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View Poll Results: What Madtv character will make it to the big screen?
Stuart 0 0%
UBS Guy 0 0%
Bunfia 0 0%
Vancome Lady 2 40.00%
Rusty 1 20.00%
Coffee guy 0 0%
Dixie Wettworth (the Cabanna Lady) 0 0%
Reality Check 0 0%
Antonia 0 0%
Ms. Cabone (the cigarette lady) 0 0%
the Erasist 1 20.00%
Rick (the ladies man) 1 20.00%
Voters: 5. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 01/18/2002, 3:28 PM
JeremyAJ JeremyAJ is offline
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Question Madtv in the movies

Well thanks the SNL you have movies coming out on the SNL orgin like the Wayne's World, and the Ladies Man. You think madtv will catch on?
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Old 01/18/2002, 3:34 PM
jeremy Male jeremy is offline
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Old 01/18/2002, 3:57 PM
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Mad Dog Female Mad Dog is offline
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The problem with the MadTV characters in the movies is that they are TOO wild I guess to say. It would have to be someone you could watch for 2 hours and not get sick of them or tired of listening to their annoying voices. THink of Coffee Guy for instance. His coffee routine only lasts for a few minutes. It would be too hard to make an entire movie out of them. Or think of Stuart. You'd get so sick of his NOOOOOOS! that you'd never want to hear him again. Ms. Swan wouldn't work because you really can't understand everything she says so they'd need subtitles so you don't fall asleep---LOL. The only ones I think would have a chance are...

The old Rusty with Mo co-starring.
Lorraine in a Mr. Bean slapstick type movie with Mike co-starring
or my favourite...
Lida & Melina---Anything would make this movie successful! It could be as simple as a huge race against Rosa to meet (the real) Ricky Martin or something like that. THese characters would be awesome in a blockbuster! (I think that a Lida & Melina movie would make a huge hit)
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Old 01/18/2002, 6:37 PM
AeoceanGlyvxx AeoceanGlyvxx is offline
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A Lida and Melina movie would be awesome...I WOULD PAY TO SEE MO IN THAT!
One of my favorite characters that Mo does is Rosa, since it requires her not to make stupid noises or do voices in a "Minnesotan" key....Great idea!

I loved "too much coffee man" I miss Pat Kilbane personally.

What would the story be for the Rusty movie? He's cute...But I don't think they could make a movie about him.
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Old 01/19/2002, 12:23 AM
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Devlin Devlin is offline
Gaaawwd thats CUTE!!
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Lorraine would make a good Mr. Bean lookalike movie
I would have seen it!

Follow your dreams
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Old 01/19/2002, 8:15 PM
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GlacierMonkey Male GlacierMonkey is offline
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I can just see the trailer for a Lida & Melinda movie...

"Hey, we were in a movie, an' ohm, you should come see it 'cos it's like, ohm, really good an' stuff..."

Controlling you through a chip in your butt since January 2002.
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Old 01/22/2002, 10:36 AM
JeremyAJ JeremyAJ is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Default Mad in movies

I totally disagree

My GOD what we see in movies today is wild. Hollywood today make a moive about anything as long it about the money. If the price is right they would make a movie about my backyard. You have SNL movies like the ladies man and Little Nicky.

In about a year or 2 I wouldn't be surprise if they have a movie script for a SWAN movie.
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