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View Poll Results: What was your favorite sketch of #1215?
Open: Oscar Fashion 0 0%
"Gimme Dat Oscar" 0 0%
Nice White Lady 3 25.00%
Larry Oscar Madness #1 0 0%
Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special #1-3 1 8.33%
The Lillian Verner Game Show: Oscar Edition 0 0%
Ike & Bobby: Oscar Mania! 0 0%
Disney Girl: Adult Film Audition 8 66.67%
Red Snow *Claymation* 0 0%
Fart Camp 0 0%
Larry Oscar Madness #2 0 0%
Voters: 12. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 03/09/2007, 6:59 PM
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Hi all...I'm new here...i've watched MADTV since the very beginning. Anyway here is my take on this episode.

Opening - A very funny opening...Arden is a good cast member and even though I dont care for Keegan he was good here.

Gimme Dat Oscar - I like Jordan but when he does things like this it makes me lose some respect for him, this wasn't good at all, very bland.

The Nice White Lady - Great satire, I really liked this.

Celebrity Obsessed - A good character, much better then some of Michael's others, I can not stand Stuart, Rusty, or Sean!!!!!!

Oprah #1 - Nicole's Oprah is actually solid, as well as the other Nicole's Jessica Simpson, this was funny.

Oprah #2 - Immature, got old fast, not funny, plus Ike's Mark is horrible!!! What has he contributed to the show again??? I will admit I like his Dane Cook but that's about it.

Lillian Verner - These sketches are stupid, silly humor, but I like them. I really enjoyed this one since I love the Renee and Morgan Freeman impressions.

Oscar Film - Very funny, I loved Lisa, I always loved LisaNova and she is doing a really good job on MAD.

Disney Girl - I liked this a lot, as well, this character is crazy.

Red Snow - Animated guts just don't appeal to me, sorry.

Oprah #3 - Seemed weird being so far away from the other 2. But Arden and Frank's impressions were both solid and they seemed to work well together, so it was worth the wait.

MADtv Encore: Fart Camp - Let's just say this wasn't one of MADtv's brighter moments in Season 11, so it seemed pointless to show it again.

Close - I'd rather see a cast closing.

Overall I did like this episode for the most part, most of the sketches were above par. I think MADtv is having a good year.

I give this episode a B+ overall.
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Old 03/09/2007, 7:08 PM
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Welcome to the forum Moelle...and everyone else who made their first posts here too.

On another note...egads! I STILL haven't reviewed this episode...but I don't feel like going into detail, so I'll just summarize. Overall, this episode wasn't the greatest ever, but it was hardly bad. It had its moments (Lillian Verner and DISNEY GIRL, f' yeah!!!) but there was a lot of stuff that didn't go over too well with me (such as 'Gimme Dat Oscar' and the Oprah bits, but the latter is to be expected, because NOBODY, repeat NOBODY can even come close to replicating Debra Wilson's Oprah the way she did.) But, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the highlight of the episode, apart from Disney Girl, was Bobby parodying the character from Pan's Labyrinth in "Ike and Bobby's Oscar Film".

6.25/10 <-- I copped out, arright?

I've gone minimalist now
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Old 03/12/2007, 3:42 PM
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i don't care to do a review cause i'm lazy and stuff but my highlights were

*arden in her undawears
*nice white lady
*bobby as rinko

My not favourite parts
*NRJ as Oprah...it'll never compare to debras
*seeing simian in a mankini
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Old 02/07/2008, 2:30 PM
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Two Words:

Disney. Girl.

I was her FIRST hardcore fan. Look back at the episode thread for #912. I started the hype, ya'll.

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 02/07/2008, 3:17 PM
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Old 02/07/2008, 3:56 PM
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Not a very good episode aside from a stellar performance by Nicole Parker.
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Old 02/07/2008, 6:14 PM
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I thought this episode was great actually. Lots of good sketches.

