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Old 03/18/2008, 5:38 PM
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Post More Orlando News: Poker and "Misconceptions"

Wow, has it really been a whole five minutes since we have had news about Orlando Jones? My oh my, where does the time go? Tonight, you can catch the mighty Mr. Jones on the series debut of "Black Poker Stars Invitational." From this article, we glean the following regarding Orlando's date with the cards:
"Hosted by actor and funny man Katt Williams and the self-proclaimed 'Black Robin Leach' Kenny Burns, celebrity poker players Anthony Anderson, Nelly, Kevin Hart, Miguel Nunez Jr., Eddie Griffin, Orlando Jones, Faizon Love, Eva Pigford, Wood Harris (HBO's 'The Wire'), Al Shearer, Mekhi Phifer, Chris Spencer and Melyssa Ford vie to win $50,000 for their favorite charity. With special guest appearances by Eddie Murphy and DMC, this No Limit - Texas Hold 'Em Poker tournament doesn't begin or end at the tables. Taped at the newly opened Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, BLACK POKER STARS INVITATIONAL catches every aspect of celebrity involvement from their rendezvous at the private 'Millionaire Airport' in Van Nuys to their VIP hotel check-in to the special 'Losers Lounge,' where eliminated players soothe their bruised egos during the poker face off -- all while capturing the comedic exchange and trash talk from today's hottest celebrities."
Will Orlando clean up, or will the other competitors clean his clock? Tune in to BET tonight at 10:30pm EST to find out. If you miss the episode the first time around or simply want some entertainment to go with your bout of insomnia, then watch the re-air on Wednesday morning at 3:30am EST.

In indie dramedy news -- is there such a thing? -- look for Orlando to pop up in Misconceptions. Those with right-wing religious convictions will certainly flock in droves (probably with picket signs) to observe this film's unique plot:
"Directed by Ron Satlof from a script he wrote with Ira Pearlstein, the story centers on a religiously conservative married woman from the South who receives a message from God telling her to act as a surrogate mother for two gay men.

Jones will play Terry, the hopeful parent who comes to the woman's home to micromanage her pregnancy and in the process causes havoc.

A.J. Cook (CBS' 'Criminal Minds') will play Miranda, the woman who decides to carry the child for the gay couple."
Once again, we find ourselves in the awkward position of not yet knowing the film's release date; however, we will keep that weary eagle eye on the lookout for you. In the meantime, use this article to clarify any, well, misconceptions you might have about Misconceptions.

Poker and surrogate parenthood -- if those two activities combined are not your idea of the ultimate Orlando Jones entertainment package, then I guess you will just have for his next entertainment venture. See you in five minutes!

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Old 03/18/2008, 6:40 PM
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You forgot to mention that the event is for charity (the prize money goes to charity although ther is a jewelry4aces.com pendant and a diamond watch from one of the sponsors which the winner keeps) all in all it is very nice of them to go this far for doing good , but it doesnt mean they are not allowed to have fun in the process and believe you me these guys know how.
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