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Old 10/15/2009, 3:28 AM
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Default Zombieland

I went to see Zombieland on Monday, and I have to say that it is the funnest movie I have seen this year (I haven't seen The Hangover yet, but since I have such high expectations for it, I have a feeling it's probably not going to meet up to those expectations, as very few things can). The plot is great, as it doesn't fall into the pitfalls of the typical zombie movie, like being more horror than funny, and it doesn't mimic any of the Romero's zombie plot lines like having them all cooped up in a mall.

Synopsis: a mad cow type virus strikes through cow meat, and causes all the people to turn into zombies. Main character Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) (everyone is named after the city they are from/going in order to not get attached) is one of the few non zombies left because he always plays it safe, due to his set of rules he uses to survive the zombies (rules like Cardio, stay fit, because zombies are fit, and The Double Tap, in which one extra bullet, makes death 100% assured), and had no friends or close family. Along the way, he meet Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), a man who for all intensive purposes, has turned the killing of the zombies into sport. His lives goal is to find all the remaining Twinkees in the world before they expire (as contrary to popular belief, Twinkees do expire). Along the way, they meet Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin). Two con artist sisters who make there way through life conning people like Columbus out of hundreds of dollars. There goal is to make it to an amusement park called Pacific Playland in Los Angeles, which is rumoured to be completely zombie free. This group of complete opposites end up finding themselves on a road trip, and finding out that the family that they have all been looking for/needing, is with each other.

One of the Best Cameo of All Time: The highlight of the film has to be the cameo appearance, which has to be one of the best cameo appearances in movie history. When the group arrives in Los Angeles, they look for a place to stay. Tallahassee knows the best place to stay, the residents of what he considers the greatest actor ever Bill Murray (for anyone who doesn't remember, Woody and Bill were both in Kingpin, the greatest bowling movie ever!). They enter the house only to find that a zombie Bill Murray is there, but they find out that he's not really a zombie, and that he has just made himself up to look like a zombie so that he can walk amongst the zombies. After a worth the price of admission scene where Tallahassee and Bill do a parody of Ghostbusters while high, Bill decides he wants to pull a joke on Columbus and Little Rock, who are in Bill's movie screening room, and do not know of his presence. He walks in zombified, and Columbus, believing that Bill is a zombie, instinctively shoots him in the heart. As Bill is dying Wichita asks him if he has any regrets, to which Bill lets out Garfield before dying (which is one of the best lines in the movie).

Acting: Woody Harrelson is by far the best here, as this role was pretty much literally hand crafted for him, and there is no one better to play this role, but that doesn't put off the rest of the actors performances one bit. Jesse Eisenberg puts out a performance that will help raise his box office bankable status (it also helps his goal to be in every single movie with the title "land" at the end of it). Emma Stone puts in what will surely be her breakout performance. Abigail Breslin shows her versatility in this film, and shows that she can be a successful lead in mainstream movies, and putting in her best performance since Little Miss Sunshine.

Summary: All in all, Zombieland is a movie that will have you craving more when the movies done, and have you waiting for the sequel. Out of all the zombie movies released in recent memory, this has to be the best one. It's the best because it doesn't take itself too seriously, and instead of it being a guessing game of what's going to happen, who's going to die next, and how will we escape to zombiefreeland, it's a fun "how are they going to kill the zombies next" movie. Zombieland deserves to be classified as a great movie, and is to me the best movie I have seen in 2009 (bare in mind though that I have seen a below average amount of new movies this year, but that doesn't put a cap on how great a movie this is).


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Old 05/16/2010, 11:32 PM
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Saw this last night. I thought it was pretty funny. Emma Stone had better watch herself because she's getting typecast like mad. She played roughly the same character as she did in Superbad and The Rocker. Jesse Eisenberg also kinda bugs me a bit. It's not his fault but he's a knockoff Michael Cera except Cera plays the part better than he does.

Harrelson was indeed the best part of the movie and the camero was pretty hilarious.


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