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Old 02/08/2008, 5:10 AM
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I went with Disney Girl, but only by default. This was easily the worst Disney Girl sketch to date.

Originally Posted by wonder8484 View Post
Not a very good episode aside from a stellar performance by Nicole Parker.
For perhaps the first and last time, I'm going to agree with you here. There's nothing in this episode I'd ever care to watch again.

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Old 02/08/2008, 5:16 AM
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Agreed with the above sentiments, even Lillian Verner, which was hilarious in seasons 9, 10 and 11, had the life sucked out of it in this sketch.

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 02/08/2008, 11:51 AM
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In the beautiful home that is S12, this ep is one of the few stench-filled commodes. However, for the sake of voting, I'll throw some love on the "Nice White Lady" (ohhhhh, yeaaaaaaah ) which stands out as yet another strong sketch for Nicole P. in a season full of them.

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Old 03/24/2008, 10:56 PM
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I was reading this episode forum again, don't know why, but this was a very good episode. I loved the Bobby and Ike movie, Lisa was amazing in it. And Disney Girl was great! And people seemed to think Lisa was a great addition to the cast....

I love Nicole Sullivan, Alex Borestien, Mo Collins, Debra Wilson, Nicole Parker, Danielle Gaither, Paul Vogt, and Mary Scheer.

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Old 01/31/2009, 12:21 AM
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My review for the Oscar episode. A very good choice of theme.

Open: Oscar Fashion: I am not ashamed to admit it. Arden is really hot, and was really hot in this sketch, which made it good. The highlight was of course, Arden's rockin hot bod!

"Gimme Dat Oscar": People say this sketch was great because it told the future by singing about Forest Whitaker wanting the Oscar, but honestly I think they were just pandering to a favourite here. As for the sketch, it was ok, but a one off if there ever was one. The highlight was Keegan's Snoop Dogg, which is always great.

Nice White Lady: I don't get how this was even considered funny? It's not like it was a sketch that was funny and I didn't laugh at all. It's a sketch that didn't seem to have any jokes at all. The lone highlight was the fact that Michael was the principle and was drinking a flask at school.

Larry Oscar Madness #1: Loved it! Larry is hilarious and so good! The highlight was when he compaired Crista's character to a slightly more dumpy Patricia Heaton because I was totally thinking that before Larry said it!

Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special #1: Great to see Nicole playing a Simpson again. She is securing the fact that she will never be invited to the Simpson house. The highlight was when she was talking about her favourite film of Clint Eastwood's was Every which Way but Loose because that is a family joke in my house when we refure to Clint Eastwood.

Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special #2: Kind of one joke overplayed. The highlight was of cource the flash.

The Lillian Verner Game Show: Oscar Edition: An average Lillian Verner sketch. The highlight was Nicole's Renee Zellweger and her pronunciation of peanut butter.

Ike & Bobby: Oscar Mania!: I didn't like it. I thought it was lame, and too long. I will give it credit though, out of every short film nominated for the next Oscars, this would have been the best. The highlight was Lisa's unwillingness to kiss Bobby, but pining to kiss Ike.

Disney Girl: Adult Film Audition: So glad to see Disney Girl again. Disney Girl should be used a lot more often. The highlight was again, Nicole's great acting.

Red Snow *Claymation*: I'm not a fan of celebrity pets, but this was much better. Funny, and out of the circular relm. The highlight was the penguin dying who was a dancer, and was dying because his feet were blown off. I love it because that kind of ironic storyline is heard all over, so I was just waiting for it to be mocked.

Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special #3: Ok. Frank's Sylvester was great. The highlight was Sylvester's naming of all of his movies in which the title character is also the title of the movies.

Larry Oscar Madness #2: Not really needed. and it wasn't even that funny. I would have actually prefured a cast closing than this. No real highlight here.

Out of 60 stars this episode got 36, which gives it a C--C rating. It could have been a good episode, but some really bad sketches ruined it.


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