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Old 02/19/2007, 8:40 PM
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Default Music Video: Aren't Asians Great? (#1214)

Gwen Stefani- Nicole Parker
Harajuku Girl- Bobby Lee
Akon- Jordan Peele

Harajuku + Akon:
Yoo hoo, whee hoo
Yoo hoo, whee hoo

Gwen Stefani:

Hey, look at me
I just bought a new flat screen TV
It was the biggest brightest picture that I've ever seen
And I love my green tea and my small bonsai tree and any movie that is made by Ang Lee
And my hybrid car that gets 35 mpg's

I love the Asian race
They're the smartest people in the world
Even though they give up newborn girls
They invented sake, and chicken teriyaki
So I'm asking now, aren't Asians great? (aren't Asians great, Asians great)

Harajuku + Akon:
Sushi, egg roll
Sashimi, baseball

Gwen Stefani:

They've always got something new
Like a robot that can put on your shoe
Karaoke, Connie Chung and kung-fu
They built a great Big Wall
But in their pants they're kind of small
Plus Buddha and Hello Kitty too! (aren't Asians great, Asians great)

Harajuku + Akon:
Sour and sweet, bound feet
Ping pong, bang gong

Gwen Stefani:

I love the Asian race
They've done wonders with the automobile
But they're not so good behind the wheel
Some of them are commies
But they gave us origami
So I'm asking now, aren't Asians great? (Asians great, Asians great)

Harajuku + Akon:
Yoo hoo, whee hoo
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Old 02/20/2007, 5:52 PM
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Great job with the transcript!

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Old 03/02/2007, 6:25 PM
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i love gwen stefani and it wasnt that good of a spoof. but good job working on it.
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