime this year. The film is
For Christ's Sake

The plot of the film revolves around Robert (Jed Ress), a priest of a church that is losing money, due to low attendance. Along with this, Robert is also feeling down because he did not think that running a failing church was going to be what he was going to be doing when he decided to become a priest. He thought he was going to be helping people. One day his brother Alan (Will Sasso) comes by asking for $54.000 for a movie he wants to shoot. Robert doesn't have the money, but the church does in a savings account that is only to be used for emergencies. Robert decides to give Alan the money through the savings account, despite Alan's objections, because he feels that this may be his chance to actually help someone. After a year of stalling on the money, Robert goes to Los Angeles, where Alan lives to see what he is actually doing with the money. Robert quickly figures out that the money he gave Alan for his film was in fact money for a porn film that he is directing. Due to his faith, Robert cannot let Alan continue making this movie, or sell what he has already filmed, but unfortunately, Alan has already spent a large portion of the money on the film already, and if he doesn't sell it, Robert won't get the money, and his church will be forced to close. Robert is now in a horrible situation. If he applies by his religious convictions, and stops the film from being made, the money will be gone, and the church will most likely have to close, but if he allows the film to be released, the church could make a lot of money that can save it but he will most likely be ostracized by his churches current regulars. Robert begrudgingly decides to let the film continue, and as he watches over the production, he finds that the people who may benefit the most from his help, and the divine words of Jesus may just be the actors in the film itself.

Just like Saturday Night Live movies, this movie is filled with former MADtv stars at every turn. Former cast members include Will Sasso as brother Alan (Will is also a producer of the film as well), Alex Borstein as Mrs. Marcus, Ike Barinholtz as one of the porn actors, and former MADtv writer Michael Hitchcock, as Tom, one of Robert's church goers. The cast connections don't just end in front of the screen though, as Alex's husband Jackson Douglas holds the position as director for the film.

The film is produced through Will's production company HamFatter, so a date of release, or if it's going to be a wide release is unknown, but what is known is that this movie looks like it could be a hidden jem, and if it becomes popular, could take Will to a whole other level in his career.

See the trailer here.

Note: Just a note, because I have a strong feeling that someone is going to bring this up, no Arden Myrin is not the porn actress in the trailer.
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Due to the fact that this is pretty insulting news, I wasn't sure weather to post this or not, but as Dart told me in this quote here, no award is unimportant, also the nomination doesn't directly insult a MADtv cast member, it just insults a movie a lot of them were in with supporting roles that most of us would agree the movie would have sucked from beginning to end without.

The Razzie Award is given to the creme ala creme of crappy movies every year in multiple categories. Movies that stink at the bottom of the movie society most of all. What 2 movies that I have called "MADtv movies (not for there quality, but for the fact that they had so many current and former cast members in them)" have graced this list not once, but 11 times combined for multiple categories? In the regular world, they go by the names of Meet the Spartans which feature MADtv current and former cast members Nicole Parker, Ike Barinholtz, and Crista Flanagan, and Disaster Movie which also stars Parker, Barinholtz, and Flanagan.

The nominations don't directly effect the aforementioned cast members in name, but they do effect them in certain categories. The categories include Worst Picture, Worst Rip-Off (hopefully not for there impressions), and Worst Screenplay (which effect the cast members because they were the ones that agreed to be in this movie after hearing the screenplay) for both movies. In fact since both movies were made by the same director, and were both equally bad, the Razzies had to combine them in these categories as a joint nomination so they wouldn't clog the nominations list. Other categories the movies were nominated in include Worst Actress Carmen Electra for both movies, and Kim Kardashian for Disaster Movie, and Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer for Worst Director(s).

Kim Kardashian has already mentioned the nomination on her website saying "it's an honor just to be nominated" so there is a possibility that she could be accepting the awards for Disaster Movie if they win, but if she does not go who knows, maybe Crista, or Ike (Nicole can't because she will most likely be busy on Broadway with Wicked) can accept the awards for both movies, because as Kim said "it's an honor just to be nominated".
Now as we all know it is the holidays and it has been a tough holiday. With the cancellation of the show and the episodes counting down there is very little cheery things to talk about, well if you’re looking for cheery, stuff these cast appearances under your tree!

