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Old 04/20/2002, 9:57 AM
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ramadan is also a month long - it may be hard to get a month off for the holiday!!

i do all of those american things listed (although i don't have a minivan - i have an suv). does this make me MORE american than you or do we just have different tastes? don't you partake in any american activities, like voting? free speech? free assembly? freedom of religion (or freedom from religion?) the fact that you don't go to ball games or wave a flag and are still american as everyone else is what makes this nation great.

end of thread - really!
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Old 04/20/2002, 11:56 AM
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i actually dont know what being a certain nationality is or culture for that matter like i'm not your stereotypical aussie i dont constantly have barbeques or say"mate"after every sentence or watch rugby and drink lots of beer and sound like crocodile dundee?so i dont know

"Omnibowl, i dont like it, its true, i dont like anything about it, i tell you why........because i love it" Christopher Walken from Spishak omnibowl ad
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