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Default Rocket Revengers

  • Mo Collins ... Professor Betty (2 appearances)

    Pat Kilbane ... Nick Bendix: Captain Dutch Anderson (4 appearances)

    Phil LaMarr ... Lincoln Willis: Lt. Abraham Jefferson (4 appearances)

    Will Sasso ... Big Boy Rasmussen: Lt. Tiny Malone (4 appearances)

    Debra Wilson ... Tukah Queen of the Chinese (3 appearances)


    Rocket Revengers is a series of old black-and-white films that revolve around the Rocket Revengers, a group of crime-fighters with jetpacks. Pat Kilbane plays Nick Bendiz who plays Captain Dutch Anderson, the group's leader. Phil LaMarr plays Lincoln Willis who plays Lt. Abraham Jefferson. Lincoln Willis lived from 1912 to 1999. Will Sasso plays Big Boy Rasumussen who plays Lt. Tiny Malone. The Rocket Revengers are constantly fighting the evil Tukah Queen of the Chinese (Debra Wilson). Mo Collins plays Professor Betty, a scientist who helps the Rocket Revengers.


    402 Rocket Revengers (Andrew-Nicolas Cage)
    We first meet the Rocket Revengers.

    421 Rocket Revengers-Super German (without Professor Betty and Tukah Queen of the Chinese) (Andrew-Nicolas Cage / The Super German)
    In memory of Lincoln Willis, Nicolas Cage presents Rocket Revengers episode 695 in which they battle the Super German.

    423 Rocket Revengers-Atlantica (without Professor Betty) (Aries-Dan)

    514 Rocket Revengers in Excitocolor (Alex-Linda Delawelk)
    A Rocket Revengers film, the first ever to be filmed in Excitocolor, is shown.

  • "What the?" - Lt. Tiny Malone.

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