Let's start off with a small piece cast member. This cast member is Anjelah Johnson? Who is coming back to television, well at least the cable part of that television. According to this Anjelah has been hired to a new untitled show starring fat to fabulous Jenny Craig star Valerie Bertinelli coming to TBS. I do not know when, but it should be soon. The plot of the show is Valerie plays Claire, a recent divorcee who works at a lumber business. Anjelah may be playing the daughter Claire. I don't know how old this daughter is suppose to be but for the Anjelah fans, what does it matter, she is back on TV. Let's hope this role lasts longer than 4 episodes.

Looking for some more sweets under the tree, may I suggest a candy key hanging off the Christmas tree. A Keegan-Michael Key. There is some information about him, and a movie role. Looking for a movie to see this weekend, well why not get your MAD on with the new movie Role Models, not only does this movie have former ghetto nails castmember Nicole Randall Johnson is also has a small appearance from Mr. Key as well. The appearance by what I have heard is only about 20 seconds long with barely any lines, but as Horton of Horton Hears a Who would say if he was a big, well mediocre movie producer, a role is a role no matter how small. It may be a 20 second scene now, but who knows, that could balloon, to 40, 80, and then maybe a movie for Mr. Key. Let's hope that this role is the beginning of many, as this appearance may bring Keegan's career to a Ho Nava Laval.

What's that, you all want MOre. Well I do have some Mo for you. Mo Collins that is. After taking a bit of a break from television Mo is hitting the television screen hard. Along with a web series called Road to the MLS Cup in which she takes Major League Soccar players and the trophy across country to the finals in Los Angeles, she has also appeared on an episode of the show. Pushing Daisies playing a nun who tragically dies after falling out a window, and now has a recurring role on the long too long running of the show According to Jim playing Emily, a 2-time wife with 2 kids who is going to be marrying main character Jim's best friend Andy. With all these roles it's only a matter of time before we find Mo Collins on her own show under the television Christmas tree.

Now, here's a possible gift from a Christmas past in the form of Barack Obama. It looks as if former cast member and Funkenstine walker Jordan Peele is trying to stay on the sketch comedy train. He is one of 4 people who are competing to be the new Obama on MADtv rival Saturday Night Live Does he have the stuff that Keegan has to make it, or will this be just a fun experiment of his. Only time will tell, but you can see for yourself here.

Now here's a present you already know but you love to hear about. This present is filled with a light and sweet inner core. That inner core is MADtv alum Nicole Sullivan. The outside, a wonderful show called Rita Rocks. After years of supporting roles and failed shows, Nicole may have finally latched onto a winner. The show premiered back in August on the Lifetime Network and is doing great in the ratings. After its 8 episode trial, Lifetime has picked it up for a full season order to bring the shows first season up to 20 episodes. 7 years after leaving MADtv, it finally seems like Nicole may have found her most desired Christmas gift of all. A starring role in a successful show.

Ever have a Christmas present that you loved but did not last as long as you wanted it to? Well that is a good segway into another active former MADtv star Nicole Randall Johnson. After being let go for reasons this day we still don't understand, Nicole seems to have found her groove outside of the show. She had a small role in the previously mentioned Role Models, a guest appearance on the new NBC show Kath and Kim, and an appearance on the hit cult kids show Hannah Montana. It may be soon time that she herself gets her own show.

Now, here's a present that has its problems, but you still love it. This gift is Artie Lange who, after another stint in rehab in September is back on the scene and with a new book Too Fat to Fish. You wouldn't think Artie would be that much of a writer but his book has gone to #1 on the New York Times best sellers list in only its first few weeks. Artie gives hope to the many of us, and proves that even a fat, drug-addicted, drunk can make a bestselling book. If he can do this, maybe there is hope for the world after all.

