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Old 10/06/2003, 5:50 PM
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Default **OFFICIAL** "We Love You Debra" Thread

To show our thanks to Debra for 8 great years on MADtv, I decided that we could put together a compilation of notes in which I will send to her (also due to the increasing # of people telling me that they want to write letters to her). After everyone has said what they wanted to say, I will send it out.

*Please do not post off topic in this thread, I will print out everything as it is posted, so only posts directed to Debra should appear here. Your letters can be as long or as short as you want. Thanks.*

Matt (the OTHER one)

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Old 10/06/2003, 6:12 PM
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Dear Debra,

I have been watching MADtv since its inception in '95, and you've been a great asset to the show thruout your 8 year stay on MADtv. Your wide array of unique characters was great, I loved Bunifa, Melina, Cloret, Tovah, as well as the great portrayals of celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston, LaToya Jackson, etc... You are greatly missed, and I hope you will appear as a guest start on future MADtv episodes. I would also like to wish you the best of luck in life and your future career.

Your Fan,


Old 10/06/2003, 6:20 PM
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Dear Debra,

I'm not really good at writing stuff to well anyone so here it goes. I have been watching mad tv since about season 5, and I loved all the characters that you played in the show. I espeacilly liked "reality check", and Bunifa. I wish you best of luck in your career, and in your life.




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Old 10/06/2003, 6:57 PM
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Dear Debra,
I absolutely loved everything you did on Madtv, and now that you (sadly) left after 8 years of being on the show; I hope you are involved with many other projects so I can see alot of you! After a hard week at school I always enjoyed seeing you on Madtv, along with the other castmembers. But you were the one who always stood out the most. You should be really proud of yourself for making many many people happy. I am a devoted fan who just loves everything you did. I especially loved your Whitney impersonation, and Bunifa. When I was younger (I'm 12 now) I remember seeing Bunifa and my family and I laughed so hard, and since then we've kept laughing! I also of course loved everything else you did. You just had a way of making everything hilarious! Just keep doing what you do Debra and if you have the time, it would be really cool to hear from you. I hope my words have made you feel really happy!


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Old 10/07/2003, 4:54 PM
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You are an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you for all the years of laughter you have brought me. You have been a terrific asset to MADtv from the very beginning... I think its safe to say that the show would not have survived and would not be on the air today if it were not for you. I really appreciate all the years and commitment you have put into the show, lasting longer than any other cast member. You have brough so much humour into my life... there aren't even words to explain it, you have no idea the influence you've had on me... I'm a much happier/popular person now because of the laughter you have brought into my life through the TV Screen. It still hasn't quite hit me that you're no longer on MADtv (partly because theres reruns everynight at 12!! Hehe), but I hope to see more new material from you in the future, and although you've only been absent from the show for a few episodes, I already miss you and hope that you make an appearance for the 200th episode.
Eric Finlayson



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Old 10/08/2003, 4:14 PM
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I just wanted to tell you how wonderful, special, and talented I think you are. You have a sweet, fun personality, and you have given the gift of laughter to so many people. I can't tell you how many times I've come home from a terrible day, only to be laughing my ass off because of you. You also have a very beautiful voice! You are truly an inspiration to your countless fans. I miss seeing you on MADtv every week, but I look forward to your upcoming projects, because you have so much to offer. Best of luck in all you do!!


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Dear Debra.

My name is Gina Wainwright and I am 18 years old. We all miss your presence on MADtv but your legacy lives on as one of the most talented people to walk MAD's stage. We may not get to see Whitney Houston or Oprah Winfrey anymore, but you served as a role model for the future generations of the MADtv cast. They will look up to you and carry on the same heartfelt comedy you brought to the show. Even with you gone, it feels like you're still there. Thank you for all the laughs and MAD memories.

Gina Wainwright

Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada.


PS--- Do you have a favourite MADtv sketch or memory?

I'm actually a really nice girl in real life.
Old 11/12/2003, 12:55 PM
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Dear Debra,

It was sad to see you leave the show Debra. Your characters were great and I loved your spirit. You gave your characters life. My favorite was Bunifa. MADtv is not the same without you. I'm going to miss you much.

