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Default Michael McDonald (Seinfeld: "The Understudy")


Rochelle, Rochelle Softball Player #2: Michael McDonald
Bette Midler: Herself
George Costanza: Jason Alexander
Jerry Seinfeld: Himself
Cosmo Kramer: Michael Richards
Rochelle, Rochelle Softball Player #1: Craig Thomas
Woman (Never Seen): Unknown
Umpire: Unknown
Man at Softball Game (Never Seen): Larry David


(When something is in brackets and italicized, that means that it is a descriptive moment).

When a [...] appears, that means that the scene is skipping to another scene that either effects Michael's character, or has Michael's character in it.

When a musical note is seen, that means that the line is being said while singing. It will end when another musical note follows, like so.


Michael McDonald plays Jesse in the season 6 finale Seinfeld episode "The Understudy". Bette Midler is performing as Rochelle in the musical version of Rochelle, Rochelle. In this episode, the improv team, with Jerry and George are playing the people from Rochelle, Rochelle in a softball game. After George injures Bette in the game, Jerry and George become pariahs to the city, as it is thought to be a "planned" attack so that Bette's understudy, who is also Jerry's girlfriend can get her big break.


To save time, only parts that effect Michael's character will be transcribed.

This is not the same character Michael played in the episode "The Wig Master", which aired the next season.

People with non speaking roles will not be included in the cast list.



(After insulting Bette all day, George is now up at the plate with Player #2 pitching. Kramer has run off to get Bette an Italian ice.)

Bette Midler: Move in! Move in everybody (goes around George)! Get your shrimp here! Big mouth shrimp, on special today!

Jerry Seinfeld: Come George, we just need 1 run (Rochelle, Rochelle Player #2 pitches. George swings and hits it far and hard. Rochelle, Rochelle Player #2 watches it go over his head as George starts to run)! Come on George!

(Bette throws away her catcher’s mask stage right. Cosmo is running down the right field foul fence with the pineapple Italian ice in hand).

Cosmo Kramer: I got the pineapple! I got the pineapple!

(George rounds 2nd).

Jerry Seinfeld: Keep going! All the way!

(George is heading for home, where Bette is waiting to stop him).

Woman: Come on!

(Ball is thrown by the outfielder towards home plate).

Jerry Seinfeld: Go! Run George run like the wind!

George Costanza: Ahh!

(Bette catches the ball. George collides into her with velocity, and knocks the ball out of her hand, and Bette into the fence).

Umpire: Safe!

(The improv team cheers).

Cosmo Kramer: Ahh!

George Costanza: Yes!

Man at Softball Game: Oh my God! Oh my God Beth's hurt!

Rochelle, Rochelle Softball Player #1: The understudy’s boyfriend must have put him up to it.

Rochelle, Rochelle Softball Player #2 (Off-Screen): And that's his friend (on-screen). You’re going to pay for this.

George Costanza: Come on, fellas, fellas, it was a clean play. Come on it's just a game fellas. It's (players start to chase George and Jerry) it's just a game!

(players chase George. Cosmo goes to hold Bette who is crying in agony).

Cosmo Kramer: No, no don't worry, don't worry. Now Kramer's here. Kramer's going to take care of everything. Ya see, I got ya pineapple. You know I saw beaches last night for the 4th time. You are the wind beneath my wings.

(Scene shifts to Jerry and George running away from the Rochelle Rochelle softball team with Rochelle Rochelle Player #2 leading the pack).


(In the end, Bette can't perform, and Jerry, his girlfriend, and George are criticized for supposedly planning it so Jerry's girlfriend could get her shot at fame. Transcript ends).


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