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Old 10/15/2003, 11:29 AM
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Default Episode S05E13 (Aired 2000-01-15)

Cast: Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Pat Kilbane, Phil Lamarr, Michael McDonald, Will Sasso, Nicole Sullivan, Debra Wilson

Featuring: Brooke Totman
  • Show Open-Etheridge and Crosby (Alex-Julie Cypher, Mo-Melissa Etheridge, Will-David Crosby)
  • Mambo #6 (Will-Bill Clinton)
  • Angela's Ashes, the Game!
  • Smith Comma John #1 (Pat-Smith Comma John)
  • Marvin Tikvah at Yoga (Mo-Shelly, Michael-Marvin Tikvah)
  • "Grease" the Musical (Alex-Dolly Parton, Will-Kenny Rogers)
  • Smith Comma John #2 (Pat-Smith Comma John)
  • INT- Car Night (Pat, Will, Aries)
  • Smith Comma John #3 (Pat-Smith Comma John)
  • Mistake of Your Life (Pat, Debra, Brooke-Jennifer Love Hewitt)
  • Shorty Holding the Baby (Pat, Will-Spike, Aries, Nicole)
  • T.I.T. (Mo-Pamela Anderson Lee, Pat-Mr. Peckerman, Aries, Debra, Brooke)
  • MADClassic-Honeydipper Dan (from #420) (Pat-Fess Weiss, Will-Honeydipper Dan)
  • Frieda O'Keefe (Alex Mo-Jasmine, Will-himself)
  • Show Close-Debra & Brooke

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Old 05/18/2004, 12:12 PM
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anyone have the Freeda'o Keeve sketch

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Old 05/18/2004, 12:54 PM
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I have it on tape. One of my favorite sketches.

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