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Old 08/16/2004, 9:19 PM
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Default Nicole Sullivan (King of Queens: Animal Attraction)

Episode summary from: http://www.sonypictures.com/tv/shows/kingofqueens/

Animal Attraction
Doug must cancel a Valentine's Day dinner with Carrie when his boss makes him transport penguins to the Albany zoo. Arthur tries to romance a woman at a dance for senior citizens; and Carrie's boss takes a liking to Holly.


Holly: Nicole Sullivan
Carrie: Leah Remini
Mr. Pruzan: Alex Skuby

(Carrie is sitting on the couch watching tv when the doorbell rings.)

Carrie: (Opens door)

Holly: Hey Carrie.

Carrie: Oh, hey Holl.

Holly: Is your dad here?

Carrie: Uh, no why? You weren’t supposed to walk him tonight were you?

Holly: No, no but my boyfriend and I kinda broke up. It’s no biggie. It’s a mutual (pause) thing. Anyway, um, instead of staying home alone I thought maybe I’d come over here and throw your dad a freebie.

Carrie: I assume you’re talkin’ about a free walk.

Holly: (Confused) Yeah. Oh, not oh, no, no. I have a strict policy on that.

Carrie: Okay, well you’re out of luck he’s down at the senior center tonight.

Holly: Ah ha.

(They both stand there in awkward silence)

Carrie: Is there anything else or…?

Holly: N-no. (Starts to cry) No..

(Holly walks in the house crying and then sits on the couch)

Carrie: Oh boy.

Holly: (Said while crying with hands over her face) Carrie why does every guy break up with me? I mean, I let them stay at my apartment, I give them money…

Carrie: Well it sounds like you’re doing all the right things.

Holly: I know.

Carrie: Look , um (sits down on the couch next to Holly) you’ll, you’ll find someone else.

Holly: No, no I won’t. I’m a loser.

Carrie: No, you’re not a loser. Okay, now I only met him once but I’d say that guy you were dating now he’s a loser.

Holly: (Now stopped crying) What was wrong with snake?

Carrie: Well for one, um, the neck tattoo.

Holly: A lot of people have tattoos.

Carrie: Yeah, not of Charlie brown shooting up. Let me ask you a question Holl, uh, where do you usually go to meet guys?

Holly: Um, well, I go to Duffy’s a lot. They let me drink for free cause I gave them my bra and panties to hang on the wall.

Carrie: Kay, you need to start going to places where the women keep their underwear on and the men are okay with that.

Holly: Like where?

Carrie: Oh, okay um, well there’s this great new martini bar that just opened up on 38th street. A lot of people from my office go there.

Holly: Oh, that sounds great.

Carrie: Oh, it is great. And they make the best raspberry cosmos. Hey I betcha it’s hoppin’ right now.

Holly: I’m sold! Let’s go!

Carrie: Oh, no, I wasn’t talking about me I can’t.

Holly: Oh, right, no, no of course, of course it’s valentine’s day I’m sure you have plans with Doug.

Carrie: Yeah, um actually he’s driving penguins to Albany. (Pause) I’ll go change.

Holly: Great!


(Carrie and Holly are sitting at the bar)

Holly: Oh I love this place. And these cosmo things are delicious! (Starts drinking cosmo fast)

Carrie: (Grabs Holly’s arm) Slow it down there Holl. Slow it down.

Holly: Oh, sorry. I’m used to drinking Rhinegold through a funnel.

Carrie: Well you can get back to that tomorrow. Tonight we focus on finding you Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Not Steal Your Pin Number.

Holly: Okay I’m ready (claps) What do I do, what do I do? (Giggles)

Carrie: Alright, alright. Well the most important thing is to just play it cool. Alright you just spot a guy you like,

(Carrie turns away from the bar and looks at a man across the room)

and you make eye contact, and you give him a little smile, (smiles) and then as quickly as you gave him that smile you snap it right back.

(Turns back towards bar and stops smiling)

You want him to know that you’re interested but it’s still up to him to make the first move. Okay?

Holly: Ahhh.

(Man who Carrie smiled at comes over to Carrie and Holly)

Carrie: Oh no I’m sorry I was just showing her something. Go back to your table. (shoos him away) Go, go. Go, go. Go, go. (Man who came over leaves) Alright tip number 2. When you’re talking to a guy and you know you like him brush something off his shoulder that’ll drive him nuts.

Holly: Now what if he doesn’t have anything on his shoulder.

Carrie: It doesn’t matter.

Holly: Ohh, I understand you gotta work it. Yeah that’s how you landed Doug huh?

Carrie: Something like that, yeah.

(Carrie’s boss Doug Pruzan walks over to Holly and Carrie)

Mr. Pruzan: Carrie?

Carrie: Mr. Pruzan, hi what are you doing here?

Mr. Pruzan: Well it’s Valentines Day so I thought I’d spend it with lady vodka. At least she doesn’t cheat on me with my brother when he stops by to return a book.

Carrie: (Grabs purse) well I guess we’ll leave you two alone heh. Come on Holly heh. Okay.

Mr. Pruzan: Aren’t you gonna introduce me to your friend?

Carrie: Oh, I’m sorry um, Mr. Pruzan this is Holly my dog walker, Holly this is my boss Mr. Pruzan.

(Holly and Mr. Pruzan shake hands)

Mr. Pruzan: It’s very nice to meet you Holly, walker of dogs.

Holly: Nice to meet you Mr. Pruzan boss of Carrie. (Giggles) (Pause) You have something on your shoulder here. (Reaches up towards shoulder)

Carrie: (Grabs Holly’s arm) No, no he does not! No, he really doesn’t! He really does not! Anyway I guess we’ll see you first thing Monday morning. Bye bye.

Mr. Pruzan: A booth just opened up! Come on sit down!

Holly: Oh I love booths!

(They walk over to booth)

Carrie: No, no that’s not necessary! Really! Thank you.

Holly: Oh, fun!

Mr. Pruzan: Uh, Carrie, Holly’s running a little low. Get her a fresh drink would ya? And I’ll have a triple gray goose ice on the side. (hands carrie money) Thank you. Thanks.

Carrie: You’re welcome.


( Holly and Mr. Pruzan are now sitting at the booth)

Mr.Pruzan: So, professional dog walking, what’s that all about?

Holly: Um, well I go to people’s houses and basically I walk their dogs.

Mr. Pruzan: That’s incredible.

(Carrie enters scene holding 2 plates)

Carrie: Okay one ahi tuna sliced extra thin and timpor rolls, for my dog walker.

Holly: Actually could you excuse me for a sec.

(Mr. Pruzan slides out of booth to let Holly out)

Mr. Pruzan: Where ya headed?

Holly: Well like they said you don’t buy drinks, you rent em.

(Holly leaves)

(Mr. Pruzan sits back in booth)

Mr.Pruzan: She’s delightful. I can’t believe you didn’t introduce me to Holly sooner. You know I’m going to London next week. You think if I took her along she’d sleep with me?

Carrie: I think if you took her to IHOP she’d sleep with you. Uh, Mr. Pruzan can I be honest with you?

Mr. Pruzan: Sure.

Carrie: Um, I don’t really think Holly’s the right girl for you.

Mr. Pruzan: But we have chemistry. Did you see the way she brushed that thing off my shoulder. It was electric.

Carrie: Even so, even so. Uh, there are things, um about Holly you know that-

Mr. Pruzan: What are you gettin’ at?

Carrie: Well she’s got a real temper, you know. I mean you should see her with her dogs. I mean she puts this choke chain around their neck, she just yanks them real hard you know, she yells at them.

Mr. Pruzan: (Really interested) Keep talking.


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