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Old 08/31/2004, 12:55 AM
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Default Kathryn Fiore (Reno 911: "Jones and Garcia's Drug Stake-Out")

Hippie Girl #2- Kathryn Fiore
Hippie Girl- ????
Deputy Garcia- Carlos Alazraqui
Deputy Jones- Cedric Yarbrough

(Deputy Garcia and Deputy Jones are unercover hippies on a Drug Stake-Out)

Deputy Garcia: Test one two. Test. Still no sign of one eyed jack, and I'm f*ckin' hot.

(Time goes by)

Deputy Garcia: (coughs) How much f*ckin' car exaust to we have to inhale before this goddamn drug dealer wakes his ass up and starts dealin'.

(Time goes by)

Deputy Jones: Let's go home.

Deputy Garcia: I dunno.

(Time goes by)

Deputy Garcia: F*ck it. Let's go.

Deputy Jones: We can go?

Deputy Garcia: Yeah. Get your stuff and get out of here.

Deputy Jones: Thank you.

(They begin to back up when two hippies approach them)

Hippie Girl #2: Heeey. What's up?

Hippie Girl: You have anything to smoke?

Deputy Garcia: Well, hey ladies.

Hippie Girl #2: You have a smoke or anything?

Deputy Jones: You got da smoke a? Smokes?

Hippie Girl #2: Yeah.

Deputy Jones: You want tha smoke, huh?

Hippie Girl #2: Yeeah! Hehehe.

Hippie Girl: Groovy dreads.

Deputy Jones: Awwe. Tanks. Tank you.

Hippie Girl #2: Your hair is wild.

Deputy Jones: Awwe. Well it's umm, yeah.

Hippie Girl: Yeaah, cool.

Hippie Girl #2: That accent is trippy, man. Where you from?

Deputy Jones: Well, I'm a from, from a Jamaica, Kingston.

Hippie Girl #2: Jamaica?

Hippie Girl: Jamaica mon.

Deputy Garcia: I'm from Utah.

Hippie Girl #2: All right.

Hippie Girl: Oh really?

Deputy Garcia: Yeah.

Hippie Girl #2: It's really hot there, right?

Deputy Jones: Ya.

Hippie Girl #2: In Utah?

Deputy Garcia: Nahh, it's about a mile up, so it's uh, never really gets above 75.

Hippie Girl #2: Wow.

--End of Scene--

(Everyone is sitting around)

Hippie Girl: I think it's time for my homemade brownies. (takes out brownies)

Hippie Girl #2: Aphrodite makes the best brownies ever.

Deputy Jones: Awwweee.

Hippie Girl #2: They're sooo good.

Deputy Jones: Oh no you didn't.

(Time goes by)

(Deputy Jones and Garcia are laughing)

Hippie Girl #2: Take a big one. Hehe! You ate the whole thing at once.

(Time goes by)

(Deputy Jones and Garcia are laughing)

Deputy Jones: Mmmmmm. Hahahaha.

Hippie Girl #2: You always say that, right? We give brownies out to everybody, right?

(Time goes by)

(Deputy Jones and Garcia are laughing)

(Time goes by)

(Everybody is laughing)

Deputy Garcia: These are good!

--End of Scene--

Deputy Jones: (talking to Hippie Girl #2) Anyway, I am looking at to break the celebacy for me.

Hippie Girl: (helping Deputy Garcia in his wheelchair) Careful. (touches legs) I should send them some whitelight. Bring in the whitelight into the energy field.

Hippie Girl #2: ... I was only doing it to protest the war and stuff. But, maybe, I mean, it's just.

Deputy Jones: (now standing up) Now?

Hippie Girl #2: Yeah, so I think the troops are moving out anyway.

Deputy Jones: Chu mind, um. Sorry excuse me.

(Hippy Girl moves to talk to Hippie Girl #2)

Hippie Girl #2: No, that's okay. We'll just be here.

Deputy Jones: Real quick. Yeah, peace.

Hippie Girl #2: Take your time.

Deputy Jones: How you, dude?

Deputy Garcia. Ohh. Hahahaha. Whoa.

Deputy Jones: Yeah. What have we been doing all our life, man?

Deputy Garcia: Nothing, man.

Deputy Jones: Riskin' our necks for-- what?

Deputy Garcia: I haven't had a beautiful woman touch me in 15 years, man. I'm done. Let's call it.

Deputy Jones: This is it. Lets quit. You're the buddy. I'm guy.

Deputy Garcia: Alright, Guy.

Deputy Jones: Alright.

Deputy Garcia: Sh*t. F*ck.

(They look down the road and see people shaking hands)

Deputy Jones: That's him, man.

Deputy Garcia: Sh*t. Sh*t.

Deputy Jones: Hey, FREEZE!!

Deputy Garcia: FREEZE!!!!

Deputy Jones: Sherrifs department!

(They start shooting at the people down the street)

(After shooting, they begin running down street)

Deputy Garcia: Awwe sh*t.

Deputy Jones: What was I thinkin'?

Deputy Garcia: What the hell was I thinkin'? I love bein' a cop, man!


Selena Luna = Best. Castmember. Ever.
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Old 08/31/2004, 4:14 AM
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Wow, Kathryn is a great actress! So hot too.

What happened to Andrae?
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