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Old 11/27/2008, 5:25 PM
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Default To Write Love On Her Arms

I'm a depressed little kid (wait... is 12 little?). I've battled with self-injury (cutting, breaking my own bones on purpose, etc.), suicide (10+ times and I still can't get it right.... ), and just plain pain.

My friends all told me I need help, and my parents don't know about any of this, so I really couldn't get any. It was either tell them or get help on my own. I don't like my parents and they don't care, so I found help online on To Write Love On Her Arms. They somehow helped.

I encourage anyone on this forum who is battling self-injury, depression, addiction, or suicide to visit that site. If it could help me, it can help anyone.

You're welcome.

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Old 12/26/2008, 12:05 PM
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Wow. I'm sorry to hear about that but 12 the youngest I've ever heard for that kind of depression. I'm not trying to speak ill of the site you posted but I would not put your life in the hands of a website. Please speak with your parents or find some way to talk to a counselor,. They know what they're doing and will definitely be able to do more good than a website can.


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