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Old 07/03/2005, 8:27 AM
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Default Musical Performance: Yo, Here We Go (#1019)

Original Air Date: 04.23.05
Sketch Length: 5:53

Bobby Lee as Himself
Ike Barinholtz as MC Eye
Jordan Peele as MC Morgan Freeman
Nicole Parker as Nickelbag
Three audience members; Pastora, Morgan & Will

(Crowd cheers as Bobby Lee enters the stage to introduce the act.)

Bobby Lee: What's happening? (Bobby raises his hand in a greeting.) My favorite group is here tonight. Man, I'm so happy. Ladies and gentlemen, Yo Ma Ma! (Crowd applauds.) C'mon, Yo Ma Ma! (Bobby points to stage entrance, as trio emerges.)

(MC Eye enters stage first, followed by MC Morgan Freeman and Nickelbag.)

MC Eye: Let's go. Give it up! Hey, what's up? Yeah. Give it up for Bobby Lee, he's asian. Hey, what's up? We are Yo Ma Ma. We are a rap group. (Looks at lady in the audience.) Oh damn! Damn! Damn, I see something that just caught my eye, because that's who I am, the MC Eye! Girl, what's your name girl? (Extends mic to audience member and interacts with her.)

Pastora: Pastora.

MC Eye: Pastora. Damn, that's a complicated name. Pastora! So Pastora, baby, where are you from?

Pastora: Wilmington.

MC Eye: Wilmington. Where the hell is Wilmington?

Pastora: By, ummm, Long Beach.

MC Eye: Let's just say Long Beach, alright. (Crowd laughs.) Yo, baby. Yo, Pastora, what do you do for a living, girl?

Pastora: I go to school.

MC Eye: Go to school, girl. What are you studying, girl?

Pastora: Umm, to be a, psych... umm, a psychologist... (She laughs.)

MC Eye: Let's just say psychologist, alright. Thank you, Pastora, baby, from Long Beach. My fool on my right, the one MC Morgan Freeeeman! (Audience cheers.)

MC Morgan Freeman: MC Morgan Freeman, in the house. When I drop a rhyme, may God have mercy on your soul. (Walks into audience to interact with an audience member.) Alright, let's talk to this young lady up in here. Hey, what's your name, girl?

Morgan: Morgan.

MC Morgan Freeman: Morgan. Oh snap! (Smiles, looks back toward the stage.) You can't make this up. Aight, Morgan, where you from, girl?

Morgan: Wilmington.

MC Morgan Freeman: Wilmington.

MC Eye: (Interrupts.) What the hell is going on with Wilmington today? (Audience laughs.)

MC Morgan Freeman: Whadd'aya you do for a living?

Morgan: I go to school.

MC Morgan Freeman: You go to school, what do you study?

Morgan: Art.

MC Morgan Freeman: You study art. Alright, girl, alright. You know I'll remember you girl... Yeah! Alright.

MC Eye: Yo, the lady on the left, right here, the one, the only, the nickel-what, the nickel-what, the Nickelbag!

Nickelbag: Hello everybody. That's right, I am the Nickelbag. Pleased to meet you and I've got my eye on this fine fellow right here. (She bends over to interact with an audience member.) Don't be afraid of the Nickelbag, just answer my questions. Come a little closer, 'fella. What's your name, my son?

Will: Will.

Nickelbag: Will. That's nice and short, and to the point. (Audience laughs.) And it's also hopeful. Will, what's going on? Can we, can we take a look at what's happening here with this sort of Back to the Future thing? (She examines Will's jacket and audience laughs.) I like it, it's real, it's real 1985. What you do for a living?

Will: An artist.

Nickelbag: Your an artist as well. What do you do, what you paint, you sculpt?

Will: Painting and sculpture, yeah.

Nickelbag: Oh, boy. You just repeat what I'm saying. What's your favorite movie, Will?

Will: Gattaca.

Nickelbag: Gattaca. (She laughs.)

MC Eye: Did he say Gattaca?

Nickelbag: Gattaca, he said Gattaca. He said Gattaca! Alright ladies and gentlemen, thank you Will. I've got everything I need. (Other rappers agree.)

(Music begins and the rappers begin their performance. Audience cheers emphatically.)

Nickelbag: One, two, three, four...

All: (Chorus) Yo, Here We Go, Yo, Here We Go. Let's see who's sitting in the front row. Yo, Here We Go, Yo, Here We Go. Let's see who's sitting in the front row.

MC Eye: Well, I bust a rhyme to make you laugh and cry. You step to me, your stepping to the Eye.
When I start to rap, the booties start shaking; I kick out the jams, and bring home the bacon.
But I am here to tell you all about me, I want to tell you all about a nasty freak.
I asked her her name, she said it’s Pastora, nothing in the world rhymes with Pastora!
She’s so close, she’s out on reach, coming all the way down from Long Beach.
I want her to stay in Hollywood with me, cause there’s so much drama in the L.B.D.!
(Inaudible line.) I feel your flow.
Thank you for sitting, in the front row!

All: (Chorus)

MC Morgan Freeman: That’s right. I’m MC Morgan Freeman. My job is to keep all the old-ladies screaming!
That’s right, I’m gonna tell you the story, ‘bout the girl I met on the set of glory!
Oh! I don’t know what to do, because I said my name’s Morgan, she said ‘mine, too.
Oh wee! She got a butt like a shelf, and when I do her, it's like I'm doing myself!
(Inaudible line.) That's right, you are the one I know,
Thank you for sitting here, in the the front row!

All: (Chorus)

Nickelbag: I'm gonna kick some rhymes, I'm gonna bust a beat. If it ain't the Nickelbag, it's gonna be!
I'm on the hunt, and I see my kill.
Here's my prey and his name, oh God, is Will.
Oh yeah, that's right, the future I see, Will, I can tell you, you will sleep with me!
Oh that's right, like a dead surfer, your the guy who's wearing a life preserver.
What! I know (inaudible) He's telling me that he's an artist.
Oh my God, Will. That is really funny. Are you trying to tell me that you have no money?
When we go out for a drink, this is what I really think. If I want some boot and I want some bling, I guess Will is just gonna have to draw me a ring!
But oh well! I think that's so (inaudible) and you like the movie Gattaca.
What does that mean? Oh my God, that is so hot, I guess it means that you like to do it like a robot!
(Inaudible) Together we'll go.
Thank you Will for sitting there, in the front row!

All: (Chorus) Yo, Here We Go, Yo, Here We Go. That's who's sitting in the front row. Yo, Here We Go, Yo, Here We Go. That's who's sitting in the front row.

MC Eye: (Gives various shout-outs, as performers leave the stage.)

Well that should just about do it. If anyone has any corrections or can make out those inaudible words, please let me know, so I can make the proper corrections.

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Old 07/26/2005, 1:33 AM
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Default Re: Yo, Here We Go (#1019)

Danika, he said Danika. He said Danika!
Gattaca, a 97 sci-fi.
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Old 08/09/2005, 12:23 PM
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she’s out on reach
Out OF reach
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Old 01/20/2009, 8:05 PM
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Is there a video of that musical performance anywhere on the web?! I keep checking online every once in a while but I never have any luck. I love it and can't get it out of my head. Please help!
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Old 01/21/2009, 6:04 AM
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Old 02/23/2009, 12:34 PM
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You're a saint!!!
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