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View Poll Results: What was your favorite sketch of #1212?
Ike and Bobby: Football 4 36.36%
Battle Speech #1-2 0 0%
Superstitious Knights: Regional Football Champs 0 0%
WQRW Channel 8 News #1-4 0 0%
Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Condoleeza Rice 0 0%
Football Talk 0 0%
Live Interview with Paula Abdul 1 9.09%
24 with Bobby Lee & Mary Lynn Raskub 2 18.18%
QVC Quacker Factory: Monday Night Quackball 4 36.36%
2007 Toyota Yaris 0 0%
Voters: 11. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02/10/2007, 2:32 PM
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At last a 24 sketch that I actally enjoyed!

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Old 02/14/2007, 7:03 PM
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I enjoyed crista in the football sketch.and nicole singing....
and the paula adbul interview...and i've never really like mofaz so i didn't much care for that sketch
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Old 02/28/2008, 11:27 AM
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Bah, I voted for the Monday Night Quackball sketch, although it was easily the weakest in the series, when I *should* have voted for the Ike and Bobby Football sketch (which I just watched on Youtube).

Why you ask? 3 words: Crista Fucking Flanagan.

Easily one of her best performances, in my opinion, and she adds an element to these sketches that isnt present when it is only Ike and Bobby, as she doesnt just play herself, but comes out guns blazing as an overexaggerated version of herself with a mean competitive edge which is far too funny for words.

Highlights include "Merriman! It's time to dance, BITCH!", "John, Paul, George, Ringo, GO GO GO!" and the helicopter move she stole from an episode of the Simpsons. I also enjoyed Ike's victory dance, Nicole singing the national anthem, and Bobby's goal winning tactic - to charge naked. 5/5 sketch!

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Old 02/09/2009, 3:03 AM
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Default Review


I think this episode may have had the most writing credits by cast members in the history of the show. The writers must have had a breeze doing this episode.

I really love the little cast member bars in the transitions. I love it because of things like the QVC transition which showed Nicole getting ready to play Pat-Beth and her dropping her transcript in the hallway. These are really good.

Ike & Bobby: Football #1: Funny. The highlight was Crista in this one. So great to see her acting like a tough girl to all the players like saying things like "get out of my face bitch, you ain't gonna be shaken my hand".

Battle Speech #1: Not too bad, but not really that great. I swear does Jordan have to write in every episode?

Regional Football Champions: I can never get enough of Ty and Carl. The talent Jordan and Keegan show in these are great. The highlight was the Tivo replay. YduR, YduR, YduR, YduR!

WQRW Channel 8 News #1: Maybe?

Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Condoleezza Rice: Not as good as the other DPTTM's but not terrible. The highlight was Condoleezza talking about her vices.

WQRW Channel 8 News #2: Yes.

Sports Talk: I have never seen a sketch written by so many cast members at one time. There wasn't even much to this one. The highlight was Michael just ad libbing through the whole thing. He was really convincing.

Live Interview with Paula Abdul: Did anyone else feel like this was suppose to be at the beginning of the episode? I say this because when Keegan left he told everyone to enjoy the show, something that is normally said for the first sketch. I think this was suppose to be first, and the Bobby and Ike Football thing was suppose to be here, and this was suppose to be at the beginning. Anyway, as for the sketch, it was not too bad. The highlight was Paula unable to get Keegan's full name right, and then he can't even get his whole name right.

24 with Bobby Lee & Mary Lynn Rajskub: This was a good move on the shows part. They needed to get a 24 star to be in 24 with Bobby Lee. As for the sketch it was ok. Not the best 24 with Bobby sketch but it was not bad. The highlight was Bobby doing the Mazi Oka Yatza!

WQRW Channel 8 News #3: I really liked this one the best. Puppies filled with AIDS. Hilarious.

QVC Quacker Factory: Monday Night Quackball: I can't believe that this is actually a real thing. The highlight was Arden's comment that her outfit only attracts certain women.

WQRW Channel 8 News #4: I don't get how this is a hate crime. The kid stole the ball from another kid of the same race.

Battle Speech #2: Not sure if this one was needed.

2007 Toyota Yaris: I can't tell if this was a genius way for MADtv to sneak in some marketing to get some extra money for the show, or if MADtv had sunken to a new low with this. I mean once they got into the car, it was like an ad, with Arden just going on, and on, about how great the Yaris is. I don't know much about sex but if I know anything, I know that when a woman is about to have sex in a car, she doesn't go on about how great the car is.

Ike & Bobby: Football #2: Filler.

Out of 75 stars this episode got 42 1/2 that's a C- rating. Though the total does not reflect my enjoyment of the episode.


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