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View Poll Results: What was your favorite sketch of #1201?
Survivor: Cook Islands #1-4 2 12.50%
High School Musical #1-2 4 25.00%
Coach Hines: Steroids 9 56.25%
Weekly News with Toby: Mel Gibson [Animation] 1 6.25%
Celebrity Obsessed: Movie Theatre 0 0%
Music Video: Kim Jong Il "Crazy" 0 0%
My Super Sweet 30th #1 0 0%
HNL with The Rock & Xzibit 0 0%
Kevin Federline's Rap Debut 0 0%
My Super Sweet 30th #2 0 0%
Voters: 16. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02/18/2008, 3:30 PM
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Hearing the words man gravy from Coach Hines is reason enough for me to vote for "Steroids." Also, the overall sketch is something of a return to form for the character, for whom the well of ideas seemed to be running somewhat low at the time. Jeez, me and my wells!

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Old 02/18/2008, 6:12 PM
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Even though this was a solid premiere, I don't think anything really stood out as excellent - still, i'll vote for Coach Hines, just cause...well, it was hilarious.

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Old 02/21/2008, 6:31 AM
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So long as the guest is into it and he's not popping up every other episode, I actually like Eugene (*ducks oncoming tomatoes* ), and #1201 featured far and away the funniest HNL to date. Nonetheless, I think I'll follow the trend here and go with Coach Hines. As I recall, this was one of his very best moments as well, and that's saying something!

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Old 02/24/2009, 12:21 PM
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Default Review


I will give MADtv 5 extra stars for the great new credits and design of the show.

Survivor: Cook Islands #1: This was ok, but I wish this wasn't the first sketch. This is really the first season where MADtv hasn't mentioned that it's there season opening in anyway since season 8.

High School Musical #1: This one was one of the best sketches ever! The song was great, and a great parody of something MADtv would regret not parodying. The highlight was everyone singing. From the beginning of the song to the end, it was pure comic gold! A rare 5 star sketch.

Survivor: Cook Islands #2: Good.

Coach Hines: Steroids: Out of all the Coach Hines sketches ever, this one is my favourite of all time! Coach Hines was on super form in this one, from his interactions with Yaminashi to his "testing" of Hackenjoes urine Keegan did some of his best acting. The highlight was Keegan, because who the Hell else could it be?! Another rare 5 starer.

Weekly News with Toby: Mel Gibson [Animation]: This really sucked. I hope they don't continue these.

Survivor: Cook Islands #3: The best of the 4. The highlight was Jordan who at the sight of the chicken was able to finish the challenge in seconds.

Celebrity Obsessed: Movie Theatre: This was a good one! Larry is such a great character! It's great to see that Michael can still play characters like this. We all wonder, can he pull it off, well yes he does, and he doesn't even have to fix his nose! We should bow to him, we should certsy. The highlight was the close ups to Larry's face whenever anyone insluted something like You, me and Dupree, or Kate Hudson. Another great sketch.

Kim Jong Il "Crazy": This one was a bit of a low point in the episode. It felt like filler.

My Super Sweet 30 #1: Another good sketch! The highlight was definately Bobby's parents. If that really was them, I can see why Bobby is so funny! My favourite line was when Bobby's dad got the price of the party and said no way dumb s*it f**k. This and when he asked Ike if he wanted his ass kicked.

Survivor: Cook Islands #4: I think this should have just been limited to the 3. There was really no need for the 4th one.

HNL Gridiron Gang: I, like many am not that huge of a fan of HNL, but this one was the best HNL to date! Everyone was bouncing off each other on this one so well. The highlight was Eugene doing his Ho Nuba Lebol face with his eyes rolled into the back of his head. That takes some talent.

High School Musical #2: This was just unneeded. It didn't go with the rythem of the sketch. It kind of soiled the sketch a little.

Kevin Federline Performs: Good job by Ike. It was ok, but not one of the shining sketches of the night. The highlight was when Arden said that he was one of the great musical acts of out time. Who's time?

My Super Sweet 30 #2: Not too bad. The highlight was Jordan hitting on Bobby's mom. What did he think was going to happen there?!

out of 70 stars, this episode got a 46 1/2. That is a B rating but honestly, I really loved this episode. Though the bad eggs kind of ruined it, the sketches that hit, hit hard. This is one of my favourite episode ever. Way to start the season off MADtv.


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