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Old 06/14/2006, 3:20 PM
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Default Crista Flanagan (Hope Is Emo)

Hope Is Emo: Chapter One "The Words Are Dying"

Crista Flanagan - Hope

Background: Hope is Emo is a podcast from the guys at Ask A Ninja and Crista Flanagan of MADtv. Hope can be found at http://hopeisemo.com/, where there will be updates weekly. The theme song is here. In this episode, Hope talks about the importance of words and how unfair it is for Marna to go to Senior Prom.

When Hope is lost,
She wastes no time.
She heads online.
The answers she will find.
Hope is Emo.

Hey, this is Hope, and like, I’m kind of hurting a lot right now. I pay attention to a lot of things that I think a lot of people miss. I saw this eraser fall off this chalkboard and the dust billowed up and I just started crying and I couldn’t stop.

I was just thinking about all those words that that chalk represented and now, like, those words are just… dead! You know, they’re just dust. And what if that was like, a poem or something? Poems are just dead.

This is an urn that I made from a… well it was a fondue pot, but it’s an urn with chalk dust from every classroom at Thomas Edison High School. Except the science room, they locked the doors, because it’s got like, formaldehyde and squid corpses.

Hope cries holding the urn, and yells "Why?" She sticks her hand into the urn and gets some chalk on her fingers and shows the camera. She looks back at it and licks the chalk dust off her finger.

I even wonder, like, the word love. How many times has it been erased or deleted or burned or- and there were some words that we should get rid of like goth-tard. Just because I’m introspective and I walk among the shadows, it doesn’t mean that I can’t hear you.

There’s this girl Marna, and she is also a sophomore and she is going to the Senior Prom. And like it makes me sad and like angry because freshmen and sophomores aren’t supposed to be able to go. He like, infiltrated her brain with these words. It’s like he twists his words and it’s… He’s on student council. The point is, when you twist your words, they don’t mean anything, and they then just die. You can’t twist the words because there are rules. And there have always been rules about freshmen and sophomores going to the Senior Prom! When you, when you twist these words the words die and they no longer exist and they can’t be used… in poems or in documents for the human or in songs that are really, really important songs, that like, could change the world. Is going to the Prom that important, Marna? If you take anything away from this video, like, you know stop misusing words because like, because what is life going to be like without words?

Obviously, I’m suffocating in despair, but some of you were actually selfless enough to um, share some advice on how to cope in a declining civilization. This advice is from Bobby:

"Teach oversees.

That’s what I’m doing, I was sitting around all emo, so I took a course and I’m on my way to teaching English in another country.

HORRAY, Bobby."

Thanks Bobby. Maybe I’ll do that or maybe I’ll take a long swim in the formaldehyde with the squid.

Hope cries and turns off the camera.

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Old 07/16/2006, 4:44 PM
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Default Words are like wrong *sniff*

Wow, u spent a long time on that, but u got the theme tune words wrong.

It should be:

"When Hope is Lost,
she wastes no time.
She heads on line.
The answers she will find
Hope is Emo"

Pleeeeaaaase apologise for the utter disregard..

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Old 10/31/2007, 7:10 PM
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teeth, teeth, teeth!

Crista said "no"
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