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Old 03/19/2009, 6:04 PM
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Default Keegan-Michael Key, Arden Myrin, Johnny Sanchez (Season 13 Fox MADtv Interview)


Keegan-Michael Key: Himself
Arden Myrin: Herself
Johnny Sanchez: Himself



(When something is in brackets and italicized, that means that it is a descriptive moment).

:lefthug:When this smilie is used, that means that the person who is talking is off-screen. It will end when the same smilie follows like so.:lefthug:



A group season 13 interview between Keegan-Michael Key, Arden Myrin, and Johnny Sanchez for Fox.


(Keegan, Arden, and Johnny stage centre from the stage. Keegan, and Johnny are sitting in directors chairs, while Arden is standing).

Arden Myrin: Hi, I'm Arden Myrin from MADtv, season 13, and I am here with 2 of my cast mates, Keegan-Michael Key, and Johnny Sanchez our newest cast member.

Johnny Sanchez: Thank you.

Arden Myrin: Ok, we are in our new home. We got evicted from our old home. We didn't pay our creditors, and they. We bought a theatre, just like, were just like Studio 60.

Keegan-Michael Key: Were just like Studio 60, Yeah right!


Arden Myrin: Ok, Keegan.

Keegan-Michael Key: Yes, my darling.

Arden Myrin: What are you most excited about, about our new season?

Keegan-Michael Key: Ab-, ab-, I'm excited about this space, and how we’re going to do everything differently now. Were gonna shoot a lot more stuff, out and about town.

Arden Myrin: Yes.

Keegan-Michael Key: And it's, it's, I think it's gonna give us a lot more pass ability.

Arden Myrin: We might be shooting in your living room.

Keegan-Michael Key: Right.

Arden Myrin: We might come actually break into your office and shoot, because we are like on the street now (cut). I really want to get to know you guys better

Johnny Sanchez: Ok.

(Arden goes around Johnny's chair to behind the camera

Arden Myrin: So I'm gonna take one of the :lefthug:cameras:lefthug:.

Keegan-Michael Key: Wha- Arden!

Arden Myrin: :lefthug:I like to get close:lefthug:.

Keegan-Michael Key: Are you licensed to do that?

Arden Myrin: :lefthug:I'm not licensed to do anything Keegan:lefthug:.

Keegan-Michael Key: All right, all right.

Arden Myrin: :lefthug:I don't have a license to drive, and I drive anyway:lefthug:.

Keegan-Michael Key: No I've seen. I've, I've driven with you.

Arden Myrin: :lefthug:Ok:lefthug:.

Keegan-Michael Key: I've driven with you.

Arden Myrin: :lefthug:That was fun wasn't it:lefthug:?

Keegan-Michael Key: That was, we had a good time. It was like being at Six Flags.


Johnny Sanchez: Shouldn't we be talking like this cause, you got that camera on like the weirdest angle wha.

Keegan-Michael Key: There we go, okay.

Arden Myrin: :lefthug:That's our new camera. I'm also. They cut the crew for MADtv, so I'll be also assuming the camera:lefthug:

Keegan-Michael Key: You're gonna be the new.

Arden Myrin: :lefthug:operator.:lefthug:

Keegan-Michael Key: operator.

Johnny Sanchez: You're doing everything.


Arden Myrin: :lefthug:Ok, you guys, new element of the show, besides cast members being the camera operators.:lefthug:

Keegan-Michael Key: Ok.

Arden Myrin: :lefthug:What else do we have?:lefthug:

Keegan-Michael Key: What else do we have? Let me see, were gonna have a lot of live animals.

Arden Myrin: :lefthug:Yes.:lefthug:

Keegan-Michael Key: Lot's of animals. I, I, I think wha, I think some bodies going to wrestle, wrestle a.

Johnny Sanchez: A bear.

Keegan-Michael Key: A bear.

Arden Myrin: :lefthug:That's me.:lefthug:

Keegan-Michael Key: At least twice a month.

Arden Myrin: :lefthug:I got my leg chopped off. I am an amputee.:lefthug:

Keegan-Michael Key: Lot of Larryette tricks.

Arden Myrin: :lefthug:Yes.:lefthug:

Keegan-Michael Key: Larryette lasso tricks.

(Cut. Arden is now with Keegan and Johnny).

Arden Myrin: Yes, so if you like Larryettes, and you like good times, and laughter.

Johnny Sanchez: We like Larryettes.

Arden Myrin: And you like shows that are on the run! Were taking it on the run!

Keegan-Michael Key: Were going to be everywhere. If you like shows that are going to be filmed in your living room.

Arden Myrin: Yeah, watch MADtv season 13, if you dare! I think you do America!



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Planet MADtv (August 28th 2002- August 28th 2009, August 28th 2010)
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