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Default Episode S01E01 (Aired 2010-09-06)

It's the epic struggle for the mineral of stupidnamium on Pandora. Private Jake Smelly must take the form of the native Na'vi in order to intercept and help destroy them for the good of Earth. After being saved from Blue of "Blues Clue" by Neytiri, she brings him to the tribe and initiates him into the clan with ceremonial paint (which is really just banchee poo). After being there for 3 months he finally tells them that there are people trying to destroy their sacred tree just as it is destroyed, and Miles Quaritch comes by with his new "Bluetendo" destroying device to destroy the Na'vi, but Neytiri is able to trick him by saying she can't hear what Miles is saying, causing him to open the pod, giving her a direct kill. With the RDA Corporation destroyed, Jake is now considered a hero and is given the role as king of the Na'vi from the leader Papa Smurf.

One Small $#!t
A man has landed on the moon and his first action is stepping on the moon, and making a poo poo in his pants.

The Bieber Bowl
Get Bieber-fied with the new "Bieber Bowl". Just bop, bowl, and Bieber. But the bowl is not just limited to Bieber, you can get other famous bowl cuts as well like the Zach Efron bowl, and bowls featuring other Disney stars. If an adult look is wanted, the "Bardem Bowl" is available for adults for the same low price of $14.99.

A kid carves "MEL + SHEL "4" EVR" onto a tree. It is thought to be for the kids girlfriend, but it turns out that it's for the tree's girlfriend.

Transformers Rejects
Transformers are beloved by so many, but some were unable to make the cut. These include Auto-Pot a pot to robot, Motor-Tron a lawn mower to robot, Headgear the orthodontic transformer, and Click the remote transformer that can hide anywhere, that are all clearly less than meets the eye.

Don Martin: Rapitzal
Bastion Rider climbs Rapunzel's long flowing locks to her bed chambers only to find that it is actually her under arm hair.

From the beloved Disney classic Bambi, comes Zombi, the story of Bambi's mother returning from the grave to get her revenge on the hunter who killed her. Zombi, part of the Fawn of the Dead series is coming to Disney DVD but hurry, as like all Disney classics, it will be back in the Disney vault soon.

Celebrity Birthdays
Mort Jenkins, jellyfish extra #56 on "Spongbob Squarepants", Evelyn Crawford known for being the legs of the owner of Tom and Jerry on the "Tom and Jerry Show", and Earnie Zacks the stunt double for the Sprouse brothers on "The Suite Life on Deck".

While playing "Ponzi-Poly" a mom lands on the "go to jail" and is actually taken away by authorities.

Where's Lady Gaga
Everybody's always looking for Waldo, but let's face it, Waldo is always wearing the same shirt each time, but searching for Lady Gaga, that is a search that you may never be able to win. This round is set at a high school pep rally, so where's Lady Gaga? Is she under the bleachers? No. Is she behind a poster? No. Is she on the floor? No. She's the vending machine! No, not behind or next to the machine, she's the actual machine.

Dr. Carver
In a pumpkin society, who would be the best plastic surgeon in the country? Simple, the greatest pumpkin carver ever that who.

Spy Vs. Spy: Bomb Top
Black Spy is about to drop a bomb on White Spies tank, but White Spy sneaks up behind Black Spy and puts a fake top on it so that when he tries to drop it he only drops the top.

Super Villain for you: Health
A sleazy Super Villain called Health tells some kids that they gave each other yawn by making them make each other yawn. He states that for $5 he can make it go away with his yellow power ring. The kids buy into it only to have him destroy them with it.

Horatio Caine of the Miami Crime Scene Investigation unit comes to research the death of an old man at TGIX only to have the kids from "iCarly" come along to help him solve the crime against Horatio's liking in what has to be the most unneeded crossover ever made "CSICarly". Despite the kids ineptitude and wackiness they still manage to figure out that the man died from a case of 95 before Horatio and his crew, which proves that the kids may not be as unnecessary as first thought.

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