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Old 03/18/2009, 3:11 AM
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Default Erica Ash (Season 14 Introduction)


Erica Ash: Herself
Brianna: Unknown
Colton: Colton Dunn



(When something is in brackets and italicized, that means that it is a descriptive moment).



All the new season 14 cast members to MADtv got their own introduction videos, made by a company called the Boardhead Brothers. Here is Erica Ash's


(Erica in a dressing room).

Erica Ash: Hi. My name is Erica Ash, and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia (MADtv Presents, and Erica Ash script appears).

I am one of the new cast members of MADtv. And I remember the day I got the call. I was working at what we as actors refure to as the in-between job (Scene shifts to Erica walking into a room with a bowl in her hand).

Brianna (Off Screen): Hey Erica.

Erica Ash: F**k you Brianna (holds up middle finger), you ate the last cinnamon raisin bagel (scene shifts back). I had a great repour with my co-workers (scene shifts back). Why don't you shut the f**k up, and do your work (Erica pointing. Scene shifts back)! And I remember I really liked working there (Scene shifts back. Erica on the phone). Yeah Marty my computers down again.

I don't know what happened to it! If I knew what happened to it, I would fix the mothaf**ker! Just send somebody up here to fix it G** Da** it (Scene shifts back)! This particular morning I was working on this particular project and I decided to take a ten minute break (Scene shifts back). You know what?! F**k this! I'm taking a 10 minute break (Scene shifts back). I remember my agent called me. And he told me the news (Scene shifts to Erica in a room). I said do not f**kin call me! How hard is it to give me 10 minutes (Scene shifts back)? And he told me to sit down (Scene shifts back). Hey swift (Scene shifts back). And I just happened to be sitting down, so I said yeah, I'm sitting down (Scene shifts back). Yeah, I'm sitting down (goes out to show Erica sitting on a toilet with her crotch showing (but blocked out by a bar).


(Scene shifts back). And he said you got it (Scene shifts back).
I got MADtv

(Scene shifts back)! And I said, "you got to be kidding". Something like that (Scene shows Erica running out of the bathroom down the hall). And I was all excited that I remember I jumped up (Erica yelling at someone in the hallway), Hey! Yo, yo, yo f*8=*k you Colton! f**k you, f**k you! Ha Ha! Hey f**k you! Whoo(Scene shifts back)! and I took off down the hallway, and I uh, you know cut my break short. And I was knocking on everybody's door, telling them what happened. And just giving them love, and they were giving me love, and everybody was high fives all along the way. Ya whoo Erica, everybody was so happy for me. Now I'm on MADtv. And what I think I can bring to this cast is positivity. Great energy (Erica Ash script appears.



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