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Old 05/30/2002, 1:31 AM
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Default Season 3 was perfect

This was the best season. Lisa, Chris, and Craig all made this season absolutely perfect.
This was when MadTV was still similar to "Kids in the Hall"(counterculture comedy). No big guests, no Mo, no Michael. Just a perfect show.

Anyone remember Corky and the Juice Pigs? Their much much better than Tenacious D.
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Old 05/30/2002, 11:19 AM
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I agree with you, Season 3 was cool, it would have been perfect had they kept Orlando Jones. He was hilarious. It was also the debut season for SWAN! I wonder if they ever was a sketch when Vancome meets Swan, hehe.. that would have been hilarious.

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Old 05/30/2002, 11:34 AM
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season 3 was pretty good like it was in between the old cast and the newer one but season 4 still remains my favourite

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Old 05/30/2002, 7:16 PM
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I don't have a favourite season, it's too hard to choose. C'mon, they're all heaps funny.


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Old 05/30/2002, 7:50 PM
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yeah i don't have favorites either

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Old 05/30/2002, 8:49 PM
AeoceanGlyvxx AeoceanGlyvxx is offline
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I liked Season 4 and 5....Season 4 Halloween special was the best.

But season 3 was the best in my opinions in terms of writing, despite Lisa, Craig, and Mary only being there for half a season. I also felt season 3 was still "MAD", compared to season 7 which was just a competition between NBC and FOX's comedy departments.

Plus, season 3 had a very "comedy central" feel notably guests like Craig Anton, and Tom Conlon further contributed to the feeling that this was still a cult show.

Even the way that the women looked were very comedy central. Nicole looked like a teenager, Lisa was an acquired beauty that you had to get used to, Mary was the babe(similar to what MO is now...what a suprise), and finally Alex Borstein who may have been one of the most beautiful women on MadTV.

Male cast members also were better. Chris Hogan was the first Michael McDonald, Will Sasso had filled a void that Artie could never fill, Pat Kilbane was dominate, Aires feeled a void that was much needed, and finally Phil LaMarr. Phil's performances were the best in Season 3.
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