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Old 10/12/2003, 3:21 PM
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Post MADtv's Executive Producer Disses SNL and Sticks Up for MADtv at TV Guide.com!!!!

Hey guys! I found this interesting article about the age-old MADtv vs. SNL debate over at TV Guide.com. In this article, MADtv executive producer Dick Blasucci gives his take on why MADtv is way better than SNL. The author of the article throws in his two cents as well.

Check out this article:


Mad TV
(11 pm/ET, FOX)

With only an occasional big-name guest star, musical acts that are more up-and-coming than been-there-done-that and no cast members starring in box-office bombs, you may be surprised to hear that Mad TV starts its ninth season tonight. That's a heck of a run for any show, let alone one based on sketch-comedy. Considering the tepid performance — in ratings and on screen — of last season's Cedric the Entertainer Presents (which returns this fall only to burn off six un-aired episodes), you have to go back to Fox's In Living Color to find a successful and satisfying prime-time sketch show.

Saturday, of course, provides two late-night network choices. For my money — and, more realistically, my time — only one is satisfying. The two things I like most about Mad TV are its avoidance of beating a joke into the ground and its lack of reliance on potty humor, which seems to have become an SNL staple. "We try to be edgy without bad taste," says executive producer Dick Blasucci, who emphasizes the show's character-based comedy.

Much of the cast and writing staff are alumni of Second City and the Groundlings (the famed improv troupes of Chicago and L.A., respectively). "Their training has all been character comedy," says Blasucci, himself once a writer for the vaunted SCTV. "I think we try to build beginnings, middles and ends to all of our scenes. Obviously when you're doing a (commercial) parody, you're just going for the joke, basically get in and get out. But in the recurring character pieces, we really try to build scenes, little stories behind them as much as we can. And I think it helps with these people, cast and writers, who have had their training in improvisational comedy. They have a sense for development of scenes and story and character and character arc."

Despite the perceived cachet of its rival, Mad TV continues to thrive. "This is one of those odd shows where each year, you find more audience you didn't know was there. The audience is growing more now than it ever has. Most of it is word of mouth," says Blasucci. "We don't get a lot of publicity on-air. We don't have to rely on a guest host, someone to drive the show. Obviously that works for SNL really well, because they get to publicize that event of somebody coming on the show who's really hot and all of that. But I think in terms of the comedy we do, the cast are the stars."

In tonight's season opener, Michael McDonald brings back his sleazy movie-producer character Marvin Tikvah, who goes clubbing. In addition, the versatile Stephnie Weir (yes, no "a" in Stephnie) appears as ditzy child-woman Dot, who sings the praises of ringworms. The cast also tackles the California gubernatorial recall with Connie Chung (Bobby Lee) moderating a debate among Gray Davis (Michael McDonald), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Ike Barinholtz), Larry Flynt (Frank Caliendo) and Gary Coleman (Aries Spears). And, actress-singer Mya performs "My Love Is Like... Wo!"

If you watch all of Mad TV, you miss the first third of SNL. So what do you miss? A lame lead-up to "Live from New York..."; lengthy opening credits; a movie-plugging star who more often than not has precious little — or funny — to say in a stilted monologue (the great Christopher Walken notwithstanding); a commercial parody; and one or two jokes stretched into five- — or seven- (!) — minute sketches far beyond their capacity.

Better you should get Mad. — Steve Robinson

Even though this particular read is a few weeks old, what do you guys think of the above article? What are your thoughts?

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Old 10/12/2003, 5:42 PM
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All of that is SO true, they took the words right out of my mouth. I agree with everything it said. Awesome article, Jericho!

Matt (the OTHER one)

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Old 10/12/2003, 11:07 PM
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Real great article...keep 'em comin' guys!!! i agree with mostly everything except that "MADtv does not rely on potty humour". I think that it does more and more now; certainly more than it used to.

I'm actually a really nice girl in real life.
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Old 10/12/2003, 11:08 PM
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OMG! That article rox!! He said everything we said!! Man! Now i'm startin to think the producers and stuff really do go on these boards.

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Old 10/12/2003, 11:23 PM
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That is an awesome article...I agree with it...SNL is just stale now. MADtv is #1! I hope MADtv is recognized more like that! SPREAD THE WORD!
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Old 10/13/2003, 12:08 AM
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The only thing I watch SNL for is the fake commercials (they're good at those) and TV Funhouse.

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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Old 10/13/2003, 5:21 AM
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Cool article. Moderators, this should be front page news!

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Old 10/13/2003, 11:01 AM
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I'd like to hear Chevy Chase defend SNL after that.

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Old 10/13/2003, 7:53 PM
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Originally posted by Bryansgirl
I'd like to hear Chevy Chase defend SNL after that.
Exactly!!! Chevy Chase iss ugghh!!! "MAD"Show MY ASS!!!!!



I Swear To God I'm Not Insane!

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Old 10/14/2003, 4:45 PM
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Default chevy chase is well stupid

the only remotly funny person who was on SNL was adam sandler..and his movies a re pretty bad now too. that article speaks the truth.


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