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Old 10/15/2003, 10:25 AM
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Default Episode S05E11 (Aired 1999-12-11)

Cast: Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Pat Kilbane, Phil LaMarr, Michael McDonald, Will Sasso, Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson

Guest Starring: Blondie Featuring Deborah Harry
  • Show Open- Christmas Swandie (Blondie-themselves, Alex-Ms. Bunny Swan)
  • I Saw Santa Claus (Alex-Evan, Will-Santa Claus, Aries-Pete)
  • Mariah Misadventure (Aries-Missy Elliott, Deba-Mariah Carey)
  • Rooftop Memories (Paty-Fran, Will, Nicole-Mildred)
  • Darlene McBride's Christmas Album (Nicole-Darlene McBride)
  • Martin Lawrence's Brush with Death 4 (Mo-Mary Hart, Will-William Shatner, Aries-Martin Lawrence, Debra-Tisha Campbell)
  • Stuart Christmas (Deborah Harry, Mo-Doreen Larkin, Michael-Stuart Larkin)
  • Blondie Performance (Blondie-themselves)
  • Alison - The Musical (Alex-Alison, Phil-Jerry, Will-Don, Debra-Karen)
  • Show Close - Swandie and Blondie

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Old 12/19/2004, 4:08 PM
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well i watched this one today and it was really funny i mean it was not as funny as most that i have scene but i did like it
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Old 12/19/2004, 10:34 PM
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What's the lyrics to "Y2K, Y2K"?

Amok "Rock, On." Myth

Leper, lover, creature of the dark
Drip your disease, leave your mark
Through the gutters, slime and stinky
George Bush is a twinkie.
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Old 12/19/2004, 10:38 PM
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Originally posted by AmokMyth
What's the lyrics to "Y2K, Y2K"?
Y2K, Y2K, armageddon's here.
Computer's are all set to blow
and blood will flow like beer...hey!
Dig a hole, and jump on in
with canned food and a gun.
I don't plan to show my ass till 2001.

Take a hike hippie, this bunker's full up!

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Old 12/20/2004, 7:25 AM
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hehehe o man good times

Tcha, you know what?
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Old 02/18/2005, 9:34 AM
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Default RE: Episode #511 (MADtv's 5th X-Mas Spectacular)

A gr8 Christmas epsiode, funny stuff definately. Loved the skit Pat & Nicole did, hillarious. Good times watching MADtv throughout the years.
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Old 01/05/2007, 12:00 PM
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I watched this one the other day...this is a great episode. I love Darlene McBride sketches and Stuarts....and Ms. Swan!!!! THis was a great episode!!!

I love Nicole Sullivan, Alex Borestien, Mo Collins, Debra Wilson, Nicole Parker, Danielle Gaither, Paul Vogt, and Mary Scheer.

- "He looka lika man." - Bunny Swan
-"This has been Cabana Chat, and this AHH AHH AHHHHHH is Dixie Wetsworth!" -Dixie Wetsworth, Cabana Chat
-"Tcha...ya know what? Huh-uh!" - The Vancome Lady
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-"Look how little my gloves are!" - Dot Goddard
-"Sit your ass on down for a big ol' slice of truth, and a side of wisdom" - Tovah McQueen
-"Look what I can do!" ~ Stuart
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Old 05/23/2017, 12:25 PM
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This episode was a classic. One of my favorites.
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