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Old 07/21/2006, 12:03 PM
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Default Frank Caeti in Show in Chicago

Hi everyone-

Just wanted to let you know I'm doing a two person improv show with my longtime Second City castmate Jen Bills. It's at The Second City etc on tuesday July 25 at 8:30pm. Tix are $7, free if you're a student of the Second City Training Center. Come check it out if you'e in the area.

Also, I did an interview for a podcast with Ruby Streak Musical Director at The Second City. We talked about MAD, dry cleaning, etc. It's a long interview (20 minutes, maybe more) but check it out if you like.

Link is http://secondcity.com/?id=theatres/chicago/features

Click on the Frank Caeti interview.

Looking forward to season 12.


Yes, I am the real Frank Caeti.
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Old 07/21/2006, 3:11 PM
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For those that don't have to time, I got the main, MADtv related stuff. It's not a transcript, but for the most part it's word-for-word.


Outside of MAD, he's really had zero recognition. Once in Burbank, when he was next to Keegan. They joke it was because Keegan was on Celebrity Poker Showdown.

Frank is engaged to Rachel Romanski [sp?].
They have a dog named Betty. Betty Spaghetti Romanski-Caeti.

There's the same contractual confusion in the summer. Every June, don't know, but yes, he is in for Season 12. It wouldn't have been bad if he was in or out to him.

He used to commute, but now he has to get a place in L.A.

The days are surprisingly easy. Shoots differently from SNL, more sitcomy.
The amount of hours spent per day isn't really finite.
Monday - Working on scripts
Tuesday - Table read.
Wednesday - Rehearse and block a little.
Thursday - Camera block. Maybe 12 hour days.
Friday - Shoot. Usually about 14 or 16 hour days.

No hard air date for sketches. They talk about the House sketch. Frank hadn't seen the show previous to the parody, but when he watched it, it was similar to their parody.

Rich Telrico [sp?] came back to MADtv. He left for NY to write for SNL, but he came back from MAD. They say there can't be enough Second City people.

Talk about Stephnie Weir. She's moved on, all say she needs to do independent films, she's a great actress, so much more to offer. She broke ground when she came to MADtv, brought new stuff. Love her. Jarrett (the co-host) says that someone on MAD looks like her now. [They never get to who, exactly.]

Talk about shows that try to emulate the past and hire those that remind them of previous personalities. Then the more unique, different people don't know where to go and don't get hired.

After the Friday taping, nothing really happens. No big wrap parties. Back to work on Monday.

Frank wishes they didn't have guest stars. Then the writers write for the guest star, and not for the cast. They don't get the A-listers, they don't need stars.

ETC he would rehearse, work on material. He liked it because it was harder. It never really felt like work. Growing up, he wasn't into theater. He was more into sports. He played baseball and football. He did baseball in college, but never good enough to go on. Not a performer child. He was bashful, not interested in comedy. His family was antagonistic and jovial.

Born in Chicago. When he was 18 he saw PiƱata Full of Bees, a Second City show, liked it. Enjoyed the coming up with characters in seconds. Looked at sketch comedy in a theatrical point of view. Doesn't like being called a comedian. Likes being called an actor.

Did the Curt Jones sketch in Chicago. He auditioned with Curt, and they responded favorably. He talked to everyone in the scene originally from Second City and got their blessing. They changed the sketch a bit. The producers may have asked to do the sketch, or he pitched it to them.

The director for the show isn't really an acting director. He never got an acting note all year. Mainly tempo things from producers or writers, logistics stuff. The best thing is technique, you have to make choices and be comfortable. No time for experimentation and failure at MAD because it moves so quickly. He likes and it a hates it. It's zero to sixty.

The cast this season has 10 performers*. This year is a breakout year for new performers. Jason Sedakis on SNL. Good for the SNL/MADtv featured players. You can just get lost, who was that? You need to be introduced, embraced, and be there for a while until you get to be known. Talk about at Tina Fey quote on the subject.

