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Default Knobs

Ike Barinholtz ... Marty (4 appearances)

Bobby Lee ... Phil (4 appearances)

Frank Caeti ... Gary (2 appearances)

Keegan-Michael Key ... Dale (2 appearances)


Ike Barinholtz and Bobby Lee play Marty and Phil, two employees at a store called "Knobs". Marty is sarcastic to all of the customers who call the store, while Phil does impressions of random movie characters. Keegan-Michael Key and Frank Caeti play Dale and Gary, two employees at the store next door.


1107 Knobs (Crista, Jordan)
Marty takes phone calls while Phil does impressions to amuse everyone.

1119 Knobs 2 #1-2 (Nicole RJ)
Dale and Gary ask Phil to do impressions for people at a party, but leave Marty out.

1218 Knobs: She Loves Me Knob (Crista, Arden- Janelle)
Phil and Marty imagine that two women fall in love with them.


"Knobs..." -Marty

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