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Old 04/25/2007, 10:40 PM
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Default Office Comedian

  • Arden Myrin ... Susan Hale (3 appearances)

    Crista Flanagan ... Karen (3 appearances)

    Bobby Lee ... Susan's Husband (2 Appearances)


    Arden and Crista play Susan and Karen, respectively. Susan cracks jokes, and Karen laughs hysterically at them. Although they find their jokes to be hilarious, others around them do not. In frustration, Susan throws a fit and usually curses and breaks things around her.


    1211 Office Comedian: Coffee Twins
    Susan and Karen realize that they both brought the same coffee cup to work.

    1219 Office Comedian: More Laughter [Without Susan's Husband] (Jordan- David, Keegan- Jason)
    David wants to see the Nebraska Report, and Susan lets him “see it,” literally.

    1408 Coffee Twins: Joke Steal #1-2 (Keegan-Darryl, Johnny- Roger, Eric- Co-Worker)
    Karen asks what time it is and Susan says that it's time to go home at 11:34AM, but when Karen tells the joke Susan now has to run around the office to make sure people know that it was her joke.

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Old 04/26/2007, 3:12 PM
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They appeared in 2 sketches yet they somehow appeared 4 times?

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Old 04/26/2007, 11:10 PM
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I just took the character profile for the Crafty Gals and changed everything around, haha. Thanks for pointing it out, Rurry.
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