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Default Mo Collins (Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House: "Episode #308")


Andy Dick: Himself
Mo Collins: Herself



(When something is in brackets and is italicized, that means that it is a descriptive moment)



Andy Dick had for years been suffering from a severe drinking problem that has hurt many of his close friends and family members for years. In episode #308 of Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House, Andy meets Mo Collins in a coffee shop to say sorry for ruining one of her sets at a comedy club. But Andy is reminded of another event that caused the end of her marriage to drummer Jimi Euglund.


(Andy walking on Sunset Boulevard. He is talking over the video).

Andy Dick: My drinking has destroyed the lives of my closest relationships, and right now I am going to sit down with a very close friend of mine Mo Collins who I have hurt. She has been in the trenches with me, hardcore. With drinking and drugging. Then she stopped (Andy talking in the video now) I don't know if she is comfortable talking about her stuff but we'll find out. Ohh (After pulling instead of pushing the door, Andy enters a coffee shop where Mo is waiting. Camera shows Mo sitting at a table. A bar that says Mo Collins Comedian/MADtv in capital letters appears in the bottom left hand corner).

Mo. (Mo is startled and closes her phone that she was playing with quickly). Did I scare you (they both laugh)? I'm sorry.

Mo Collins: You did scare me (jokingly)!

Andy Dick: Hi.

Mo Collins: Hi.

Andy Dick: Let me take my bag off (Andy and Mo hug). Thanks

for meeting me. Are you losing weight baby?

Mo Collins: No.

Andy Dick: You're just always skinny

(Hug over).

Mo Collins: I guess.

Andy Dick: Thanks for meeting me. Why I wanted to see you. Is I'm still living up in the house [Sober House], so I can't really go out right now, but I wanted to apologise to you. And you know what, I'm sure there are a million things to apologise for.

(They both laugh).

Mo Collins (Jokingly): I'm glad you asked. Here's my list (they both laugh). The scroll (imitates rolling out a scroll. Joking ends).

Andy Dick: I was going to ask you, because most of the time I was so drunk I don't even remember. Let me hit the ones that I remember.

Mo Collins: Ok.

Andy Dick: I remember you were on stage at uh, one of the comedy clubs, and I was... Out of my mind.

Mo Collins: You ruined my set.

Andy Dick: Yeah. I apologise for that.

Mo Collins: As per usual Andy Dick, you had to make it about you.

Andy Dick: But not, not anymore. I'm not drinkin.

Mo Collins: We'll see. Do you remember having a conversation with my ex-husband?

Andy Dick: Oh right. Oh that was horrible.

Mo Collins: And

Andy Dick: Now.

Mo Collins: And uh, I'm divorced now.

Andy Dick: I should make amends to him.

Mo Collins: That was really, really painful to him.

Andy Dick (Crying): I forgot. That was really bad.

Mo Collins: That was really bad.

Andy Dick (Crying): I'm sorry. I really am sorry (they hug).

I was trying to help. But I was sick and I was.

You know there was a lot of stuff going on if you don't remember.

Mo Collins: I love you.

Andy Dick (Crying): That's why I called you. You're really one of my only friends I have left. You understand you know? But all my other friends I really lost (Mo wipes a tear off Andy's face). I really almost killed them. I killed them.

Mo Collins: Yeah.

Andy Dick: You're one of my only friends

(Scene shifts to Andy outside). That was very good for me to do, but I need to do that
(Andy talking over the coffee shop scene) hundreds of times over. With a lot of different people.



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