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Old 12/18/2004, 2:39 AM
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Default Trina Moss

  • Mo Collins ... Trina Moss (11 appearances)

    Michael McDonald ... Jim Cockhurts (4 Appearances)


    Mo Collins plays Trina Moss, an optimistic and energetic woman who works at the Ob/Gynie and also runs a collectibles shop. Trina is unable to conceive, and she frequently mentions this fact in conversation. Trina's full name is Mary Trina Paul Moss. Michael McDonald plays Trina's lover, Jim Cockhurts, who came to Trina's shop to purchase a Valentine's Day gift for his mother and instantly fell in love with Trina. Little did Trina and Jim know that they were actually brother and sister. This was revealed to them when their father showed up at their wedding just before they gave their "I do's."


    402 Trina at the Ob/Gynie (Without Jim) (Alex- Alison Kay)
    Trina works at the Ob/Gynie and Alison comes in for a check-up.

    405 Trina & the Baby Shower (Without Jim) (Alex- Doreen, Debra- Kelly)
    Trina attends her neighbor's baby shower, uninvited.

    525 Trina: Collecting Collectibles (Without Jim) (Debra- Edie Westingho)
    Trina's showcases her collections on the show Collectiong Collectibles and annoys the show's host, Edie Westingho.

    607 Trina's Thanksgiving (Without Jim)
    Trina celebrates Thanksgiving.

    615 Trina's Valentine (Nelson- Mr. O'Neil, Aries)
    Trina works at the collectibles shop on Valentine's Day and falls in love with Jim Cockhurts when he comes in to purchase a Valentine's Day gift for his mother.

    621 Trina Gets Some
    Trina's boyfriend, Jim, comes to her home and they have sexual intercourse.

    701 Trina's Speed Date (Alex, Frank- Larry, Andrew- Gill, Aries- Shawn)
    Trina tries speed dating but realizes that she is still in love with Jim.

    710 Trina's Christmas Miracle (Without Jim) (Andrew, Aries- Big Ol' Joe)
    Trina finds a manger to stay in on Chrstmas Eve.

    725 Trina's Wedding Day (Frank, Aries- Cecil Cockhurts)
    Trina prepares to marry Jim, but she backs out when Jim's father Cecil informs Trina and Jim that they are brother and sister.

    809 Trina: Job Interview (Without Jim) (Frank, Jill, Debra, Ron, Aries- Chuck "Chaz" Morgan)
    Trina is interviewed for a job at IHOP.

    907 Trina: Matchmakers Costume Carnival (Without Jim) (Ike, Josh- Mark, Ron)
    Trina attends a Matchmakers Costume Carnival in search of love.

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Old 09/20/2008, 12:16 PM
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Old 08/10/2009, 5:29 PM
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525 Trina: Collecting Collectibles (Debra- Edie Westingho)
Trina's showcases her collections on the show Collectiong Collectibles and annoys the show's host, Edie Westingho.

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