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Old 07/04/2003, 12:28 AM
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Default Episode S07E05 (Aired 2001-11-10)

Cast: Alex Borstein, Frank Caliendo, Mo Collins, Andrew Daly, Michael McDonald, Will Sasso, Aries Spears, Stephnie Weir and Debra Wilson

Featuring: Kathryn Fiore and Taran Killam

Guest Starring: Drew Barrymore, Penny Marshall, David Carradine
  • Gonna Git Some (Aries-MC Hammer, Debra- Vivica A. Fox)
  • Kung Fu: The Movie (David Carradine-himself, Andrew, Will-Steven Seagal)
  • Oprah: The Jeannie Fanucci Story (Alex-Jeannie Fanucci, Debra-Oprah Winfrey, Kathryn-Kate Hudson)
  • This N That w/ Rusty #1: Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore-herself, Michael-Rusty Miller)
  • Politically Incorrect (Frank-Al Michaels, Andrew-Bill Maher, Will-Bill Clinton, Debra-Condoleezza Rice, Taran-Tobey Maquire, )
  • Who Do You Love? (Mo-herself, Andrew, Stephnie-herself, Kathryn, Frank)
  • This N That W/Rusty # 2: Penny Marshall (Penny Marshall-herself, Michael-Rusty Miller)
  • Encore: Devon's Creek (from #510) (Mo-Liz Whitman-Goldfarb, Pat-Stone Phillips, Michael-Dustin, Aries-Hamilton, Debra-Taylor)
  • Close: Stephnie & the Cast

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Old 08/31/2003, 11:35 PM
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i was gonna review each sketch...but its been like...a month since i saw this...so i'm kinda vague on this ep
stil saying that so far...premire ep has been my fave all year
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Old 11/18/2006, 11:42 PM
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Just saw this ep on CC, id seen it before but seeing it again brought back all the misery this episode brought.

Gonna Get Some: Sucked. I never liked Aries, but this was the year he started to get REALLY bad. Not to mention the joke was really generic here.

Kung Fu: The Movie: Holy shyt, this was AWFUL! It was the same thing over.and.over.and.over.again. Will's Steven Seagal impression was old and tired by this time anyway. This dragged on and on, too. Abymsal. No stars.

Oprah: The Jeannie Fanucci Story: Would have been a thousand times better if it focued on Debra's Oprah and not the lesbian factory worker. Alex, Debra, and Kathryn were impressive here, and some parts were mildly funny, but overall, a mediocre sketch.

Rusty #1-#2 : This N' That sucks. I hated it then and I hate it now. Same as this sketch.

Politically Incorrect: PI is usually pretty funny, but this sketch was boring. Very forgetable. Little to no funny things in this.

Who Do You Love?: Best sketch of the night. This was actually really good until the end, when it got out of hand. But still a pretty solid sketch and better then the other excuses for sketches in this craphole of an episode.

Encore: Devon's Creek: Encores suck, but this skit made the episode seem a little better and it was a good skit to encore. (wouldve gotten 4 and a half stars in its original airing but it was an encore)

Close: The bloopers were good and Stephnie closed the show well.

Overall: Worst episode of Season 7, worst episode of the entire series...worst episode EVER. It was just abymsal. Season 7 sucks...a lot, and this episode was the worst of the worst. Nothing was excellent, "Who Do You Love?" was pretty great, but everything else sucked besides the encore (and the close if you count it). What an awful, awful, awful, episode. Even Mo, Debra, Alex, and Stephnie couldn't save this piece of garbage, and they didnt appear much anyway.

Overall rating: or 1/10


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Old 05/15/2009, 8:57 PM
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Frank was in the "Who Do You Love" skit.
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