I'm sending you a partial list of some of your characters that our forum has compiled. I've sent a list of Alexandra's Ms Swan and she wrote back that it was helpful because she never knew which episodes the sketches were in so she could tape them. Anyways here they are:

Oprah Winfrey

106 Oprah Winfrey: Severe Traumas
303 The Rosie Show w/ Oprah Winfrey
601 Vagina Monologues
626 Oprah's book club
707 Oprah and Dr. Phil
716 Dot on Oprah
722 Politically Incorrect: Marriage
723 Emmy Awards: James Gandolfini
802 The Oprah Winfrey Show: Economy Advice
806 The Dr. Phil Show: Plastic Surgery
811 Oprah’s Cash Giveaway!
820 Celebrity Man vs. Beast
821 Dr. Phil makes a house call
822 Oprah: Thinning Camera
825 Oprah's Jackass

Lida & (Melina)
303 Cops in Hollywood (Lida only) **You played a police officer in this one**
315 Evangelista's Market
407 Melina & Lida's Beauty
409 Thanksgiving Memories - Lida & Melina
418 Dishing the Dirt
422 Melina and Lida on Springer
502 Lida & Melina meet Ricky Martin
505 Melina & Lida: Beauty Pageant
509 Open: Lida & Melina
510 Lida & Melina meet Ricky
515 Lida & Melina: Wedding
522 Melina & Lida: Big Boys
601 Lida & Melina: Say What? Karaoke
608 Lida & Melina: Firefighters
624 Lida & Melina at McHooters
701 Lady MADtv (Melina only)

Bunifa Latifah Halifah Shareefa Jackson

413 Introducing Bunifa
413 Lowered Expectations: Bunifa
415 Bunifa and the Burger
416 Bunifa's Dating Game
421 Open: Bunifa
422 Bunifa & Springer
503 Bunifa at the Mall
515 Bunifa's Driving Test
521 Bunifa: Judge Joe Brown
525 Bunifa vs. Katisha
603 Bunifa: Survivor
611 Bunifa on Regis
627 Bunifa in the Hospital
628 Bunifa at the Movies
629 Bunifa: Antiques Road Show
721 Encore?: Bunifa: Making It Through Customs
724 Bunifa: MTV Dismissed
809 Bunifa: Laker Girl Audition
813 Bunifa: Trading Spaces
815 Joe Millionaire II

Reality Check w/ (Tovah McQueen) & Belma Buttons

508 Reality Check
512 Reality Check II
516 Reality Check III
519 Reality Check: Oscars
605 Reality Check: George W. Bush
618 Reality Check: Black History
622 Reality Check: Clinton
703 Reality Check: The Revenge
711 Reality Check Under Attack
712 Reality Check Strikes Back
808 Reality Check: Airplane
814 Reality Check: Trent Lott
818 Reality Check: Michael Jackson

Beyoncé Knowles

709 Music Video: Destiny's Child "Beyoncé"
710 Message To The Troops


808 Cloret: Just Juice
821 Cloret meets Countess Vaughn: United Airlines

If you ever need a fanfix, you're welcome to come visit us at the forum. I'm sure Matt can set up some kind of chat or something. I wish you you the best emotionally, spiritually and professionally.

Love, Eric

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Old 11/12/2003, 1:55 PM
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You might not be the most celebrated cast member in MADtv history, but you were *certainly* one of the most consistent. Thanks for all the laughs you provided over the years. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Cliché enough for ya?

Old 11/12/2003, 8:55 PM
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Long time fan of the show! Always liked your performances and thought you were a very talented and funny person.

Best of Luck!!

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Old 11/12/2003, 9:24 PM
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Good work, tiger.



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Dear Debra,
Thank you for the many laughs during you're 8-year 'reign'! You truly were the best in every character you portrayed. I wish you good luck in the rest of your career!
You will ALWAYS be Lady MadTV!!



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Old 11/22/2003, 10:03 AM
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Dear Debra,

Your the one who always gave me a good laugh on Madtv and I will miss you but I also thank you for your great 8 years on Mad.We will all miss you!!!

Sincerly yours,

You are Now watching MADTV
Old 11/27/2003, 10:48 AM
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Thread closed. Your letters should be out in the mail pretty soon.

Matt (the OTHER one)

"If you want to be a better actor - a better lawyer, doctor, teacher - anything - be a better human being." ~ Debra Wilson
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