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Old 05/22/2005, 4:27 PM
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I got a little excited whenever Ike said that Micheal was gonna do a Literally sketch with Nicole...but they didnt do it...so then i got a little pissed off

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Old 05/23/2005, 3:06 PM
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You guys will be happy to know that I, after missing the last few episodes- actually got up off my ass and taped this one. And man, am I happy I did.

Make A Wish- Dude, this was ****ing hilarious. "Your mother's a whore" lmao. Nicole was SO funny. "Im going back to CBS where they respect me" these lines MADE my night. It was good to see her. I wonder how long ago it was taped, since her hair is still blonde. 9/10

Handicap Helpers: Home Invasion- I have to be honest and say I didnt even watch this. I tuned out and did something else when it came on. So I cant rate it.

Average Asian: Birthday Party- Ok, let me say, I loved Spencer and Paul's haiku. "Nunchucks and flying stars- ninja!" I lmao at that. I like average asian sketches. 8/10

Superstitious Knights: Regional Hamlet Champs- These amuse the hell out of me. How Keegan and Jordan can do that is beyond me. Not exactly funny, but fun to watch. 8/10

Sean the Floor Leader: Sexual Harassment- Funny! I just love Michael throwing himself around in the chair every Sean sketch. 8/10

Your New Neighbor- Yes, finally, a FUNNY public service movie. I thought this was hilarious, with the different shades "caramel" "mocha" "cinnimon swirl" 8/10

MADtv Presents Frank Caliendo- Dude, after seeing this and his comedy central stand up, he is now like my favorite stand up comedian. he is HILARIOUS! gr8 one liners here 9/20

National Security Advisor- Had its funny moments, but meh. Spencer was good tho, she's really growing on me. 7/10

Close: Aries and the Cast- Their show closer choices annoy the HELL outta me. WHY has Aries gotten to do the past 3 season enders, not to mention the 200th episode??? It pisses me off. I hate how they only let certain cast members over the years say they're leaving. Poor Stephnie. Taken advantage of. Lets see your ratings with out her Mad. ok my rant is over


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Old 05/27/2005, 12:07 PM
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Yeah, agreed, Spencer was great. We might see her as a regular next season hopefully. Anyway, when does the 11th season begin? I heard Aries saying next year and all..... is he serious? Next year??? God. Thats a LONG time away. Does anyone know which month it'll come on again and stuff?

P.S ---> Im really gon miss Steph. She was a real asset to MadTv.... but i think we will all see Nicole Parker and Danielle get meatier roles. They are great.

You know... its weird how i evaluate which castmember i like... its like when i first saw Nicole and Keegan on the show, i liked them immediately... it seemed like they instantly fit. The first impression kindda thing. But for Spencer and Christa, i mean, they're good and all, but unlike Nicole and Keegan, the first time i saw them, i didnt immediately grow on to them... but i think after seeing them for few eps, i got used to them and i think they're really talented too.
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Old 05/28/2005, 6:55 AM
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Originally posted by lpshean
Anyway, when does the 11th season begin? I heard Aries saying next year and all..... is he serious? Next year??? God. Thats a LONG time away. Does anyone know which month it'll come on again and stuff?
September, as always. In TV world, one season is looked as a year, though a TV year goes from September-May.

And even though it's pretty certain that Steph is leaving, there is no 100% confirmation that's she's gone for good or that she will or won't be coming back for a little next season. I don't think in the history of MADtv have they ever done a farewell for a leaving castmember except for Nicole Sullivan (in a holdover), and that in one of her season 7 closings, Alex Borstein hinted that she would be leaving soon. And as for Aries closing, it's not that big of a deal.

Finally, everyone's a little unhappy with Nicole's mini-guest appearance...did anyone actually expect anything else? They would have advertised it a little more if she would be in a sketch, but the only thing we heard was the TV Guide description "Nicole Sullivan fails to impress an audience member". I think most of us knew a while back that she would only be in this one opening. She's guest starred more than anyone before, she'll most likely be back. She should have at least been credited in the opening credits. Crista was credited for episode 1012 even though she only appeared in the opening sketch. Nicole had another appearance in the show in that outtro.

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Old 05/28/2005, 8:27 AM
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I haven't done a review in forever..but since it's summer now and I'm sick already (WTF ) I'll take the time to write a nice review of the season finale.

