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Old 07/09/2004, 11:16 AM
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Default Rusty: This 'N' That: Mandy Moore (#822)

This 'n' That with Rusty: Mandy Moore (#822)
Sketch length: 5:15

Rusty Miller.............MICHAEL MCDONALD
Herself....................MANDY MOORE

SINGERS: Look at this, look at that, now it's time to sit and chat about this, about that, it's "This 'n' That" with Rusty.

RUSTY: Hello, friends. Welcome to another episode of "This 'n' That with Rusty". I'm Rusty. (laughing) You probably already knew that! I'm sorry, I'm just nervous. We have a really good guest today. (serious) Today's pop culture is aimed at our youth and it's filled with negative images. But there is one teen star who is having more than her share of success keeping it perfectly clean. And she's a whole lot prettier than that whore Christina Aguilera. Please welcome, everyone, Mandy Moore! Hello, how are you?

MANDY: I am healthy. How are you?

RUSTY: I am ill.

MANDY: I'm sorry. I hope you feel better (nudges his leg).

RUSTY: Thank you. Mandy Moore just touched me! OK! That's all I'm going to say! (pulls out tissue to blow his nose) I'm sorry to do this in the middle of the interview. (keeps blowing) So your full name is Amanda (still blowing)...Lee Moore.

MANDY: Yes, Amanda Lee Moore.

RUSTY: And so, Mandy was just...

She signals under his nose.

RUSTY: I think that's just, um...perspiration.

MANDY: Great...

RUSTY: Have you ever been to school?

MANDY: Yes, I have. I went to school.

RUSTY: So, you don't feel like you never need to go to college, ever? Wait, I'm going to correct myself. "You don't feel like you never need to go to college" is two negatives. That would mean you do.

MANDY (sounding smart): That would be gramatically incorrect.

RUSTY: OK! I think I just got a half-chub.

MANDY: Oh, my goodness. I'm a little embarrassed.

RUSTY: Embarrassment is just God telling you that you have shame. So, if you were advising a teen, a peer, or a fan, who is maybe even older and 45 years old and on the internet, um, what would you say to them about love?

MANDY: Um, let love find you.

RUSTY: But I don't know if I would let love find me because I've had a long history of playing hide and go seek where no one finds me.

MANDY: And it just never works.

RUSTY: They say, you know, "we'll find you", and I end up...I'm sitting in a trash can for about three hours. And it was my birthday.

MANDY: You just can't get a break, can you?

RUSTY: I can't. But, you know what? I don't give a dog bowel movement. (laughing) That's not saying a curse word.

MANDY: That's not. I like that, I'm going to use that.

RUSTY: What is it about your show on MTV? Um..."Mandy"? Which is named after you.

MANDY: Um, actually, you know what? I'm not really doing it anymore. It was more of a summer experience.

RUSTY: Did it get canceled?

MANDY: Yeah, I think so.

RUSTY: Oh, no!

MANDY: I'm sorry.

RUSTY: I have been in the library stacks working on a chemical covalent bond theory. Let's play a game where you pick one. You have to kiss one person.

MANDY: Okay.

RUSTY: Justin Timberlake...or me?

MANDY: Uh...

RUSTY: Okay, how about this? Joey Fatone...or me? Little easier?

MANDY: Not really.

RUSTY: Umm...would you like a Zima?

MANDY: Um...sure, is that...is that legal?

RUSTY: Well, this is a Virgin Zima.

MANDY: Oh, well then, okay. Absolutely.

RUSTY: And from one virgin to another, here's another!

MANDY: Thank you very much.

RUSTY: So, have you ever had a Zima before? You know what's in it?

MANDY: Mm-nmm.

She is surprised by the taste.

RUSTY: It's a mix of cherry juice, mouthwash, and beer. So, what else will be happening for you in the spring?

MANDY: In May...I'm actually shooting a film right now.

RUSTY: Now, tell me about it. K? What happens?

MANDY: It's basically about these really priveleged kids that grow up here in Los Angeles, actually, the Pacific Palisades, who decide that throughout their priveleged lives they're still a little bored, and they want to-

RUSTY: They get in a little trouble?

MANDY: Uh, yeah, they get in a little bit of trouble, yes.

RUSTY: So, its - your film is like a teen, female Deliverance?

MANDY: Um...

RUSTY: So, um? What do you make in a year? How much money do you make?

MANDY: I...I haven't really thought about it. I...

RUSTY: I make $184 a year with the work study program at the Cal State Fullerton library, and I'm thinking about asking for a dime an hour raise.

MANDY: Really? What exactly do you do?

RUSTY: Um, I'm a greeter at the library. That's what I do.

MANDY: Oh, so you, like, welcome people when they come to return books? Or come study?

RUSTY: Mm-hmm. I say, "Hey, don't forget - bring it back, because we don't really have a way of tracking it." Tell me...tell me something that you haven't told anyone publicly before.

MANDY: Um, my father's like...great, great, great grandfather was a Cherokee Indian chief, so I have Cherokee Indian in me.

RUSTY: Wow, my grandmother had Cherokee Indian in her, but it was not of her choosing.

SINGERS: Look at this, look at that, now it's time to sit and chat about this, about that, it's "This 'n' That with Rusty".

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