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Old 05/06/2005, 6:28 PM
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This was one of the funniest episodes next to the season premerie. The Lillian Verner Game Show was hilarious. The thing that made me laugh is when the host was a plug-in and Nicole P. was a socket and then the screen said OH NO!. It was so funny. I'm laughing typing this. The stripper was good too. I give this episode a 9/10.

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Old 05/08/2005, 3:12 PM
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Open: Mike the Dog Trainer: This was avarage to me. I loved it how he gave commands to what the dog was already doing which was pretty funny. I do the same thing in front of my friends. 6/10.

Sherry the Stripper: By the pool: This was way to hilarious. I laughed every moment Steph was out there. When so took the neck brace off and her head fell over. When she couldn't get up on the counter. When she stood up and hit her head on the post. When her silicon breast fell out. When she fell off the counter. When she fell into the table and got pushed into the swimming pool. Everything about this sketch was hilaroius. I'm glad this did become a new character for Steph. I hope she does another one in season 11. Steph is such a great writer. I wonder where she gets her inspiration. 10/10

Coach Hines: Basketball game: The coach Hines sketches aren't really funny to me. Last weeks was the funniest though and that one was pretty good. Didn't like much about this sketch. It was funny when he shouted "Time Out" as soon as the game started. It was also pretty funny when the old woman started cussing the coach out. 4/10

Marital Role Playing: Haha. This was really funny. Glad to see Spencer. So now I know what a woman thinks. heheh. This was a really great sketch and I hope to see more funny moments from Spencer. 7/10

The Lillian Verner Game Show: Fuzzy Albino: I'm not really all into these sketches but this was just another avarage one to me. The plug costume was funny and Michael looked funny in that costume. Nenernenernenernener. Lol. It was funny when Mike did that and then Simion started doing it too. And Gail did it to when she got the kiss. 6/10

Inside the actors studio with Artie Lange: This wasn't really funny to me except the part about growing a beard and doing a gay show where you interview actors. 2/10

Sopranos: I've seen this sketch so many times and its still hilarious. One of the greatest sketches on Mad through all 10 seasons. 10/10

Miss Teen USA: I thought this was pretty funny. It was funny at what some of those girls liked. And the southern accent on South Carolina was hilarious. Miss Alaska. Wow she's really blossomed for a 12 1/2 year old teen. heheh. Ahh Ron, that perv. The Viagra and binoculars sponsers, that was funny too. I give this a 7/10

Outtakes: Pretty funny. The kitty porn thing was hilarious and it's always great to see when a castmeber breaks character and starts laughing. 5/10.

This was a pretty good episode.


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Old 08/08/2005, 5:05 PM
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oh, God. I wish that i could see this episode, but i was in Taiwan then.
Does anyone could help me? I'm really like Coach Hines!
Please please helpe me...
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Old 08/08/2005, 5:14 PM
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Originally posted by Daphne
oh, God. I wish that i could see this episode, but i was in Taiwan then.
Does anyone could help me? I'm really like Coach Hines!
Please please helpe me...
Welcome back Daphne. Please take a moment to read this thread. Thank you.

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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Old 08/25/2005, 5:28 PM
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Michael the Dog Trainer: Good to see a show opener, but this wasn't that funny. Not that it matters.

Sherry the Stripper: I loved this one. I didn't care for the first one, but I thought this one was hilarious. It made me wonder if that is Steph and Bob's house though, because it's the same one they used for the Angela: Montel sketch, which Steph also wrote.

Coach Hines: Overkill. This was okay, but there was one in the previous episode (which was much better). I don't understand why they insisted on playing segments in back-to-back episodes this season.

Marital Role Playing: Spencer is a good actress (and she has a very versatile voice), but this was drawn out. It was funny at first, but just went on too long.

Lillian Verner: This was hilarious. Easily my favourite sketch of the episode. All of the new characters were hilarious, especially the syncronised "neeners" between Simian and the plushy. Also, Dale saying "As I've told you in phone calls, emails, and when you showed up at my house in the middle of the night: No Gale. No kissing. No. Ya smell like cat urine!" = funniest thing ever. The outtakes were hilarious too.

Inside the Actors Studio: This was good, some parts were funny. The interaction between Paul and Artie was great.

Sopranos on PAX: I don't find this sketch that funny. It was a great parody, but I think it's kind of overrated. Plus, it's been encore before AND the clip is in the 200th episode, I wish something else had won.

Miss Teen USA: This was stupid.

Overall: Pretty good episode. Sherry the Stripper and Lillian Verner were my favourites.
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Old 08/28/2005, 6:49 PM
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Originally posted by Dartanian
It made me wonder if that is Steph and Bob's house though, because it's the same one they used for the Angela: Montel sketch, which Steph also wrote.
You know I have always thought the same thing. I wounder who owns the house.

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