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Old 11/05/2007, 11:49 AM
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Default Music Video: Sad Fitty Cent (#1305)

Sad Fitty Cent

Jordan Peele - 50 Cent
Keegan-Michael Key - Chris
Arden Myrin - Gospel Singer
Johnny Sanchez - Gospel Singer


[50 Cent picks up the phone]

50 Cent: Yo, what up, Chris, what's the good news, man?

Chris: Fitty, baby, man...

50 Cent: How's my album doin', man?

Chris: It's great, man, it's just great, great! It's #2 in many markets....

50 Cent: #2?!? #2??! It's Kayne, isn't it? He #1! That mothaf***a's beatin' me!

Chris: Look, look, Curtis, man, you can't be...

50 Cent: No! That'll be it, Chris. You're dismissed. You're f***ing dismissed.

[50 Cent throws the phone in the water]

50 Cent: [walking along the pool] They say "Fitty you got a record deal, the stock is through the roof." Why do I feel so empty inside? They say it's lonely at the top. I guess I be proof that even giant gangstas sometimes needs to cry. Because i'm sad fitty cent, sad fitty cent. I made four hundred million in a single day, why can't I afford my inside rent? Sad fitty cent, pretendin' like I'm mad fitty cent. My name means half a dollar and this buck's already spent.

Hit it!

[walking along his prostitute garden]

50 Cent: I walk along my prostitute garden, ride my carousel. Nothin' seems to make me smile today. Yeah, know what i'm sayin?

50 Cent: Feelin' this empty, it hurts like hell. Worse then the time when that the guy shot me nine times for my money and ran away. That made me, sad fitty cent. Sad fitty cent. I've made so many muscles that sometimes I wonder where the one on the inside went. How do you do it, Kayne?

[50 Cent is now standing under an umbrella with rain pouring on him by the pool]

50 Cent: Somebody tell me how. A little guy who's neck I could snap could make me feel the way I feel right now. I curse, you Kayne!

[50 Cent throws darts at a picture of Kayne]

50 Cent: Somebody tell me why a guy with half the riches and half the bitches could put together rhymes and be so fly?

[Gospel singers then clap and sing behind 50 Cent]

50 Cent and the Gospel Singers: Sad 50 cent! Sad 50 Cent! I don't wanna be sad 50 Cent no more! That guy with a tear in his eye is fitty, just fitty. Hannah Montana beat me, I wanna DIE!

50 Cent: Oh, I don't wanna be sad fitty no mo'...

[50 Cent puts his flower in the pool as the music video ends]


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Old 09/27/2008, 10:53 AM
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how i can download this song?
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