Hierarchy is very important. Generally, FPs appear less. He didn't work with Keegan or Ruby [the host] at ETC. He would have gone on to the Main Stage, but the timing was right for him to go to MAD.

The rest isn't MAD related. He was competitive as a kid, something about high-fives, like seeing the crashes and the finishes in races, compare sports to comedy, not getting to high or too low on performances, worked at Improv Olympics, he got a Walgreens gift card.

EDIT: Fixed the Caeti clarifications

*Some speculation.

Last season technically had 10 regular performers. Originally 11, but because Steph left, it was down to 10. That's not including Frank or Nicole RJ.

Next season, with the current information we have, and assuming everyone comes back, there will be 10 regular performers. With Frank and Daniele leaving, and Frank and Nicole RJ being promoted, there will be 10, not including the new FPs, if there will be any.

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Old 07/21/2006, 4:04 PM
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Great podcast. I like to hear about the Second City stuff too so it wasn't just the mad TV stuff that interested me. It is also great to hear he is back for sure for season 12. I'm looking forward to it personally.
I like how they said Steph would be good for indy flicks which I agree with too. And its not really pigeonholing (thats a word right?) her I don't think because she could bring a lot of interesting characters to these films.
I found the emulating predecessors part interesting too because on this forum we always see stuff like "the new Will Sasso" or "Season 7's Nicole Sullivan." I hope more obscure and interesting people join the cast so its not always following the same mold for actors ie:
The "Straight Guy" actor
The *insert race here* guy
the *insert race here* girl
The Fat Funny Guy etc.

I also agree about guest stars. I know what he means for the writers writing for guest stars and maybe thats why sometimes they seem awkward. I wouldn't mind if they got rid of them 100%(except alumni)
I respect the preferance for being called an actor rather than a comedian too. There is a difference and I'm convinced that when someone is on MadTV they are acting. Frank Caliendo may do stand-up but in regards to MadTV he is an actor.
Hehe and for the transcript it wasn't a lax POV towards Kurt Jones.... He meant TV lacks point of view. Which it does. He is totally right.
I remember in another post how he mentioned Kurt Jones being like cultural commentary on the spectacle of evangelists or something and in my opinion MadTV could benefit from this if they aren't already but we aren't noticing. (Maybe the supersticious Knights were made to raise discussion on ritual )
I guess we also know the true difference between FP and regular cast members now. I guess Arden was in every episode this season so she had to get full-time member and not featured.

Anyways, great interview. I like that t was someone from the Second City doing the interview instead of someone not involved in the field at all. A welcome change in my opinion.

And the Walgreens Gift Card thing is pretty funny.

We All Go A Little MAD Sometimes...

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Old 07/21/2006, 6:14 PM
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Good job Nick, thanks for the summary. I wanted to clarify a couple things:

I think the days are easy for an actor, most of the other people that work at MAD work long hours everyday. Also, if you're writing that week, something I tried to do every week, there is no finite amount of time to spend doing that. So while monday is a short day of rehearsal, it can still be a 12 hour day if you're writing.


When I said I talked to cast members about the scene, I meant the people originally in the sketch at Second City, not Arden and Ike. Get their blessing, etc. Also, there is some legal permission that has to be granted from Second City.

That's all.


Yes, I am the real Frank Caeti.
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Old 07/21/2006, 6:31 PM
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I fixed up those minor details.

And I thought it was a good interview. You usually don't find long interviews available to the public with that much information.
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Old 07/22/2006, 6:06 PM
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Lately Mad hasn't been giving a lot of the new feat players a chance for more than 1 season. So it's good to hear Caeti made the cut for season 12. I wouldn't be surprised if they added 1 or 2 new people. Maybe not at the very start of the season, but maybe somewhere in the middle. (like the previous season with Crista Flanagan and Spencer Kayden both joining mid-season 10)
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Old 07/23/2006, 11:13 PM
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Wait.... I'm confused. Is he becoming an actual cast member or just a featued player?
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