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View Poll Results: Which new cast member will be the first to get cut?
Daheli Hall 0 0%
Anjelah Johnson 4 57.14%
Dan Oster 0 0%
Johnny Sanchez 2 28.57%
I can't do this all on my own, no I know, I'm no Superman... 1 14.29%
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Old 10/23/2007, 7:08 PM
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Default Which New S13 Cast Member Is Most Likely to Get Cut First?

In the spirit of ol' mizzimad's thread, which new cast member do you think has the greatest potential to get cut first?

My guess is Daheli Hall. They've been really struggling to find a good replacement after Debra left (though Nicole was great; I don't know why they got rid of her). Plus, MADtv does a lot of poking fun of/playing on stereotypes and doing stereotypical humor. Daheli seems to be too "pro-black" to put up with any of that. I expect her to be another Jill (though, hopefully, Daheli will do something that was actually MEMORABLE).

Your thoughts?

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Old 10/23/2007, 7:43 PM
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My guess would be Anjelah Johnson...

I think that Dan Oster, Johnny Sanchez, and Daheli Hall all have good chances of being with MadTV for Season 14. I wouldn't be surprised to see Jordan Peele, Bobby Lee, and perhaps Michael McDonald or Nicole Parker exit after the season, though I don't think Michael wants to go anywhere, and Nicole has really been successful on MadTV- so why leave just yet? Track records of post MadTV careers have been terrible, so I think we can count on Nicole and Michael being back next year.

I'm just basing Jordan and Bobby as possible departures because Jordan once said that this year would be his last, and Bobby's been on MadTV for ages (and is quite popular outside of MadTV).

So anyway, if Lee and Peele were the only departures...that would make the likelihood of the producers keeping two males- Sanchez and Oster- much, much higher.

As for Daheli, I wouldn't be surprised to see her kept.... if she's as good as Mizzimad says....

As for Anjelah, there are so many female cast members that if MadTV ever has budget problems, she would be one of the first cuts.
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Old 10/23/2007, 8:38 PM
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Honestly I think people are judging these newbies way too much already. I mean, none of them have even stepped onto the MADtv stage yet and people are already predicting if they're going to make it to Season 14 or not. I like to give people a chance before I decide things like that. I think mizzimad's thread was OK since it was just asking which one had POTENTIAL, but I'd like to see these people's work before I judge who'll last and who won't...and I don't really consider three minute internet clips a good view of anyone's work.

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Old 10/23/2007, 9:20 PM
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I think it's kinda fun to predict these things before we see the noobs in action on "MADtv." Come on! Roll the dice, folks.

In that spirit, I'll pick Anjelah, my primary reason being that she will be a featured cast member who won't be, well, "featured" much. Between her and Dan, I'm more impressed with Dan, who at least is bringing some versatility to the table, at least from what I've seen of his clips. Something tells me that if anyone gets cut, then Anjelah will be on the snipping end. Still, as we know, it's way too early to predict. (Still no takers on the over/under? Hmmph, fine! )

As for Daheli, let me just make it clear that even though I enjoy her standup, there is a bit of a question mark regarding how well she will fit in to the show (hence, MADfan's Jill comparison). I'm choosing to have faith in her, though, because she does seem to have a knack for portraying characters and because, given her resume, I predict that she could become one of the show's premier writers. Granted, she would be an intelligent writer; and as we know, intelligence and Alfredville don't necessarily go hand in hand that often, although they could go together more often if the producers and writers are willing to make some concessions. On the plus side, however, they do seem to be willing to go there from time to time rather than pander to the lowest common denominator. We'll see. Anyway, you know, sometimes the typing fingers get carried away; so I'll stop now. I promise. O.K., actually, I'll stop now.

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