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Old 09/14/2008, 4:35 PM
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Default So You Think You Can Dance: President's Edition (#1401)


Nicole Parker: Cat Deely
Keegan-Michael Key: Barack Obama
Bobby Lee: John McCain
Eric Price: Nigel Lythgoe
Crista Flanagan: Mary Murphy
Lauren Pritchard: Mia Michaels
Erica Ash: Michelle Obama
Arden Myrin: Cindy McCain

Cat: Hello America, I'm Cat Deely and tonight we have for you the final two candidates for president of your United States. They have both agreed to appear on television where they will debate with their bodies and grind for your votes. America, your is a strange and scary country and this is So You Think You Can Dance.

(SYTYCD logo appears)

Cat: And here are your candidates, say hello to Barack (he enters and dances a bit) and here's John (he enters and does a stiffer dance) Alright, and of course let's welcome your...

Audience: Judges

(Judges are shown as audience cheers)

Cat: That's right, choreographer and obvious gunge (word) enthusiast, Mia Michaels, the lovely and emotionally damaged Mary Murphy, and he's always leterous (word) Nigel Lythgoe (he licks his fingers and his pen) Up first is Barack. Will the Senator from Illinois bring the noise. Barack and his wife Michelle are performing hip-hop.

(Barack and Michelle dance, I cant descibe the dance, you'll have to watch it.)

Cat: Oh my goodness. C'mon on over here you two, there you go darling you poped off your clothing. Barack come here my darling, oh my stars and knickers that was absurd

Barack: Thank you Cat Deely. You know my critics said I lacked the hip-hop experience. Said I couldn't do it. To them I say, yes we did

Michelle: Yes we did

Barack: Yes we did

Cat: Well let's see what our judges had to say, Mia Michaels

Mia: You two, you know the love, I mean I just wanna eat you, you know just eat your flesh, become you

Cat: Okay, Mary Murphy

Mary: (loud scream) When I watch the two of you together (another loud scream)

Cat: And Nigel

Nigel: Barack, they way you move, it reminds me of a velvet glove being rubbed across my scrodiddle. And Michelle you are five foot seven inches of milk chocolate intercourse. I'm serious.

Cat: Well done you two, byebye byebye byebyebye. Now it is time to see if John McCain is a Republican or a Republicannot. He and wife Cindy say they have chosen a routine from their wilder days, the Boorowaltz (word)

(The two of them do a stiff waltz)

Cat: Well done, my goodness, that was very demour

John: My friends, my opennent would have you believe that he is the only candidate that can get jiggy with it. He says 'yes we did' I say 'no he di-int'. Isn't that right Cindy

Cindy: (laugh) Oh yes, my husband is a very fun dancer and not at all close to death

Cat: Alright, now what do the judges have to say, Mia Michaels wake-up

Mia: (gets up and blows a puff of smoke) good job

Cat: Mary Murphy

Mary: (screams)

Cat: And Nigel

Nigel: What does this sound like sht sht sht. That's what I imagined your sallow paper thin skin sounds like rubbing against one another and I would gladly pleasure myself to that sound

Cat: Well, that was horrid, uh, it's time to bring this to an end, somebody help me please


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Old 09/14/2008, 4:37 PM
Planned Disaster Male Planned Disaster is offline
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I loved this sketch and I think Eric did the best job in this one. can't wait to see him in action next week

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Old 09/14/2008, 5:56 PM
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Video can be found here. On my YouTube channel! If you have a YouTube, add me + subscribe!

Check out my YouTube.
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Old 09/14/2008, 8:36 PM
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I LOVED CRISTA IN THIS ONE! Wait, I loved Crista in every single sketch she's in. Okay.

Anyway, this was hilarious, and kudos to MIML for putting this up so quickly.

Gimme Crista or gimme nothing!
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