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Old 12/02/2001, 7:54 PM
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her jane pauly with Chris Titus the other week was Great, ****ing had me laughing when she got robbed and decided to throw a shoe.

"Christmas on a cracker"
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Old 11/28/2001, 6:59 PM
zell886 zell886 is offline
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She is the best and funiest actress i have ever seen i to will be DEVISTATED when she leaves the show. My fav.. is Ms. Swan the last episode i saw it was a skit making fin of buffy the vampire slayer it was SO SO SO funny. i also like her as the lounge and bathroom singer & the red carpet. So from all your loving fans here and around the world WE LOVE YOU ALEX !!!!!
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Old 11/20/2001, 6:56 PM
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Heart We Love Alex!

If and when Alex leaves the show we will be devasted. Our favorite characters (other than what we mentioned in the Will thread & the Red Carpet when Alex kneels down in front of James Hetfeld from Metallica is the funniest thing we've seen on tv) are the Gap troll, the Vegas lounge-singer (the ladies restroom scene was hilarious), the little sister, all of her androgenous(sp?) roles. We also love her voice work on The Family Guy. She has a great range and is truly a comidienne.
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Old 11/20/2001, 3:17 PM
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Thanks for that insight into Alex, Steve. That's gotta be difficult for her. I can only imagine how mad that must have made her. I have this sneaking suspicion that this will be her last season....though it's just a hunch. I hope I'm wrong though, because Alex is incredibly talented and funny.
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Old 11/20/2001, 12:27 PM
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Default Alex

Well a week ago I was watching a new drama series and it's called Gillmore girls I think. Anyways as I was watching it I thought I saw something familiar and it was Alex playing HARP in the background. I was laughing so hard. But it looked really real. But in Mad TV she has alot of REALLY good carcters and my fave. is Ms. Swan I think. Its hard to choose.

Follow your dreams
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Old 11/20/2001, 10:10 AM
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Alex is great, isn't she? I just think she's funny and talented and has a fresh sense of humour Her and Will are a great combination, especially with the Red Carpet things they do!

I agree with Angie that I'm not the biggest fan of Ms. Swan. I used to like her more, but recent sketches haven't been as original as before. Plus, they've kind of taken away the whole essence of Ms. Swan by taking "He looka likea man" characteristic. She was a bit funnier when she had less personality and was more clueless, I think.
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Old 11/20/2001, 7:59 AM
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LOL I just got done posting about her in the Will thread, but I'll do it here as well.

I agree with you, she is a comic genius. I hope she never leaves the show!

The only character of hers that I don't really care for is Ms. Swan. I know, that's a classic character, but I just never really found the sketches all that funny. Although, some of them are pretty good.

The red carpet things and Dateline's are the best!


In honor of Family Guy possibly returning...
Security Guard: All right son, we're gonna need those two hams back.
Chris: Huh? I don't have any hams.
Guard: Lift up your shirt, son.
Chris: I need an adult! I need an adult!
Guard: You're not a shoplifter, you're just a fat kid. Sorry about that fatty fat fatty. Hey Tom, he's just a fat kid! Aren't you, fatty? You're just a big ol' fat kid. Here's some chocolate, fatso.
Chris: Thanks!
Lois: Oh, honey, no one thinks you're fat.
Lifeguard: I'm sorry ma'am, you can't park your van on the diving board.
Lois: This is my son!
Lifeguard: Oh. My apologies. Hey Tom! He's not a van, he's just a fat kid!
--Family Guy
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Old 11/20/2001, 12:56 AM
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Thumbs Up Alex is a genius

Alex Borstein is a comic genius. I think her and Will make a good duo. I really like it when they do Will's little sister.
Does anyone agree with me??????????????????
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