Opening: Make a Wish with Nicole Sullivan: This was alright, but the supposed "studio audience member" was a horrible actor. I thought the rest of it was hilarious, though. Especially when Ike did his "Clyde Impression". LMAO! 8/10

Handicap Helpers: Home Invasion: I thought this sketch was hilarious! When Hugh said "SEXXX" and rubbed himself it was so funny! "The professional rapists brought their own bed!" was also a great line! 9/10

Average Asian: Surprise Party: I absolutely love this! It was so funny, and better than most of the Average Asian sketches I've seen. Amber Tamblyn was making me laugh so hard, and I loved Nicole's whole "I won't get it" thing and when she plugged her ears and went "LALALALA". HILARIOUS. 10/10

Superstitious Nights: Hamlet: This failed to entertain me. It wasn't even funny in my opinion except for a couple parts. I think the whole dancing thing is getting annoying, and if they want to do it, they should go on Broadway or something, lol. But not on MADtv. I expect funny sketches. 6/10

Sean the Floor Leader: Sexual Harassment: Another HILAROUS sketch! The whole thing was just so funny! Steph's line about the "Boss..honey boss..honey..crunch crunchy nuts and oats-" IT just made me laugh so hard! Her next line made me laugh hard too. Classic. 10/10

Your New Neighbor: I thought the whole thing was funny except for the big long pause after they said they were their new neighbors. I thought the long pause was really annoying and NOT funny. It would have been better if the white people made a face, and then if it cut to them inviting them in. The ending was great when Nicole kissed Jordan and suddenly it cut to them fighting. LMAO! 9/10

MADtv Presents: Frank Caliendo: I thought this was hilarious! It was a great thing that he didn't just focus on his MADtv impressions (Bush, Madden) The whole time. The Seinfeld bit was great! 9/10

National Security Advisor: Funny. I really enjoyed Spencer in this sketch. Her Indian accent is SO GOOD! The rest of the sketch was funny, too. 9/10

Closing: Aries and Cast: Ehh.. I'm tired of Aries closing the show. But it was good anyway to have a closing.

Overall: I'd rate this episode 8/10

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Old 05/28/2005, 4:33 PM
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Opening: Make a Wish with Nicole Sullivan:
This was very funny. Nicole had some really great lines in it like: " your mothers a whore." and " Im going back to CBS where they respect me." I couldnt stop laughing. I was a little sad though that they didnt use Nicole in anything else. 5/5

Handicap Helpers: Home Invasion:
I was so mad because I missed some of this because my frickin sister come downstairs and was bugging me so I only got to see some of the beggining and end...but from the parts I saw it was really funny. 5/5

Average Asian: Surprise Party:
This was pretty funny. I cant think of any other way to explain this sketch. 4/5

Superstitious Nights: Hamlet:
Alright you know wat I can take one of these sketches maybe even two BUT NOT ANOTHER ONE. Why do they keep making a lot of these they arent even funny. I have to admit though that they are really good at dancing. I only cracked a smile a little because of Ron and thats all. I really hope this was the last one. 1/5

Sean the Floor Leader: Sexual Harassment:
This was really funny. Steph had some really funny lines in this sketch. It wasnt as good as the other Sean ones though (IMO) but still very funny. 5/5

Your New Neighbor:
This was funny. I found it pretty funny how you couldnt really see the blacks because it was in black and white..and they made them darker... I guess. But it was funny how all of a sudden they started to fight at the end. 4/5

MADtv Presents: Frank Caliendo:
This was really funny. I didnt get to see his one on comedy central so I wouldnt know how much the same they were. But He is a really good stand up commedian. 5/5

National Security Advisor:
To tell you the truth I really wasnt paying attention to this sketch but when I was and I heard Spencer's accent...It was really good. I have to give her props on that...Nicole usually does a good one too though. 2/5

Closing: Aries and Cast:
The same old thing again. I really wish someone else could have closed it and they could have at least said a good-bye to steph...she deserves one.

Not the best episode ever. But better than some others during this season. I give the last of season 10 a 3/5

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Old 05/29/2005, 7:02 AM
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It has always bugged me that downloads are no longer available for each episode. My VCR has been giving me tons of problems lately.

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Old 06/11/2005, 12:05 AM
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Default downloads

what happened to the episode downloads?
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Old 06/11/2005, 2:54 AM
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Default Re: downloads

Originally posted by ashcan05
what happened to the episode downloads?
They got taken off due to legal threats.


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Old 09/08/2005, 4:08 AM
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Thumbs Down Episode #1023

I thought since it is the last episode of season 10 and it will probably be a while until i see season 11 epiosdes that i would do a full review of this episode.

Make A Wish
This was an average opener with Nicole providing the only real humour in it. Im assuming that this was filmed back when she first guest starred? Otherwise it was a terrible use of Nicole in the episode. They could have done better than this.

