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Old 03/23/2007, 2:30 PM
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Default Disney Girl: Adult Film Audition (#1215)

Disney Girl: Adult Film Audition

Nicole Parker - Disney Girl
Ike Barinholtz - Pete
Keegan-Michael Key - Caress
Jordan Peele - Jose
Frank Caeti - Adult Film Worker

Disney Girl: Ahahahahahahaha!

*A bird lands on Disney Girl's finger as she gets out of bed*

Disney Girl: Today will be a magical day! Something wonderful is coming my way.

*Disney Girl changes her headband*

Disney Girl: Crazy as it seems, methinks all my dreams, my come to ferwitcha! (?).

*Disney Girl goes out into the ghetto*

Disney Girl: Because I'm on my way now to go, to try out for a big Disney Show! I might be playing Belle! Jasmine, or Ariel! It's my big...

*Disney Girl touches a pole but gets dirt on her hands and then washes it off*

Disney Girl: ...Disney audition.

*We see Pete in Disney Girl's garbage again*

Disney Girl: Why, hello, Pete! You are so sweet, offering me a bite to eat!

*Takes a dirty sandwich from Pete's hands*

Disney Girl: This is a goldmine you've found, but the camera adds ten pounds so I will leave my breakfast on the ground.

*Disney Girl sticks her finger down her throat and throws up*

Disney Girl: Auditions fill me with so much stress, until I see my acting coach , Caress!

*We see Caress on a chair in front of a fence*

Disney Girl: She reads my scripts and gives me acting tips!

Caress: Take this for your nerves.

*Caress hands her a pill*

Disney Girl: And gets me in good condition!

*Disney Girl gets off the chair and continues along her way*

Disney Girl: Before I can proceed on my way, I need to visit my boyfriend, Jose!

*Jose and his gang are beating up a guy with a bat*

Disney Girl: And my brown-skined buck says break a leg for luck.

*Disney Girl breaks the victim's legs with a bat*

Disney Girl: Now it's off to my audition!

*Disney Girl arrives at a door in an alley that has a cardboard sign that says "Diz-Knee Video" written on ti*

Disney Girl: I've made it! I'm here! Now begins a marvelous career.

*She enters the door to see the Adult Film worker*

Disney Girl: The nice man asks me my name, says to undress but stay in frame. I feel just like Cocoa in Fame!

*Disney Girl is shown in the studio*

Disney Girl: And now, joy is filling my heart, I ended up getting the part! And the filming is just about to start for Snow White and the Seven Postitions...

*Four half-naked men appear on the bed around Disney Girl*

Disney Girl: I'm so glad I auditioned!


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Old 11/17/2008, 8:47 PM
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Watch the sketch here.

Check out my YouTube.
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