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Default The Silver Fox

  • Ike Barinholtz ... Duncan (2 appearances)

    Daniele Gaither ... Jelly Mae Jackson (2 Appearances)

    Michael McDonald ... Isadore Kruskal (5 appearances)

    Ron Pederson ... Clifford Busley (2 Appearances)

    Paul Vogh ... Nurse (2 Appearances)

    Stephnie Weir ... Muriel Westing (3 Appearances)


    Michael McDonald plays Isadore Kruskal, an elderly and forgetful man who hosts a television show called The Silver Fox, which is filmed in his home at Boca Grove Condos. He has also appeared on 7am Condo Report, and has a romantic history with fellow Boca Grove resident, Muriel Westing. Ike Barinholtz plays Duncan, Isadore's drug addicted nephew who lives with him.


    1008 7am Condo Report: Flu Shots (without Duncan)
    The residents of the Boca Grove Condo head to Mexico to get flu shots.

    1015 7am Condo Report: Special Oscar Edition (without Duncan) (Spencer- Gerty Fink, Ike- Artie Dombrowski)
    Isadore joins Clifford and Muriel for their Oscar-themed show.

    1102 The Silver Fox (Without Clifford, Dilly, or the Nurse)
    Isadore hosts his new show, with Muriel as a special guest.

    1109 The Silver Fox: Holiday Show (Without Clifford, Dilly, Muriel, or the Nurse) (Arden, Nicole RJ, Nicole P, Jordan)
    Isadore has a holiday themed show.

    1219 Senior Speed Dating (Without Duncan, Clifford, Dilly, Muriel, or the Nurse) (Nicole P- Ida, Nicole RJ- Cora, Crista- Eloise, Jordan)
    Isadore goes Senior Speed Dating, as "the only cock in the hen house".

  • "Where am I??" - Isadore
  • "Hello" - Isadore

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