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Default Episode S01E04 (Aired 2010-09-27)

Star Blecch
With the USS Kalvin destroyed because George Jerk did not want to be the father of his Alfred E. Neuman baby, his son James Jerk is brought on to be the new captain of a new star ship the USS Enterprise. Unfortunately, the ship has now been found by Captain Nero who is set to destroy Slock’s home planet. Slock is able to save his father, but not his mother who is blown up along with the planet when she has to go to the bathroom due to the Romulan food she ate. They have to destroy Nero but since they stole most of this movie from Star Wars anyway, they might as well just steal the ending too, and just have Luke Skywalker in his X-Wing destroy Nero's ship.

MAD Writing Credit
A mouse wonders why his wife didn't pick up any cheese from the store. When she said she didn't write it down, he wonders why it is needed to still be written on a list. Credits then roll showing the long list of writers who helped write this joke.

Amberzombie & Stitch
There's a night were the undead come out for great fashion, its back to school time at Amberzombie & Stitch. With great sweaters to cover up those exposed organs, and great scarves to cover up those scars, it doesn't take brains to figure out that it's the best place to shop.

Bobbing for...
Kids bob for apples, but it proves to be a dangerous game, as one kid is pulled in by a claw into the bowl.

Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters
Speak and Swear, the swearing speller robot with an attitude, Mr. Couch Potato Head, a lazy version of Potato Head, the Never Stops Crying Baby who never... Stops... Crying, Biz the Friendly Fax who only omits a loud frequency, and Private Space, who doesn't like to be played with and just wants his "space".

Ninja Infestation
A man has got a tough infestation of ninja's in his apartment.

Gossip Hurl
Gossip Hurl your one and only source for nauseating news about Manhattan's hurling ill-ete. In this episode, Vandergag returned to town causing Feverpups to hurl in the punch bowl, causing everyone else to hurl because as it is well known, gossip hurl travels fast.

Dead Tink
Tinkerbell has died, and not even the power of clapping will bring it back to life.

Beauty Tips with Megan Fox
One of the most beautiful women in the world (according to some) Megan Fox gives beauty tips on how to be as beautiful as she is, because if you think your beautiful, you’re not. These tips include using thick eyeliner, or better yet your laser finger, and inflate your lips with your wrist access panel. Just then, Megan starts to go nuts. Her systems starts to malfunction, and as the doctors try to fix it, she begins to turn on them until the feed cuts out.

MAD Writing Credit: Color ID
A red felt marker has just gotten color ID for his phone. Credits then roll to show how many MAD writers it took to come up with this joke.

Spy Vs. Spy: Sub Jack
Black Spy knocks out White Spy and steals his submarine. When he opens a hatch that says "Top Secret" the cabin starts to fill up with water, it turns out that that was a rouse by White Spy in case Black Spy broke in, and the submarine sinks with Black Spy in it, and White Spy floating on the water.

No It's Not
No it's not, the show that gives you ink blot tests that always end up just being snot on walls, because No, It's Snot!

Glee is a super hit show that people seem to love, but it's plot points like how this school can afford their costumes, and also how the show is just High School Musical, because everyone loves singing in high school. Oh, but what does it matter anyway. Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, they are all just copying Fame!
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