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Old 03/19/2009, 4:18 AM
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Default Johnny Sanchez (Season 13 Fox MADtv Interview)


Johnny Sanchez: Himself



(When something is in brackets and italicized, that means that it is a descriptive moment).



Johnny Sanchez interview for Fox.


(Johnny on the 2nd floor of the Henry Fonda Music Box).

Johnny Sanchez: Well, I mean come on. It's it's it could be kind of obvious I think. I'm, I'm definitely going to bring the La-, La-, Latino flavour for it you know being that I'm Mexican-American, um, that's something that really hasn't been tapped into on this show at all. So I think that that could be something kind of different. And you know I get to do the spoofs on uh, um, you know Carlos Mencia, and Paul Regas, and George Lopez, you know guys like that so that'll be kind of fun, because they've been. There comics who make fun of other people for years so it might be nice for me to hit them a little bit (cut). It's television and it's theatre. It's gonna be television and theatre combined in a weird, in a weird way which is awesome. Uh, these type of formats here with this theatre with the uh, you know, with uh, the studio audience being up here, and on the bottom. That's uh, what I normally perform on with theatre, so that, it's, it's exciting man, I think it's great, I mean I've done other shows where you're on the set, and, and it's great too, to have a set location and all this stuff, but there's something different about this. So I think this is going to be really unique for everybody.



Rise from the Dead!

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