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Old 12/17/2004, 11:42 PM
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Default Incredible Findings

  • Bryan Callen ... Tony Bright (3 appearances)

    David Herman ... Mike Lawson (3 appearances)


    Bryan Callen and David Herman play Tony Bright and Mike Lawson, the hosts of Incredible Findings, a series of infomercials featuring complex products that are now made in boxes.


    205 Dentist in a Box
    Tony Bright and Mike Lawson showcase the new product "Dentist in a Box" which eliminates the need to leave the home for dental care.

    206 Shock Treatment in a Box
    Tony Bright and Mike Lawson showcase the new product "Shock Treatment in a Box."

    208 Cosmetic Surgeon in a Box
    Tony Bright and Mike Lawson showcase the new product "Cosmetic Surgeon in a Box."

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Old 05/03/2006, 1:03 AM
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Is "Incredible Findings" based on a real series? I was watching a repeat of "Friends" tonight and at the beginning, Joey appears on a show called "Amazing Discoveries" which is "Incredible Findings" without the British guest. The host is even named Mike.

Is this common knowledge that there is a real show, and I'm just out of the loop? Or did Friends rip-off MADtv?

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Old 05/03/2006, 7:29 AM
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Yep, you're out of the loop.

Amazing Discoveries was a real show in the early '90s/late '80s, with a lot of crappy items that NEVER worked, and to my knowledge, a lot of the media parodied it. Of course, I don't have much info on this, but I do know that the show DID exist, and tha the MAD parody was by far the best.

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