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View Poll Results: Are you interested in a DVD release of MOONPIE?
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Old 07/21/2008, 10:08 AM
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Default Moonpie

Hi! I was wondering if anyone remembered that movie that Michael McDonald and Stephnie Weir did two years back called Moonpie. I have some information and video clips on this movie, but I would love a DVD release. Since it is an indie film, it's only been to a few film festivals. However, I decided to start this thread, and, hopefully, start a petition for a DVD release because I am so devoted to this cause. The fact is, from what I've seen, it looks like a hilarious and incredible film, and I know plenty of people (MAD fans and otherwise) who would love to see this film! So, everyone, let me know what you think by taking the poll, and of course, replying!

On a final note I also have to thank mizzimad, edkedkedk, and newt007 for all of their support, and tvmanismadformad for posting "The Stephnie Weir Timeline," where I first learned about MOONPIE!

Now, I leave you with some hilarious clips and trailers, as well as a synopsis, from MOONPIE:

Genre: Comedy

Director: Drake Doremus

Cast: Michael McDonald, Stephanie Weir (from MAD TV)

Mitch Henderson, principal of small-town Roundlake Elementary, should be living the American Dream: a comfortable middle-class existence with his wife and son. But he's stuck in a rut, and it's going off the rails. Candy Peterson, a third grade teacher at the school is struggling to keep her own life on track, having just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The only place she really feels at ease is in her classroom after dark, gazing through her telescope at the night sky, imagining that something out there might be more mysterious than her own faulty brain seems to her.

The two cross paths when Mitch starts spending his nights at the school, seeking refuge from a once-perfect marriage that's become anything but. Their troubled worlds come together in a developing relationship that feels almost...well, perfect.

This offbeat romantic comedy from first-time writer-director Drake Doremus features "MAD TV" veterans Michael McDonald and Stephanie Weir in the style of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and GARDEN STATE

(Source: www.myspace.com/famefilm)


See more clips at the Fame Film MySpace URL!

Thank you all so much for your time!



Michael, Mo + Nicole Parker FOREVER!!!!

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