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Old 10/16/2003, 11:26 AM
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Default Episode S04E13 (Aired 1999-01-16)

Cast: Alex Borstein, Andrew Bowen, Mo Collins, Pat Kilbane, Phil LaMarr, Michael McDonald, Will Sasso, Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson

Special Appearance: Craig Anton, David Herman and Lisa Kushell
  • Open: James Brown Jr. (Aries- James Brown Jr.)
  • Spishak Mach 20 (Andrew- Ron, Nicole, Pat- Spishak spokesman)
  • The CÚline Dion Martin Luther King Day Special #1 (Nicole- CÚline Dion)
  • Introducing Bunifa (Debra- Bunifa, Phil- Mark)
  • The CÚline Dion Martin Luther King Day Special #2 (Nicole- CÚline Dion)
  • The CÚline Dion Martin Luther King Day Special #3 (Nicole- CÚline Dion, Aries- Dexter King, Debra- Coretta King)
  • Will's Little Sister (Aries- Jameel, Will- Will)
  • Snapshot Stories: Nicole (Nicole- herself, Alex- herself, Will- himself)
  • Lowered Expectations: Gena (Debra- host, Nicole- Gena)
  • Swan ATM Scam (Nicole, Alex- Ms. Swan)
  • Lowered Expectations: Bunifa (Debra- Bunifa Latifa Halifa Sharifa Jackson)
  • The More You Know: Charlie Sheen (Andrew- Charlie Sheen)
  • Pimps Say the Darndest Things (Phil- announcer [voice only], Aries- Bill Cosby, Will, Debra- Champagne)
  • Encore: Slingblade II: The Reckoning (#304) (Phil- military spokesman, Lisa- reporter, Craig- President of USA, Pat- Billy Bob Thornton: Karl Childers, David- John Ritter: Vaughan Cunningham, Nicole- reporter/ Jennifer Aniston)
  • Close: Aries & Cast

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Old 08/21/2004, 4:26 PM
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This episode is perhaps my favorite ever. Why, it's a virtual Nicole-gasm, so...doy!...I guess that's why. Not only is Nicole featured in nearly every sketch, but she's also downright hilarious throughout. No inadvertent chuckles here...truly N.S. @ her best.

Favorite sketch: Miss Swan at the ATM. Nicole accomplishes a rare feat here: she actually outperforms the recurring character! And Ms. Swan is just behind Antonia and Vancome Lady as one of my fave recurrers. Nicole is wonderfully demonstrative as the lady who lets Ms. Swan go ahead of her in the ATM line, only to regret the decision when a clueless Swan takes forever to perform her transaction. Angry Nicole=hilarious Nicole...'nuff said. "JUST PRESS THE BUTTON, LADY!"...classic.

However, the Celine bit rates a close second.

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Old 08/21/2004, 6:27 PM
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I like your review mizzimad.

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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Old 08/21/2004, 11:36 PM
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Thx, MysterE. I'll try to post some more *cough!* reviews, so all of you should consider yourselves warned. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

BTW, I hope it's okay if I don't do the whole 5-star rating system thing. I prefer a more free-form approach b/c, honestly, I'm just too friggin' lazy...heh heh.

"Charles Nelson Reilly is a bad mutha...."
"Shut yo' mouth!"
"I'm talkin' 'bout Macho Chuck."
"We can dig it!"
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Old 11/19/2006, 12:28 PM
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Random review for Ep. 413...

(I originally had a one-line comment saying I liked this episode, but i've expanded it. )

Open: James Brown Jr - I was never a huge Aries fanatic, but this was HILARIOUS.
Spishak Mach 20: This is actually my favorite Spishak. It was well-written and the cast performed well. A+ sketch.
The CÚline Dion Martin Luther King Day Special: Nicole's Celine Dion isn't really that great (sorry mizz ), but these sketches were hilariously written, so it didn't really matter. Great sketch.
Introducing Bunifa: Bunifa's first sketch is a good one...I think Bunifa's early Season 4-5 sketches are her best. I liked everything about this. .5
Will's Little Sister: I'm not a huge fan of this character, and I didn't love this sketch, but it was pretty good. Worst sketch of the episode, but it still gets
Snapshot Stories: Nicole: I loved Snapshot Stories, and I don't understand why they did away with them. This is my 2nd favorite one behind the Mo Collins one. A+.
Lowered Expectations: Gena: Good Lowered Expecations, but I prefer the Season 2-3 ones. Still, good overall.
Swan ATM Scam: The Season 4 Ms. Swan sketches are hands down the best, and this was IMO, Ms. Swan's best sketch, besides MAYBE Ms. Swan at the Movies from...418? Anyway, good sketch.
Lowered Expectations: Bunifa: I actually thought this was a bit better then the "Introducing Bunifa" sketch, so this was pretty awesome.
The More You Know: Charlie Sheen: Really funny sketch. I like "The More You Know" sketches. .5
Pimps Say the Darndest Things: Interesting sketch that worked out well, but fell a bit flat at the end.
Encore: Slingblade II: The Reckoning: I loved this sketch the first time around and also the 2nd.

Overall: AWESOME, AWESOME episode. No sketch dipped below 4*s, and the whole episode flowed nicely. This is, in my opinion, one of the best episodes ever. Just truly MADtv at it's best. The only thing that disapointed me was that Mo wasn't in a single sketch - however, this was still an awesome episode.



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