Now the best of all on Christmas is the gift that keeps on giving, that gift that keeps on giving are 2 shows in which hiring former castmembers for guest appearances seems to be as custom for the show as turkey in the Christmas meal. One show is Chocolate News, a satirical news show from a black perspective that has already had Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, and Mo Collins. Another show hiring MAD members is a show by a former MAD member. That former member is Frank Caliendo and his show FrankTV. The roles Frank's show is giving the former castmembers are all roles that they perfected on MADtv. These include Aries Spears as Shaquille O'Neal, Mo Collins as Mary Tyler Moore, and even Pat Kilbane (who wasn't even on the show when Frank was there) as Howard Stern. The cancellation of MADtv is sad, but with shows like CN and Frank, MADtv may live silently in Hollywood for the next few years with its wonderful actors helping to keep the shows memory alive.

Now, for appearances in Hollywood, the presents have been a plenty. So many that it would take till next Christmas to tell them all, so let’s just summarize the other appearances in short points which I will call stocking stuffers.

Ike Barinholtz: Guest starring role on Rita Rocks last month.

Lisa Donovan: Worked backstage at Youtube Live last month.

Kathryn Fiore: Did Pizza Hut commercials in the summer.

Michael McDonald: Guest starred on Hannah Montana this month.

Eric Price: Will be in a new internet web show called Action Auto. Starting this January.

Will Sasso: On an episode of How I Met your Mother this month.

Mary Scheer: Is appearing on the show iCarly as one of the child’s mothers.

Taran Killam is going to be a new member of Scrubs starting in January.

Well, that is all I know as of now. If these were all presents and stocking stuffers, it would be a very generous Christmas, let's hope the actual holidays for everyone else is this good. MADrry Chri- holidays to all and to all good... Late year holidays.
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Have you missed your favorite wild and wacky improv comedians? Is the wild and wackiest of them all, Ike Barinholtz, at the top of your must-see list? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions (particularly the latter), then the eleventh annual Chicago Improv Festival is the most happening place on Earth for you right now. This year's installment, which began on Monday, June 2nd, will finish up on Sunday, June 8th -- all in a wild and wacky week's work. (I will continue to milk those two adjectives until you get off your spaghetti-stained sofa and buy your tickets, so do not force my hand.) As if the above facts alone are not incentive enough to rush to the ticket office, the CIF has a new venue this time around: the Lakeshore Theater, located at 3175 North Broadway in Lakeview, a North side neighborhood of Chicago. So then the question rears its homely head: however does one acquire tickets? Well, unless you are lucky enough to find an accomodating street-corner scalper on the night of your attendance, you may just want to make life easier for yourself by going here for the necessary acquisitions. Tickets to Ike's performance, on Saturday, July 7th, at 11:30pm EST (10:30pm CST), are still available at the time of this writing; so get 'em while they're hot! If you need directions to the house of hilarity that will be hosting the CIF, then are you ever in luck! (Or are you?) Click here for a helpful map, and you will be enjoying Ike and company at the Lakeshore Theater in no time. Pull your head out of your reheated TV dinner, and nod three times if you are with me so far. Splendid! My hope that all of this verbiage is not in vain is downright tangible.

Ike will be performing on Saturday night as part of JTS Brown, a reunion of iO alumni that also features John Lutz (of "30 Rock" fame) and Peter Grosz, among many other talents. Are you still not convinced that Saturday, June 7th, will be a life-changing experience? What if I told you that another iO-oriented troupe, Children of a Lesser God, will be opening for Ike and friends? What if I also told you that the ticket cost of this two-for-one extravaganza is a mere $25.00 for general admission, or $30.00 for VIP seating? Wow, if you still are not availing yourself of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then you, my eternally jaded friend, are truly beyond my help. If Ike cannot face going onstage because you choose to stay home, then I refuse to be held accountable. Just remember that I did my part.

In all seriousness, though, if Ike Barinholtz's absence from "MADtv" has left you inconsolable and just plain difficult to live with, then what are you waiting for? Get out to the Chicago Improv Festival, and support everyone's favorite lovable goof. You, he, and your spaghetti-stained sofa will be glad you did.

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With MADtv's thirteenth season now behind us (along with, we can only hope, most of the unfavorable changes that came with it), the show's cast has turned its attention to a variety of summer side-projects. As we await this year's customary batch of information leaks about the upcoming season, let's take a moment to examine what's in the cards for the lovely Crista Flanagan, shall we?

From Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the creative visionaries who brought you such non-invasive lobotomy substitutes as Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2, Scary Movie 3, Scary Movie 4, Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans, comes what's sure to be their latest low-cost, high-grossing box-office smash, Disaster Movie -- a title film critics will surely have a field day with, and one that reads like a Simon Cowell zinger just waiting to happen. Details on the upcoming train-wreck are sparse at this time, but we're able to confirm that poor, poor Crista (who, we can only assume, lost a bet with these two somewhere along the line) has been cast as, appropriately enough, a very pregnant Juno -- the titular character from last year's indie film of the same name. What kind of jimmity-jams will Juno find herself in this time around? Well, word on the street, homeslice, is that this disaster-in-the-making centers on a group of young friends -- Juno, hopefully, among them -- who, when every known natural disaster hits town on the same night, are tasked with making their way to safety and solving a series of mysteries to end the destruction. Joining Crista in her adventures -- adventures, of course, that will surely amount to little more than the glue between hackneyed parody after hackneyed parody -- are Nicole Parker and Ike Barinholtz, both of whom were brought in to play indeterminate roles. It seems safe to assume that their trademark Britney Spears and Dane Cook impressions will make an appearance at some point -- after all, what film about disasters would be complete without those two? -- but again, we have nothing concrete to go on at this time. Beyond that, if past Friedberg/Seltzer joints are any indication, it's entirely possible that one or more of the three could end up playing additional parts as well, which begs the question: Who else just voided their bowels in excitement?

Originally slated to primarily be a parody of Superbad, this Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, and Vanessa Minnillo-fronted effort -- because, after all, who better to play the leads in a comedy than a Playboy model, a vapid socialite, and one of the many post-Carson Daly hosts of "TRL"? -- has, apparently, drifted far, far away from its roots. Of course, then again, maybe it hasn't -- perhaps Superbad is, in fact, still a key theme. Who knows? With an official plot synopsis of "a group of young friends embark on a wacky, life-changing adventure", one gets the feeling that not even Friedberg and Seltzer know what they're doing this time around and are simply making things up as they go along. In any case, Disaster Movie hits theaters on August 29th, and will surely hit your local Blockbuster's bargain bin shortly thereafter. If you're a fan of Crista, Nicole, or Ike, be sure to check this one out at some point -- preferably when a "fast forward" button is in reach. Oh, and if you're a fan of the film's directors, be sure to grab the nearest gun and put a bullet in your head. We at Planet MADtv thank you for your cooperation.

On the complete opposite end of the artistic integrity spectrum comes word that AMC's "Mad Men" has been renewed for a second season spanning thirteen episodes, and guess who's returning to reprise her role as Lois Sadler? If you said "Nicole Parker", I'd recommend taking another glance at the title of the article you're currently reading and, perhaps, developing some small semblance of short-term memory. Since its debut last summer, "Mad Men" has been a darling of both critics and the general public alike, and has already won numerous awards, including an Art Directors Guild award for the episode "Shoot" -- one of two episodes Crista appeared in last season. Despite being quite the work of art herself, it's hard to imagine she in any way factored into the award committee's decision; still, there's always this year to make an impression. Season 2 of "Mad Men" premieres on July 27th, so if you're a fan of Crista or just plain ol' good television in general, be sure to mark this one on your calendar! Will Lois make any further progress in her quest to get into the pants of closeted homosexual, Salvatore Romano? Will the show's hair & makeup department bestow upon her a hairdo that accentuates rather than downplays her immense beauty? Will she receive more than five minutes of screen-time throughout the entire season this time around? The answers to all these questions and more will be revealed this summer/fall on AMC! It's once again unknown at this point in which episodes our bright-eyed belle will appear, but this post will, of course, be updated as further details come in.

To those who were hoping to learn of Crista's status for Season 14 of MADtv here, I'm afraid we have nothing to report at this time. Word can't be too far off now, though, so be sure to stay tuned to Planet MADtv for further updates! Unless the powers that be choose to announce this year's cast lineup the moment it's finalized (hint: they won't), we will, as always, be the first site to carry the news!