Handicap Helpers: Home Invasion
This was actually reasonably funny with most of the more memorable moments coming from Stephnie (trying to escape from the paramedics) where Michael's character was providing the usual snide remarks. Not as funny as the first but pretty entertaining overall if not on a very muture level.

Average Asian: Birthday Party
This was funny but it has to be said that theres not a lot of dimension in these sketches its basically follows the same formula (continued asian stereotypes Haideke gets mad the end or continued asian stereotypes Haideke gets mad and one of the stereotypes turns out to be true the end). But just taking the sketch on its merits i thought the guest star did a good job with the limited material she had.

Superstitious Knights: Regional Hamlet Champs
Ok i have no idea what the point of these sketches are. I mean i like Jordan and Keegan as cast members but they have really missed something here, when did dance routines become funny? Maybe mildly entertaining at the most, but funny? No i dont think so. They get one point for creativity but thats it. The outtro was probably better than the sketch.

Sean the Floor Leader: Sexual Harassment
I liked the Sean sketches in season 9 but the season 10 counterparts havent been quite as funny IMO. Still this sketch had some good parts even if it did end quite abruptly.

Your New Neighbor
The was probably one of the better sketches of the episode. These old educational ad sketches have been one of the better ideas that they have done this season and worked fairly well. While this sketch wasnt awesome it was something a little different nevertheless.

MADtv Presents Frank Caliendo
I was excited to see this part when watching this episode and it started off pretty well but when Frank fell back on old standup bits that hes done so much (Seinfeld, Madden, GWB looking into the sun/smiling etc) it wasnt really that funny since id heard it all before, surely he could have come up with a couple minutes of new funny stuff.

National Security Advisor
This sketch really seemed like they were scraping the barrel at this point, while Spencer was good as an Indian woman the sketch itself was pretty mediocre. Daniele's part was probably the highlight of the sketch "I really do love you".

Close: Aries and the Cast
As predictable as the last 4 seasons we have Aries closing the season (for the last time one hopes).

It was a fairly sad end to the season. I thought that this episode would be alot stronger after the last few, which have been good, but as with #925 we get another dud. Bring on the season 11 premiere is all ive gotta say!

* All sketch names appear courtesy of Planetmadtv's Episode Guide (you know where it is! )

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Old 09/09/2005, 3:50 AM
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Open: Make A Wish: I don't care for Nicole Sullivan so I didn't really care that she only appeared in this sketch. This was weak anyway. The sad fact is that Ike actually wrote it, which explains why it was so obvious and why all of Nicole's lines were so contrived.

Handicap Helpers: I actually liked this one better than the first one. I don't neccesarily think this needed to be recurred, but it was good for what it was. "They're going to rape you and GIGGLE!" was a great line from Michael.

Average Asian: Uh ... boring. I liked the little parts that Nicole had here and there but other than that, nothing.

Superstitious Knights: This was ok, these characters aren't great but Jordan and Keegan have mad skills. However, once you've seen one of these sketches, you've seen em all. I did like the part with the beating heart though.
Ok i have no idea what the point of these sketches are.
Emmy nominations, at the very least.

Sean The Floor Leader: I liked this too. Sean isn't one of my favourite characters, but I do find humour in these sketches (mostly from the supporting players), unlike some of Michael's other characters. I liked Stephnies confession and the "honey boss- honey toasted nuts and oats" bits the best.

Your New Neighbour: I love these old films, I'm so glad they brought them back this season and I hope they keep doing them next season. The ones this season have all been great. I thought Daniele and Keegan had the manner of speaking down perfectly, especially when Daniele said "licorice". For some reason that just made me laugh.

Franks Routine: This was funny, but way too long and even though I've never seen any of his stand up special and don't intend to, parts of this felt like the same old same old. The Newman impression was the highlight for me.

National Security Advisor: I know alot of Indian people and Spencer totally nailed the accent and the mannerisms in this sketch, it was scary. I wish she had come along earlier in the season, because I would have loved to see what else she could do, because from what I saw she was really promising. This was good, not a great sketch to end the season on, but I liked it. It was an interesting premise.

Overall: I didn't think this episode was that bad, the second half was definitely better than the first half, which is rare. Sad to see Paul and Ron go out on an episode where they were rarely featured, as I liked both of them a great deal. I would have also liked to see more from Spencer before the end of the season. Oh well. Can't wait for season 10.

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Old 09/12/2005, 12:46 AM
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Originally posted by Dartanian
Emmy nominations, at the very least.
Lol after all the effort put into these sketches you would hope so

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