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Old 08/16/2005, 11:10 PM
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Default Music Video: It Ain’t Easy Being Me (#101)

Ice-T- Phil
Ice Cube- Orlando
Director- Craig

(Ice-T and Ice Cube behind bars in jail)

Ice-T: Yo, you call this justice, Sending another innocent brother to the gas chambers? Yeah, well, you can kill me, But you can't shut me up.

Ice Cube: Save your breath, g. Brothers like us was born for the grave.

Ice-T: Aah!

Director: And cut! That was great, fellas. Can we do something with lighting, people? T's coming out too cafe au lait. Makeup!

Ice Cube: Same old, same old.

Ice-T: That's what it's like to be a black man in america.

(Exit jail cell and start singing)

Life is hard
Being a rap and movie star
Means livin' on the edge
And danger's never too far

Ice Cube:
Punks jump up just to get beat down
Ice cube, ice-T
Smokin' up you clowns
Ice-T's the man
You understand?

Don't want no ifs or buts
We want 40s in our right hand

Ice Cube:
Why the hell didn't you take off the cap?

Get whack with the mack, jack
Feel the smack of a pimp slap
My agent tells me
You're the best and the baddest
Well, why ain't i the uncle
On family matters?

Ice Cube:
Cube don't fear, though
I just roll, yo!
Tell the valet to bring around my volvo

Good help is so hard to find

Ice Cube:
Hey, y'all chill
I need a little bit of me time

Try to jack me for my ducats
And you know what you find, g?
My wagons in a circle
And my ni-- Right behind me

Ice Cube:
Hoover, hoover, moretti, and stein

They got their minds on my money
And my money on their minds
We'll be concealin' your financial assets
In several off-Shore corporations
Depositing liquid funds
In banks with unregistered declarations
Me gotta the best defense
That money can ever buy
But damn
It still ain't easy being i

Ice Cube:
It ain't easy being chubby
I don't wanna be fat
Chubby's too cute
Cube ain't down with that
Lovable, huggable , and totin' a gat

Cube sweatin' to the ogs

Ice Cube:
Yeah, i'm down with that

It's hard livin' large
And keepin' your credibility

Ice Cube:

Ice-T and Cube:
It is really quite difficult
Being me

(music stops)

Director: Excuse me. Ices... Ready for another take?

Ice-T: Yeah, i guess so. Yeah, what's our character motivation again?

Director:You're poor, uneducated black men, And you're angry, Angry that the man is keeping you down.

Ice-T: Hmm. I'm going to need a minute.

Ice Cube: Yo, where's my acting coach?

Director: That's 10.

Ice T and Ice Cube
“It Ain’t Easy Being Me”
From the motion picture “Ices on Ice”
Werner Records


Selena Luna = Best. Castmember. Ever.

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Old 09/28/2007, 4:20 PM
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Thanx for the info on this. I would also like to know the year of this movie "Ices On Ice", if possible. I can't seem to find any other mention of it on the web.
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