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Old 11/14/2005, 9:35 PM
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Ratings aren't looking too good, at all. I imagine that the previous episodes this season were even lower. We should go out and try to get everyone to watch the newer episodes, because they do a really bad job at advertising and it would suck if the show got canelled because of the ratings.
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Old 11/15/2005, 2:03 PM
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anyone got the overnight ratings from last Saturday's episode?
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Old 11/15/2005, 3:28 PM
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Originally posted by cartman2002
anyone got the overnight ratings from last Saturday's episode?


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Old 12/01/2008, 9:25 AM
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The reason why i made this Post is because i wanted to talk about MADtv Ratings History.

Well it seems that Season 1-3 ratings were improving and as i was looking at FOX FLASH 'Archive' Releases back From 1999-Present they have allot of information about the ratings.

Here is one when it talks about MADtv Ratings.

After Season 4 Ratings Improved From Season 1-3

Currently in its fifth season, MAD TV is a consistent performer for the network, improving by +6% among Total Viewers year-to-year (5.4 vs. 5.1 million) and +4% among Adults 18-34 (2.8 vs. 2.7). MAD TV also has built upon its Adult 18-49 audience since its premiere increasing +13% over its 1996-1997 season.

It states that MADtv Ratings went up 13% since Season 2, which is huge.

Then i read MADtv is Renewed for 2 seasons


Currently in its sixth season, MAD TV is a consistent
performer for the network. Season to date, MAD TV is showing significant
gains in key demographics compared to the same weeks last year, including
+6% among Total Viewers (5.7 vs. 5.4 million) and +4% among Adults 18-49
(2.7/9 vs 2.6/9). Currently, MAD TV is the No. 1 late night program among

As i See MADtv ratings are Improving everyone Season, and guess what DO YOU THINK MADtv was getting HIGH PROMOTION? NO! i do not think so..

But this is what our Favorite Network FOX has to say...

"Over the past six seasons, MAD TV has consistently
performed well for us in the competitive late night market," said Berman.
"We are thrilled with its success and look forward to the show pushing
the creative envelope in the upcoming years." (BULLSHIT!!)

Moving Along, after Season 7-8 are in stored

Season 7 Ratings Stay Strong even though Will Sasso Quits as he stated on a Talk Show, and Alex Continued as a FOX employee on Family Guy. ANOTHER funny thing is when People criticize the show for slumping and the Writing which was some what true but then some fans stated that since Nicole Sullivan left the show went down the drain, even though Ratings stayed solid and the same, hmmm...its just STRANGE.

Anyways, MADtv still has another Season in store due to the 2 season picked up.

Season 9 gets Picked Up and some sites state that MADtv averages 4.5 Million Viewers, placing them still the #1 Teen Show on Saturdays, Ratings are still Improving.

Season 10 Ratings Stay Solid From Season 9.

For the past nine seasons and over 200 televised episodes, MADtv has proven to be an audience favorite on Saturday nights. Season-to-date, MADtv is the No. 1 regularly scheduled late-night program among Teens, and the No. 2 regularly scheduled late-night program among Adults 18-34.

So as i see 9 years on TV and is still a hit.

Now i am going to say that After Season 10, Ratings did slipped making this one of the first times from the FOX FLASH source that the show went down in Percentage (%) but the ratings stayed solid placing still the #1 show in 18-49.

Although i do not have as much source for Season 12, i recently Checked Planet MADtv Archvie and i found the Ratings and it looks like too me Season 12 ratings stayed the same as 11.

Season 13 is in and there is no releases of ratings at all..

Finally Season 14 averages 2.6 Million Viewers which is down 6% from Season 13, so it tells me Season 13 was averaging around those ratings.

Maybe February Sweeps Messed up MADtv ratings with (1309-1310-1311)


I am happy for MADtv because they built a audience, they Increased in Ratings for 9 Seasons which means they built a audience for 9 seasons, then 10-14 they had a audience and that is something i am proud of because a show that does not get as much promotion or Celebrity guest or A list musical guest Like SNL does is really good.

I WANNA SEE SNL GO a season without a STAR, they should try it and rely on Comedy!
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