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Old 09/27/2010, 6:48 PM
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Default Todd Yasui: The Real Enemy? The Real Reason Why We Are MADless Today?

For a while we have all wondered who was responsible for the deterioration and death of MADtv. Kevin Reilly, the Fox executives, but it may very well be that it is someone new. Someone we never knew about, and someone who seems most likely to have caused these problems. That person may be a man by the name of Todd Yasui.

Who is Todd Yasui you ask? Todd Yasui just so happens to be (been) the head of the late night division of Fox. A position I didn't even know existed, and I'm pretty sure you all didn't either. Today, Fox announced that Todd Has stepped down to produce the new Fox Jamie Foxx Sketch Show. According to the article, he was head of this position for the last 5 years. That means he began at right about 2005. MADtv's 11th season. If you look at that, this is about the same time that the show began to fall apart. Could this mean that the reason MAD's budget got cut, The reason Spike got his show, the reason why MAD was ultimately canceled was due to this douche bag?

It seems very likely to me. I mean, he came in in 2005. This is around the same time the show stopped getting promoted outside of his time slot, it's just after the 2 year extension on the shows contract would have been signed (if he signed after about April of 2005), and it's right where the shows quality began to go down due to mistakes like the Music Box. Now, all of you are probably expecting me to say that this is just another article about me touting that this might bring the return of MADtv, and it's not... Until now. I believe that MAD now does have a stronger chance to come back. Think about it, this guy made a lot of mistakes that started with the reducing of MAD's budget, and ended with the bringing on of the Wanda Sykes Show, him not bagging Conan, and his ultimate destruction of the time slot to where Fox didn't even have late night anymore. Anyone else who comes in might want to reverse some of those decisions, and since MAD, wasn't exactly unsuccessful in the time slot until Todd came in, it might mean a good chance that the show can come back. Fox should notice how much of a mistake it was to cancel MAD, seeing how it was fairly decent in the time slot, and that with a little promotion and a little bit of faith, the show can become big, and teach SNL that they are not alone in the sketch comedy game, and that if they want to start getting more viewers they should start writing original stuff and not resorting to easy on the eye not jokes like Katy Perry's boobs (although I will say that this was the best thing the show has probably put through in a while. Looks like there's no more need for the bouncing ball during sing-a-longs anymore)!


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