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Old 11/12/2007, 4:15 PM
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Default Airlines Safety Video (#1306)

Airlines Safety


Nicole Parker - Flight Attendant
Jordan Peele - Passenger #1 [referred to as Jordan]
Arden Myrin - Passenger #2 [referred to as Arden]
Crista Flanagan - Passenger #3 [referred to as Crista]

["Keeping Our Passengers Safe in the Air" appears on screen"]

Flight Attendant: Welcome aboard. It's 2007, and we are more committed to your safety then ever. And that's why we'd like you to pay special attention to this important safety information.
["No Smoking", "Fasten Seat Belt", and "Life Jacket Under Seat" are shown]

Flight Attendant: First, please make sure that your seatbelt is securely fastened.

[Arden and Jordan look down and realize they have no seatbelt.]

Flight Attendant: Seatbelts can be purchased for $5.00.

[Arden and Jordan looked confused, but pay $5.00 anyway.]

Flight Attendant: To fasten, insert the metal fitting into the buckle and then pull the fitting away from you.

[Jordan follows the the instructions and realizes there is a problem.]

Flight Attendant: To release, purchase a release flap for $7.00.

[Jordan pays the money.]

Flight Attendant: Now I know what you're thinking. We've never paid for seatbelts before! ...Once we've reaches our cruising altitude, your flight attendant may or may not go down the isle with snacks. If she chooses to, each passenger will be given a single peanut. Lavatories are located at the front and rear...of the airport. Please take a moment to look at your safety pamphlet.

[Crista takes a look at the safety pamphlet.]

Flight Attendant: The charge for looking at this pamphlet is $3.00.

[Crista puts it back quickly.]

Flight Attendant: The charge for looking at this pamphlet and putting it back quickly is $4.00. Should there be a rapid change in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will automatically drop from the compartment above your seat free of charge.

[Arden and Jordan put the masks on their faces.]

Flight Attendant: Place the mask over your nose and mouth, and to start the flow of oxygen, pay your flight attendant $75.63.

[Arden and Jordan scramble to get the money.]

Arden: I can't breathe!

Flight Attendant: As always, exact change is appreciated.

Jordan: You got change for a 20?!

Arden: I have $45...

Flight Attendant: Now I know that some of you are still concerned about getting there safely. Enjoy your flight!

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