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Old 12/18/2004, 1:40 AM
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Default Reality Check

  • Aries Spears ... Belma Eugene Buttons (15 appearances)

    Debra Wilson ... Tovah McQueen (15 appearances)


    Debra Wilson and Aries Spears play Tovah McQueen and Belma Buttons, the hostesses of the BET talk show Reality Check. Reality Check is a talk show that is targeted towards African-American viewers, filmed live from Philadelphia, and Tovah and Belma insult all of their guests.


    508 Reality Check: Martha Stewart (Mo-Martha Stewart)
    Tovah and Belma give Martha Stewart a reality check.

    512 Reality Check: Donald Trump (Pat-Donald Trump)
    Tovah and Belma give Donald Trump a reality check.

    516 Reality Check: Tommy Hilfiger (Pat-Tommy Hilfiger)
    Tovah and Belma give Tommy Hilfiger a reality check.

    519 Reality Check: Oscar Funkfest 2000 (Pat-Charlton Heston)
    Tovah and Belma, with the help of Charlton Heston, have a show to discuss the Oscars.

    605 Reality Check: George W. Bush (Christian-George W. Bush)
    Tovah and Belma give George W. Bush a reality check.

    618 Reality Check: Black History (Stephnie-Julia Stiles)
    Tovah and Belma give Julia Stiles a reality check on a show dedicated to Black History Month.

    622 Reality Check: Bill Clinton (Will-Bill Clinton)
    Tovah and Belma try to give Bill Clinton a reality check, but he ends up agreeing with everything they say, and even gives himself a reality check.

    703 Reality Check: The Revenge (Kathryn-Bambi Whitehead)

    711 Reality Check: White House (Will-Tom Ridge)

    712 Reality Check Strikes Back (Will-Richard Simmons)
    Tovah and Belma give Richard Simmons a reality check.

    808 Reality Check: Airplane (Mo)
    Tovah and Belma are hassled by a stewardess on an airplane for being so big that they take up too many seats.

    814 Reality Check: Trent Lott (Michael-Trent Lott)
    Trent Lott is chosen by BET execs to co-host Reality Check, but is given a reality check, courtesy of Tovah and Belma.

    818 Reality Check: Michael Jackson (Frank-Debbie Rowe, Aries-Michael Jackson)
    Tovah and Belma give Michael Jackson and Debbie Row a reality check, via satellite.

    1013 Reality Check: Ashlee Simpson (Nicole-Ashlee Simpson)
    Tovah and Belma give Ashlee Simpson a reality check.

    1503 BET Reality Check with Megyn Kelly (Carlie- Megyn Kelly)
    Tovah and Belma give Megyn Kelly a reality check.

  • This has been Reality Check, and we are through! - Tovah and Belma
  • Did you make this [food item]? - Tovah and Belma
  • It's so good, I oughta [violent action]! - Tovah and Belma

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Old 12/09/2005, 6:25 PM
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I can't believe no one's replied tro this; I love Belma!(easily, Aries's best character)

*Girl, you so fat, you don't have periods, you have exclamation points!
* That boy's so black, if you took his picture, he'd look like a negative!
*This plane makes more stops than R. Kelly's limo in a preschool parking lot!
*Girl, it is so hot, I am peeing STEAM!
*Oh, you know, I don't climb nothing but a man.
*Oh, you not gon' be cuttin' my pork!
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Old 07/02/2006, 5:41 PM
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The only one I ever saw of these, even after watching all the reruns was the last one. This is halarious! I hope the rest are as good as the Ashlee Simpson one. Amazing sketch.....Aries and Debra are great together!

I love Nicole Sullivan, Alex Borestien, Mo Collins, Debra Wilson, Nicole Parker, Danielle Gaither, Paul Vogt, and Mary Scheer.

- "He looka lika man." - Bunny Swan
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-"Look how little my gloves are!" - Dot Goddard
-"Sit your ass on down for a big ol' slice of truth, and a side of wisdom" - Tovah McQueen
-"Look what I can do!" ~ Stuart
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Old 08/11/2009, 2:31 PM
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519 Reality Check: Oscar Funkfest 2000 (Pat-Charlton Heston)
Tovah and Belma, with the help of Charlton Heston, have a show to discuss the Oscars.

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